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  • Guild Family Card Event! - Winners Announcement

    [March Forum Event] Guild Family Card Event

    It was very very very hard for us to chose the winners of this event since we were only able to chose 3~5 winners in total.
    All guilds who have participated have shown their spirit, their passion, and friendship in their submissions. All the mottos and descriptions were so inspiring!
    We also thank you all for taking the time to participate! We loved all of your cover title names as well.

    Anyone thinking of joining a guild out there, this would be the best place to see

    We have picked the 5 winning guilds of this event.
    Here are the several things taken into consideration when we chose the winners : Whether or not the rules were followed, the spirit of the screenshot and comment, the number of members present, number of likes, and the cover title submission.

    Congratulations to the following guilds! (In random order)

    Guild name - Guild Master IGN - Cover Title

    WingBlades - lPlOlTlXl2 - Soaring High

    Dragon Academy - JinSaita - Home Sweet Home

    Amicitia - wtfbanana - Amidst Friends

    TheCreed - ashura06 - Smol, Cute & portable

    Asmodeus - Poring Star - Long Live

    For the above five guilds, all the members will be receiving the respective Cover Title Reward.


    Custom Cover Title for the whole guild

    - Cover Title colour will be decided by GMs, the name of the cover title can be chosen by participants.
    - Cover Title colour will be : Turquoise text with black outline

    [Reward Date]

    12th March 18:00 HRS (GMT+8)

    - Reward will be sent via Special Storage to all characters who are members of the winning guild.
    - Rewards will be collectible for 1 week, until 18th March 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)
    - Players that have been banned due to game policy may be excluded from the reward.
    - Rewards not collected and have expired will not be resent or reimbursed.
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    Congratulations to all winners.


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      Long Live Asmo!


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        Congrats to all the winners


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          UWOOOOO... Grants Guild Master POTPOT of WingBlades Guild...!!!


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            Azonia Teh 110-pound Dancer
            BoRaCay Guild

            Semper Fidelis