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Compensation for misguided Power of Spirit Event

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  • Compensation for misguided Power of Spirit Event

    Dear Adventurers,

    since we had the event misguided, we'd like to give out compensations as following:

    tier 1. 50k EYET spent : Spirit Decal

    tier 2. 80k EYET spent : Abyss Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon 1ea

    tier 3. 120k EYET spent : Spirit Tail

    tier 4. 170k EYET spent : Spirit Wings

    tier 5. 200k EYET spent : Barnac Skill Heraldry 1ea

    - Recipient list is based on amount of EYET Spent during the event period
    - If you reach a higher tier, you will receive all the items for the lower tiers (eg. if you reached tier 3, you will be rewarded with tier 1, 2, and 3 items)
    - Items will be sent to your Special Storage on 28th Oct at 0000HRS
    - Rewards can be collected until 10th Oct
    - Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed
    - Rewards are given per account basis
    - If you received the Power of Spirit rewards already and if your tier changes up to a higher one here, only the item for the new tier will be sent.
    (eg. If you charged 180k EYET and spent 200k EYET, you must be received original rewards for the tier, but since your tier changes to tier 5 here as you spent 200k, you will receive one Barnac Skill Heraldry)

    Again, we are very sorry for the confusion we made in the original event announcement page.



    EDITED: Compensation Items have been slightly changed from the one that was first posted.
    Tier 5 will receive Barnac Skill Heraldry now.