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PVP Ladder should be Equalize

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  • PVP Ladder should be Equalize

    yo i just.. for the first time pressed that ladder button. not of my own choice btw.

    yeah yeah win trading. fukn game is dead so what you expect? ofc players are gonna ask etc. i dont even use it for the light cubes.
    im against the idea of having PVE content inside pvp for no fukn reason that is nature. just forcing two naughty boys together isn't gonna make them behave correctly.

    im just wearing lil ol theano gear i see these pvp players.. combo-ing my ass off . (im warden and its a alt and im a pve player) basically chucking my own nutsacks into my face

    BUT they lost! bc the dmg i had was too high and they couldnt hurt me enough bc defense too high for their gear.


    i shouldn't be allowed to win in that case. they are more skilled than me at pvp so how the fuk am i winning?

    obv the baby booster chair called 'gear' and it being applicable in ladder mode..

    wtf? i don't get why gear has anything to do with a players skill level and their gameplay.
    and then when i got paired with the guy who asked me to queue..

    ROFL 2-3 hits DEAD

    excellent game design.


    what is this position and ranking for cept cucklord LMAO.

    flawed system. this is actually so fukn unfair to legit pvp players. i'm so appalled legit,

    reason why i feel something torwards this topic is bc i play fighting games and i originated from the arcades.
    so when i see dmg of that op level. well in our terms thats a boss character. it IS op thats why is isnt normal and its harder to beat also it's considered fun to face them. there are no points in teh arcade. just a $1 a game if you feel like it and you stay on for as long as someone doesnt beat you off.

    but come on. having stats integrated lol.. especially when access to these stats aren't very accessible to them. the pvp people are busy playing pvp just like how pve plays pve.

    if its gonna be gear related it should be that us pve whores have a advantage over the pvp community. should be other way around imho. those guys should have the 'pvp gear' to out class us.

    w.e god damn.

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    Reached Diamond in theano as a pre awakened guardian wearing Theano (then eventually rufus as ladder points came in)

    I've proven it's possible, so, here's my bit of advice.

    Don't care about your rating or tier. (even if youre thirsty for the pve rewards)

    When you lose, Queue back up. Even if youre queuing up against somebody you dont stand a chance against.

    Don't pot first. Only counter pot.

    Ladder is interesting in a way if you think about it in this perspective, it rewards your effort. Whether that's skill, or gear. But even greater, both.
    andthere'salwaystheimbalancedclass"equalized"ladde rstatsbutforthesakeofthispost,manup

    Edit: I think kiytei reached diamond wearing less gear than i was able to obtain over that same month. I think he stuck with the Rupes set. LOL
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      Actually, in 80 cap, there was both a 2v2 Ladder and a 1v1 Equalized ladder, It wasn't very popular though... not many people played it.
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        Couplord : aww that sucks :L. i see feel like those format sounds good on paper.
        i wonder why people weren't drawn to it.

        Zeplic : hehe xD
        but yeah.. hmm that's interesting pretty darn awesome that some could get that far o_0

        and hmm. i see you last point.

        no wonder these two fellows came at me no fear and even stated 'woohoo! no gear ladder LETS GO' and always said 'gf' for good fight i presume? afterwards

        tbh it was a good experience to have at least once and the dynamic was actually kinda fun (prolly bc im naturally into pvp just not committing to it in DN bc i'm placing limitations on myself to try keeping it strictly a pve to me)

        there's a lot of people that are pretty cool to talk to and are open that are from the pvp side as well.
        sick meme-lords on the forums though lol.
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          ladder is pve

          actually no one played equalized ladder in 80 cap because it didn't count for ladder points or some shit
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            Originally posted by ceruulean View Post
            ladder is pve

            actually no one played equalized ladder in 80 cap because it didn't count for ladder points or some shit
            Yeah, all it gave was goddess medals, so it wasn't very popular

            A few players started handing out their own personal rewards for the equalized ladder, and it got pretty active for a few weeks. ScrubWitch was giving away gold to the top few players, while others gave away to their own choices, like top clerics or warriors.

            When the community stopped giving out the rewards, the mode completely died.


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              agree pls give equalize ladder so i can be diamond ez

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              LMFAO wHO cAREAS HAHA Xd


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                PVP Ladder game balancing gears downgrades to 1 stats.

                No more +stats from gears only 1.
                VITAL STATS ENHANCED
                HP/ VITALITY


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                  ZepIic you have to remember class is also a big part of it. People of equal skill means it is also class carry. Ex. IW can perma lock with only a few skills and barrier is op too. You won as pre awaken Guardian but that was also before the recent nerf. Guardian was op if played right. But that's not always true. You can be a very good player with a class like toaist but the class can't compete with awakenings. Awakenings ruined pvp.


                  • xEternity
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                    Cleric nerf hit all clerics hard. Most of all inquis and guardian

                  • ZepIic
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                    i disagree with both of your comments on this.

                    Paladin has yet to been at an advantage in stat equalization for ladder.
                    Maybe crusader, until people got used to dodging their abilities. but other than that, nobody else even came close to my ranks as a guard, with the last time i regularly worked for diamond- and the closest rated paladin was only platinum 3.

                    Awakenings have improved PvP. But i don't feel like explaining myself for the 50th time on the subject. You've state your opinion, don't spread toxicity form it moving forward. Thanks.

                  • xEternity
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                    I'll give you the same answer as people have given me. I'm a saint main. Only saints high in ladder are heaven and myself. Not many saints came close. Why? For the same reason their wasn't many guardians close to you. The class is not played heavily. People dont have to gear guards or saints to make them useful in raids. Therefore most of them are just un geared rarely played alts. It is amazing what you can do. But it's not cause no one else worked hard to get to diamond as a guard. It is because only a very select few main it or try on it.