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    • jhustine24dn
      jhustine24dn commented
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      Nice work.!

    • Faraway
      Faraway commented
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      this is cool

  • IGN : FizoOmar

    title : selfie before nest party

    location : in front of gts
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    • IGN: SeleneM00n

      A very last minute submission-
      Im still not used to digital so here's a traditional one orz
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      • Dear admin,

        I suggest that please divide the category into 2. Digital art work and Drawing art work for fairness since too many entries commented in this event. This is only a SUGGESTION. Please dont bash me or something, Thank you ^_^



        • kkjjhh
          kkjjhh commented
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          I agree. There should be 5 winners for digital art and 5 for traditional art (if they want to keep the 10 winner-rule).

      • IGN: Nayoltker


        • VladTrini
          VladTrini commented
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          The best one so far

      • IGN:watushi05
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        • IGN : Lukanips
          Class : Smasher

          Made a fast sketch since I saw the event too late, Its a black cat ver. cuz im also looking forward to its spin off * u * (dark plzz) besides the new classes, en I like black cats too m(=w= )m
          Also attached my REFRENCE photo for proof reasons :V Its quite rough, but I hope I made a catch ;A;

          Goodluck to all!

          ^^^^ This is my Official Entry - "The Escape" ^^^^
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          • IGN: Asphixous
            Click image for larger version

Name:	MachinaFanArt.jpg
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Size:	308.5 KB
ID:	160723


            • KamenRideFang
              KamenRideFang commented
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              Final Attack Ride: Fang Strizerr

          • IGN: BleuCheese

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            • Nakono42
              Nakono42 commented
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              really love the coloring style. good job on the detailing

            • BleuLemi
              BleuLemi commented
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              @Nakono42: hey, thanks!

          • A Machina resting her paws after a long dungeon run. #TraditionalArt

            IGN: Miae
            Class: Saleana


            • IGN :FizoOmar

              Second Submission <3

              I prefer yandere machina lol XD

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              • IGN : Nakono

                EDIT : phew finally done . sneak away from doing my assignment to do this . . Machina in swag hoodie ~ Hope you guys like it ~
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                • IGN: AIbuIaryo
                  (A - capital "i" - b - u - capital"i" - a - r - y - o)
                  Class: Saint

                  The Lucky Cat

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	The Lucky Cat.jpg
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Size:	64.1 KB
ID:	160751
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                  • IGN: RamAstolfo

                    class efensio ~
                    guild : slaven
                    is she sexy? I'm so proud of her hehe


                    • IGN : Viviah