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Guild Family Card Event!

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  • Guild Family Card Event!

    [March Forum Event] Guild Family Card Event
    ※ This event has been closed. Further edits/additions will not be eligible, and may be cause for disqualification.
    Winning guilds will be announced via forum and facebook, on 11th March 18:00 HRS (GMT+8)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Guild Family Card event.png Views:	1 Size:	716.6 KB ID:	157418

    Are you a member of a guild? Then it's time to boast your love for your guild family!

    A lot of fun and great memories can be made with fellow Adventurers and friends you meet by joining guilds.
    Wonderful players landing a hand to new-comers, blossoming friendships, raids gone together in great team spirits! This is what DNSEA players have built!

    Take a light ingame screenshot with your guild family, share with us through this Forum event,
    and your entire guild will be able to enjoy a "CUSTOM COVER TITLE" made for your guild only!

    Now, you may have to spend some time thinking up what the perfect cover title will be for your guild. Call out to your guild members and have fun!

    ※ IMPORTANT: Please read the event details and rules carefully in order to join the event.

    [Who Can Submit an Entry?]

    For guilds who wish to participate in this event, the GUILD MASTER must be the one to submit an entry post.
    ONLY the Guild Master of a guild will be eligible to make a posting.

    And Guild Masters, make sure to gather a good consensus within your guild before submitting!

    [How to Participate?]

    Post an entry with the following five requirements:

    1. Guild Name

    2. Guild Master's IGN

    3. The [Cover Title] name you wish for
    - Cover Title must not contain lewd/cursive/defamatory words. Such words are against game policy, and such submissions will be disqualified. Therefore, your [Cover Title] name choice will also be a factor when the GMs choose the winner!
    - After the 8th March 10:00 AM cutline, you CANNOT change your Cover Title name submission.
    - When your submission wins, the cover title name you had submitted will be made and given to all members of the guild on the reward date.

    4. (Two) Ingame screenshot(s) of your guild member characters together!
    - At least 10 members of the guild must be in both of the screenshot.
    - One screenshot is for the Guild Family Greeting Card: It's up to you if you want to hide/leave the UI/texts ([Ctrl]+[Prt SC] key) in the screenshot.
    - The other screenshot is for IGN verification: At least 1 screenshot MUST have all the characters' IGN shown (As in, do not hide the UIs for the screenshot). This screenshot is for verification purpose only, so you can just take a rough screenshot, as long as the IGNs can be seen.
    - Must have at least 1 ingame screenshot (with IGNs shown) in your submission to be eligible, and no more than two. You can change/add as much as you want during the event period.
    - You are free to choose the pose, location, and so on, as long as the above requirements are met. We are looking for a simple family photoshoot/graduation photoshoot vibe, but feel free to have fun with the screenshot.
    - Any overtly lewd/cursive/defamatory contents that go against game policy shown in the screenshot submissions will be cause for disqualification.
    - Not only the Guild members showns on the screenshot submitted, but the entire guild members will be given the cover title reward.
    - Feel free to insert texts or titles to adorn your screenshot.

    5. A brief comment about your guild
    - Fee free to write a short comment of any kind.
    - Please keep it very short.
    - Here are a few ideas for comment types :
    >Example1: A short 1~3 sentences about your guild. It can be an introduction, a motto, a slogan that represents your guild spirit, what you think is your favorite thing about your guild, etc.
    >Example2: You can also put in words of greetings or well wishing comments, much like a family greeting card. For example, wish a Great Year for everyone in 2019!
    >Example3: A shoutout, thank you to your guild members. Wish/hopes for 2019 regarding your guild.
    - Lewd/cursive/defamatory comments in the submissions will be cause for disqualification.

    [How will the Winners be picked?]

    - Number of Likes will be taken into the decision. Likes will be viewed as supports from your guild!
    However, we do understand all guilds have differing number of members. Therefore, ultimately it will be by GM's choosing.

    - Submissions must have followed the rules, and must not have cause for disqualification.

    - Separate entries will not be counted together. Your entry must contain all of the five requirements detailed above in the [How to Particiapte?] section.
    - Entry must be made by the Guild Master.
    - Lewd/cursive/defamatory contents in the submissions will be cause for disqualification.

    [Event Period]

    28th February ~ 8th March 10:00 AM (GMT+8)

    *Please submit your entry before 8th March morning!
    This post will be closed at 10:00 AM on 8th March, and further postings/changes made after this time will be disqualified from the event.


    Custom Cover Title for the whole guild

    - Cover Title colour will be decided by GMs, the name of the cover title can be chosen by participants.
    - Cover Title colour will be : Turquoise text with black outline

    [Number of Guilds to win]

    3 Guilds

    *Depending on the participation rate, the winning guilds may be expanded to 5!

    Most importantly, have fun together!

    - Reward will be sent via Special Storage to all characters who are members of the winning guild.
    - Rewards will be collectible for 1 week, until 18th March 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)
    - Players that have been banned due to game policy may be excluded from the reward.
    - Rewards not collected and have expired will not be resent or reimbursed.

    Last edited by yjyj90; 03-11-2019, 02:12 AM.

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    1. Guild Name: SevenDeadlySinPH

    2. Guild Master's IGN: mikepaola

    3. The Cover Title: Holy Knights

    4. see uploaded photo attachments:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PIC1.jpg
Views:	52
Size:	192.0 KB
ID:	157451
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pic2.jpg
Views:	57
Size:	170.2 KB
ID:	157452

    5. "SevenDeadlySinPH" GUILD

    "It is better to FIGHT for something, than Live for Nothing"
    Keep it up DeadlySins!


    • Kurushimeru
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      perv )))))))))))))))))

    • Byzantine
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      Lezgo! WHAHAHA

    • Moduno
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      Another 1 whahahha

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    1. Guild Name: BlackCatPH

    2. Guild Master's IGN: Sunnnnie

    3. The [Cover Title] name you wish for: Meow! Meow!

    4. see attached photos

    5. BlackCatPH .. - To Leave A Legacy of Friendship and Bonds in MMORPG Gaming Is What We Aim As a Guild.


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    Guild Name: LaConquistador
    Guild Master (IGN): Lorallite
    Cover Title: "Amorem et Dolorem"


    The phrase "Amorem et Dolorem" is latin which means "Love and Pain". The phrase, we believe, reflect's the guild's aim to help and assist each other, which is not always a smooth journey, throughout game contents and events. Through love and pain, we will pass this challenge; amorem et dolorem, LaConquistador!
    Last edited by nvLite; 03-02-2019, 07:45 AM.
    Lorallite (Windwalker)


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      1. Guild Name: Contract Executors
      2. Guild Master IGN: oSahipa
      3 The Cover (Title) Innocent Syndicate
      4. see uploaded photos
      5.Contract Executors :
      We rise to fight, as one we fall,we rise! we,stumble, we stand! we go home,we comeback!
      This is the end, This is THE BEGINNING
      Rise UP Contract Executors fight Fight


      • Zeydaya
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        Goodluck ContractExecutors

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      1- Guild Name: Contratist

      2- Guild Master IGN: xGaunt

      3- The Cover Title: Comeback family

      4- photos:

      5- Even if we say goodbye, they will always have a place to come back, this is our home -DN latin players
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      • xHihara
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        Gaunt bless me <3

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        1 like= 1 hit to t-series

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        good luck minna *w*

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      1- Guild Name: HelpingHand

      2- Guild Master IGN: ManGaT01

      3- The Cover Title: One For All

      4- photos: see attached photos

      5- HelpingHand Motto :
      If you ever need a Helping Hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand. The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others.
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        Guild Name : HighElves

        Guild Master IGN: Nimfaireza

        The Cover Title : Rolling Star

        Photos/Screenshots :

        Guild Motto :
        " Pala Telesia "The term "telesia" may mean "path, way or destiny" in elven tongue, based on the common elven greeting "pala telesia", which roughly means "may you find your destiny". Shoutout to my guildmates, hope we enjoy the game as we guys grow old.
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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          1. Guild Name: DAVAO

          2. Guild Master IGN: Yolasama

          3. Cover Title: Second to None

          4. Check attached photos

          5. "We are few but chosen. We are strong not by strength or power but by our bonds and our hearts are one"


          • AlisaErf
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            This is perfect Greeting Card <3

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          1. Guild Name: AliceJAPAN

          2. Guild Master IGN: ShinnnYue

          3. Cover Title: Vigilia Noctis

          4. Photos/screenshot:

          Guild Family Photo AJ 1.jpg


          5. Most of us are working young people, students, kids at heart and lovers from different regions, and this diversity has made the guild colorful and fun. All got priorities in life, but surely we do not forget the best gift Dragon Nest has given to us, that is a GUILD. Kanpai!
          Attached Files
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          • monochrone
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          GUILD NAME : Classical

          GUILD MASTER's IGN : 08Tanya

          COVER TITLE : Transcending Bonds

          Guild screenshots :

          GUILD MOTTO : We rely not upon strength, but the knowledge, experience and bond that we make.


          • AngryLimx
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            I love this guild

          • Minami
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            New Member Power!!! XD

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            Hah! Finally I can like

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          1. Guild Name: GuiltyAvenger

          2. Guild Master IGN: LuciaRoyal

          3. Cover Title: Goddess Avengers

          4. Photos/Screenshot:

          5. We borned as Guilty, And the Guilty we will Avenge. We are here to help and adapt for those who are guilty to seek their own destiny.


          • Xyrion Cleave
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            Yohohohohohoho !!!!!!!

          • Clauxz Dragzil
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            Strongest ML Tubsxt & S4Six

          • crissborja21
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            For the glory of our guild <3

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          1. Guild Name: Versace
          2. Guild Master's IGN: lKurin
          3. The Cover Title: The Rising
          In-game screenshots/check attached photos below
          5. True power isn't determined by strong person, but the strong friendship that bonds together. Versace family
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          • Akirayuka
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            The guild where a family is born, a friendship is born and a place where I was born.

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          1. Guild Name : Netorius

          2. Guild Master's IGN : Qeressia

          3. Cover Title : One and Only

          4. In-Game Screenshots :

          5. Bonds, friendship, memories. It all started from where we all begin from, Netorius.
          Last edited by Qeressia; 03-04-2019, 08:43 AM.
          Iona lover here <3 nothing much to say <3


          • rgee
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            Ayayayayayaya! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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            havent realized that the pic that i took was the one used ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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            Only 1% of the pic taken can be fully seen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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          On a solo guild... KaiJud don't want to return my guild XutaInameS... Harhar
          A mother by heart, a restless soul and a happy gamer.