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[Winner Announcement!] [Closed SEA_GM Event] You Are My Candy!

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  • [Winner Announcement!] [Closed SEA_GM Event] You Are My Candy!

    Hello, heroes! [GM]Loren here~
    I am so glad and moved many players participated with love and interest in this event T0T!!

    As we promised, happy to announce the event winner list!
    The event reward will be delivered on 22nd October.

    ♥Congratulations!! >3<~♥

    * Event Winner (IGN)



    [SEA_GM EVENT :: You Are My Candy!]

    Trick or Treat!
    October GM Event is here to celebrate Halloween!!

    Who is your NPC you want to give candy on Halloween?
    If you leave a screenshot with the reason, hearty gift will be yours!

    [Participation Example]

    Click image for larger version  Name:	SEA_GM_Screenshot.png Views:	2 Size:	658.2 KB ID:	165916

    IGN: [GM]Loren

    For this Halloween, I want to give my candy to Xiaolong, an eternal teacher.
    Because he must be tired of teaching disciple so he needs some sugar definitely.

    [Event Date]

    From 14th October 2019, 10:30 AM - 21st October 2019, 09:30 AM (GMT+8)

    : The event page will open and close in time for the event.

    [The Number of Event Winners]

    3 winners

    [Event Reward Info & Details]

    Please refer to the October event notice by clicking the below link.


    - Rewards will be given per account basis and sent out to the Special Storage.

    - Every account is only eligible to win once and the name of your character and the NPC must be clearly shown in the screenshot.

    - Not allowed to participate on behalf of other players.

    - Event winner announcement will be posted in the event forum comment section.

    - Only the English language is allowed for this time event.

    - Inappropriate IGN (In-Game Name) might not be eligible to receive the rewards.

    - Players who use language that encourages disputes, such as profanity or verbal abuse, may be sanctioned. (Ref. No: DN-COM-02)

    - GM's decision is final.

    Happy Halloween, everyone!


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  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Congratulations!! You are selected as the winner of this event!~♥

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Congratulations!! You are selected as the winner of this event!~♥

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Congratulations!! You are selected as the winner of this event!~♥

  • MrZanto
    For this halloween, I want to give candy to the handsome Rubinart! ♥_♥
    As a dragon in Lagendia, he became distrustful to human beings where I hope some delicous candy can change his mind..!
    .. If it is delicious and sweet candy .. then Rubinart will like me more... ♥_♥
    .. If it is sour candy, then I get to see Rubinart's sour face!!

    - IGN : AristeIIa ( double capital i )

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  • MARtsuki
    iGN: DoCiLKuN

    Events planner Irine-chan, you are my candy. Thank you for all the good time in the past few years. Wish for more great event next year.

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  • Mender16
    I want to give Old Hound, Jack a candy this Halloween because every pet deserves special sweet treats. If only I can adopt this poor little guy, but I can't. So I promise to visit him every time I have a chance. To make him feel that he's not alone. Me, my pet bunny and my baby dragon will be his playmates and family from now on. <3

    IGN: xChastiser

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  • Valtheran
    IGN: Valtheran

    For this Halloween, I'd like to give candy to Priestess of Darkness Mocha since she gave me my starter Talismans and Heraldries. <3

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  • tingexe
    IGN: EIitia (i not L)

    In this halloween, I want to give my candy to loffy, the beggar. For someone who gave up, got stolen and lost everything, he must be feeling devastated and lonely. I would like to give him my candy to atleast cheer him up and to make him happy in this halloween. Hoping this candy will reach to him. XD

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  • WeiChan

    IGN: feilene

    For this Halloween, me want to give Merchant Fargeau my candy because he ish so cute.
    His voice is cute; the way he greets me ish cute; he ish such a cute little cat merchant!
    I likey him ♥ Gonna lure him with my candy so I can take him home
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    Last edited by WeiChan; 10-17-2019, 09:14 PM.

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  • Archaelius
    For this Halloween, i would like to give my candy to this awesome girl,
    because aside from her freebies and stuffs in her store, she also have 108 stories in her book
    that is about to be revealed and i can't wait to hear those stuffs and can't wait for those upcoming
    goodies and stuffs in her shop, so I'm giving this delicious candy to Kathy the beautiful Storyteller.

    IGN: Fuutaba

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  • akihito
    IGN : AkihitoDXD

    For This Season I`d Like to give A lot`s Of candy To this Poor Children.
    Halloween Event is for Kid`s who seek for joy and Fun and i feel bad for kids who did`nt even Eat or have Some Candy this Season.
    Thank you and Happy Halloween . ^_^ Enjoy Your Holly day
    Last edited by akihito; 10-15-2019, 10:32 PM.

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  • Mickey
    IGN : MickeyChen

    I gave my candy to Unkempt Kid, kids like candy don't they? definitely lol

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    Last edited by Mickey; 10-15-2019, 10:34 PM.

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  • Markan09
    IGN: 7DyingWish

    For this Halloween, I want to give my candy to loffy the Beggar..
    i want to give the sweet candy to loffy so he well be happy for this Halloween

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  • pchan
    I want Daisy to have a candy
    even though she verbally calls me an idiot
    I still like lol- i mean I like Daisy so I would like to give her candy

    IGN: peln

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