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The Lunarium Multi-Gaming Guild - New and recruiting any and all members!

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  • The Lunarium Multi-Gaming Guild - New and recruiting any and all members! The Lunarium is a brand new multi-gaming community and guild aiming to provide a place for both the casual and competitive, recruiting new members! We intend to host community events and tournaments for prizes, inhouses and giveaways. We have communities within our server for coaches, streamers, artists, bloggers, game reviewers and a variety of different game genres. We are paired along with a Steam group and forum for artists to sell their work and people to trade Steam items, and with Steam-exclusive community hosted events and giveaways!
    Right now, we currently host League of Legends, Overwatch, Dragon Nest, Black Desert Online. We have plans to expand into more games in the future as our community grows. We're always taking suggestions for games to add as well!
    Overall we aim to be a community that can reach and benefit the most amount of people possible. I think all of us at some point have joined a community, and ended up feeling overwhelmed or just left out. Our aim is to make sure everyone feels welcome, wants to participate, and get to know us! We know there are a lot of communities out there that all say the same thing, but feel cluttered and don't give everyone a voice. We're aiming to be a large community that feels small and friendly, but we need our members to help us reach that goal! Join up and give us a shot!

    IGNs: (Preference for Sorceress/Kali)
    Chaos Mage - Karou / Ice Witch - Alteia / Pyromancer- Eivia
    Dark Summoner - Saski / Blade Dancer - Lummel
    Dragoon - Novai
    Defensio - Zeachi
    Physician - Sylvee
    Sniper - Kyrine
    Saint - Akiva

    Join my guild, Clockwork: Mainly PvE but all are welcome!
    Mega New Player Assistance Thread
    Raid Team For New Players Thread
    Dragon Nest Discord Link
    Discord: Clockwork Raven#9325