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  • What's gear step

    At this point, after looking up several guides which have failed in every sense of the word to explain what this 'gear step' is, I find myself forced to ask this here.

    Well... What is it?

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    you could say it's the "state" after using one of the top 3 skills, or you could say it's the top 3 skills, from the machina class tree (ducking isn't a gear step)

    so you use one of those skills, you're "gear-stepping" for the duration of the skill


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      Goodness me. A straight answer.

      Thank you.

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    essentially, its when you use right/left click/spacebar to activate certain skills instead of pressing the hotkey to use the skills. in this state, it provides a little action speed buff if you use the skills this way
    there was a chart for a visual guide somewhere on the old forums, but its probably lost now.

    theres a short list of skills that get gear step^
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      dunno if we're talking about the same chart, but there's one in the cherry credit forums, i linked it on reddit yesterday

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      the chart on this one?
      its not the same one that was on the old forums but it does the job
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    i mean i guess you didnt read every guide cause mine has a gear step section in the first post O3O
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      I think the OP failed in every sense of the way to actually READ anything.


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        Prolly an excuse to not search up stuff. qAq
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