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  • Mega New Player Assistance Thread

    As I'm not too experienced on writing guides (though I'm attempting to work on one right now anyway ) I figured in the mean time, I would drop this thread for anyone who is interested in a little extra help starting out in Dragon Nest. In my spare time, I'll be doing what I can to help out new players. Keep in mind, this is in my personal free time which may mean one day I have 3 hours to do it, and other days I may only have half an hour. I'm usually pretty free at all hours of the day, so we'll see how this goes and expand on it from there.
    If you want anything from me on this list, please either respond to this thread, private message me, or add me on Discord and/or drop by my server. Discord is usually the fastest way to reach me, as I only check forums a few times a day.

    Without any further ado, here's what I'm offering in this thread. Again, everything below is free to new players, and will be provided in my spare/free time.
    (Sorry if there's a lot of reading, I've never done one of these things before. )
    My In-Game Schedule
    Figured I should drop this ahead of the sections, Basically, this is what I do in-game every day, and tells when you can reach me for what.
    Generally on the days I'm marked "free" I'm grinding material and gear in level 90/93 abyss dungeons, or doing some extra leveling. These are my most flexible days to do whatever is needed.
    For both leveling and nesting I allow new players to join me, so long as the new part of the party isn't too hard for the rest to carry.

    Sunday: Leveling & Power Leveling - Use Spring EXP buff
    Monday: Free
    Tuesday: Free
    Wednesday: Free
    Thursday: Nesting (Runs/Practice)
    Friday: Free
    Saturday: Nesting (Runs/Practice)

    Power Leveling:
    I will help any player above level 16 with power leveling, should they want/need it. See my schedule above for the day(s) I'm open for power leveling.

    I'm willing to take any questions on anything to do with the game, no matter how obvious they may seem.
    On top of this I will also be helping with advice on classes, skill builds, gear builds, and any other class specific questions anyone has. I can also explain it over voice chat in Discord, if this helps anyone understand better. I myself am aiming to play each class at least once to level cap even if they aren't on my current character list, so I'll have at least a general idea of how each class plays. The classes I intend to play frequently are listed in my signature, with my mains toward the top, so you'll know what classes I have more experience with.

    Daily Quests:
    Since my usual grind spots are where the daily quests are located anyway, I'm willing to help any player through their daily quests upon hitting level cap. I'd prefer helping people who actually need the help (Ex: If you're dying in the dungeons while trying to complete them, or if one dungeon takes you over 10-15 minutes to do.)

    If you're looking to do nests and are struggling, I, along with a few people from my Discord server, have made a "new player raid team" that aims to help new players learn nests and raids. If you're interested, my old thread on this is located here. You can also join my server (linked in my signature) and ask for the raid team, someone will point you in the right direction.

    Bit of an iffy section, but I'm adding it for now anyway. We'll see how things go with this one, as this is only a one-man-show.
    Certain items I pick up frequently that I don't need and have no pressing need to sell I'll be putting aside to give to new players. I'll leave this section open to requests, much like the others, instead of just holding things that nobody may need. Just keep it on the list of things I'm willing to donate - seen below. In order for this not to be taken advantage of there will be a limit on how much one person can get per week, depending on the item, and depending on how popular this gets. A lot of these items I get anyway just because I grind frequently for things to sell, so why not help out in the process? I don't intend to fully gear for you, but I'll help you out along the way with things that may be hard to find.

    Please, only take what you actually need and don't resell it unless you've used it and don't need it anymore. For reference, any item on this list that is enhance-able will not have any enhancements added to it. All items listed are what would already drop in a dungeon, but may just be hard for some players to get.
    Since I'm making items request-able, all items and their limits per week will depend on drop rates. Each limit applies per person, not per character they may have.

    Items I'm willing to donate + temporary/tentative limits per week:
    (This list is subject to change. I wrote this up without reference so I know I'll need to change it when I can)
    • Theano Armors (I guess if anyone needs them or broke theirs, since they're in Growth Guide) - 1-2 per week
    • Level 90/93 Dragon Gems - 2-3 per week
    • Level 90 Talismans - 1-2 per week
    • Level 90 Enhancement Plates - 1-2 per week
    • Skill Plates - 2-3 per week
    • Coma/Cauda/Theano (Non-Tech) Accessories - 1 per week
    • Altheums - 10 per week, per grade. 5 per week on Exquisite.
    • Diamonds - 5 per week, per grade. 2 per week on Exquisite.
    • Garnets - 3 per week.

    Last edited by ClockworkRaven; 05-11-2017, 07:51 PM. Reason: Added schedule, more donate-ables.
    IGNs: (Preference for Sorceress/Kali)
    Chaos Mage - Karou / Ice Witch - Alteia / Pyromancer- Eivia
    Dark Summoner - Saski / Blade Dancer - Lummel
    Dragoon - Novai
    Defensio - Zeachi
    Physician - Sylvee
    Sniper - Kyrine
    Saint - Akiva

    Join my guild, Clockwork: Mainly PvE but all are welcome!
    Mega New Player Assistance Thread
    Raid Team For New Players Thread
    Dragon Nest Discord Link
    Discord: Clockwork Raven#9325

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      Power levelling is better put to use in DN SAINT HAVEN.

      Is there a server in DN which is top than the DISCORD? CLOCKWORKS somewhat?


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        Nice what u intend to do. I will be happy to be your friend in game. I hope u still play the game. I have a big problem now..i cant finish damage, can t move..nobody answer me to message. Hope u will see this. Tc