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  • Fix pvp

    I can't stand being a sader and comboing through two full skill rotations and not killing a lunar knight and then just get 1 shotted by fuqqin crescent cleave. Complete bs

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    FUTURE PVP changes:
    -Includes a CACHE *costumes in PVP
    -Stay tuned for official announcement regarding changes after the holiday [Chuseok].



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      I recommend not taking the class upgrade at 45, guardian is over powered and crusader dmg values are probably only 4 digit as of this new cap just for the sake of it.

      Paladin offers a fine amount of hating yourself in exactly the same way with less utility but enough dmg to close off rounds as long as youre performing well the entire 3 minutes of it. And that only, or get used to winning by hp. Which i just feel isn't fun.

      But probably just play guardian and get better at it because you probably need to.
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        It’s probably cause sader has shet dmg scaling (0.5 pdmg per str and 0.5 mdmg per int) and only 30% str and int compared to most classes who get 0.75 or better dmg from main stat, and a 50% stat passive

        EDIT: well those are pve values but the concept is the same in pvp, idk why lk get 12% attack passive when other class get 5% lol all the numbers are wonk and sader gets the short end for being a dual stat
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          yeah, it kindda sucks saders have to wait for their 85 CD attack buff to deal some fuqing dmg like wtf why couldn't crusader's zeal CD and duration be like arcane overdrive from smasher or atleast like DA's fire buff?
          like come on man smite EX doesn't even atleast get a 30% increase in PvP. I'D TRADE those 5% additional lightning bolts for atleast a 30% dmg increase for smite EX, and its attack range increase is a fuqing lie too
          and for whatever fuqing reason they keep nerfing saders LOL