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Ruina Builds and Tips, Help a Leopard out? :)

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  • Ruina Builds and Tips, Help a Leopard out? :)

    Hiya! I'm a player returning after quite a while actually and Machina looks really fun to me I've just got her to level 40 and I'm so far enjoying it but a lot of the skill guides and suggestion threads I was finding were either out of date or confusing me o.o so any help would be very much appreciated so I don't end up spending all my resources thinking "Oh wow this is strong!" when its paling in comparison to something I haven't even tried yet. Mostly I'm trying to learn what skills I should be leveling and what skills I should be practicing so I can start to try to build my shortcuts bar.

    Thanks again for any and all help

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    EDIT: Outdated "guide"

    Ruina is a very complex class to learn to play, but really fun.

    About the Skill tree, i don't know how is it now. But in my experience (i was a Ruina before the class change) i think this could be good:

    Why Twister Kick?
    More dps/damage.

    If you don't like Twister Kick go ahead with Flying Knee-Kick.

    Overcharge Skill:
    After a full sequence of basic attacks, Ruina charge him Knuckles and strikes the enemy's front. To be efective you need to active the Pressure Release and after a sequence you can cast overcharge at the full power.

    BUT, that's not how the skill works, The damage of Overcharge increment when you cast it after Follow up, Exploding Palm, Twisted Kick, Kidney Blow, Beat Down, Twister Kick(Im not sure about this skill), Pressure Burst and Pivot Strike(Only with CM3).

    When you reach the lv70 you need start to learn how do the combos.

    Basic Ruina Combos:

    Combo's sequence only work at lv70+, because you need CM1 and Duck lv6.

    Skills Plates:
    - Kidney Blow AS
    - Beat Down DMG
    - Pressure Burst AS
    - Flying Knee Kick (AS/DMG) or Twister Kick (DMG) or Exploding Palm (CD) (Depends on what skill do you choose)

    *AS= Action Speed / DMG= Damage / CD= Cooldown.

    That's all i can do, sorry if i wrote something bad, i'm still learning english.
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    You need to make sure you keep pressure release on all the time (the red fist), it is basically vital to do maxium dps. Its important to learn how to duck after skills as that resets the gears. This means you can build up more pressure faster which means pressure release will be up again. Those combos in the link should keep you mostly at max pressure. You will know you are at max pressure when the orange bar under your HP is full.

    Another useful skill is to learn how to build up pressure quickly.

    If you have pressure release active on use this to get pressure quickly = body check (double right click) -> space -> left click -> space -> left click

    The way ruina does damage is though pressure release. So usually you use a gear step then another move then hold down autoattack for pressure burst.

    Let me know if you have any questions. (Ruina is hard class to play)