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    All you air-cast abusers, lag-cast abusers, and ghosting abusers, prepare to get BANNED.
    Silver Hunters AND Windwalkers who think its ok to fly out of bounds in PvP maps, you're DONE for.
    Saints and their CURE RELIC? You think thats a legit evade? EVADE THIS BAN.
    CHill roomers, your time has finally come.
    All the OEs that abused the magic defense bug? Goodbye.
    LKs who think invisible nados are ok? Show me those patch notes. Bug Abusers get BANNED.
    All those Defensios that used the slightly overpowered Lariat from the CM3? Nice knowing you.
    All those Silver Hunter w/o wings during transformation? That's a bug. You think I can tell the difference between a white costume and ur trans? Nope, abusement.
    Wake-Up attack failing causing you to stand and auto attack? Stand and get BANNED.
    Black Mara's and your damage transfer on toxic spray? You're not a machina, you're gonna get banned.
    Trying to turn off spectate? Trying to get BANNED.
    Valkyrie EX skills doing normal damage instead of light damage in PvP so my elemental resist doesn't make you do less damage? BANNED.
    Oracle Elders looking like they're transformed when they're not? BANNED.
    Oracle Elders using [Holy] Chain Rush and [Holy] Position Shift while the normal ones were on CD? HOLY BANNED.
    Crusaders using the slow Hammer Hand and messing up my timing to TUMBLE? Tumble this BAN.
    Guardians and their sped up Overwhelm? Gonna speed up yur BAN.
    Pyros/Ice Witches with the old ELe Shield? Your BAN is long overdue.
    Elemental Flair not iframing? Abusing that bug? BANNNNNNNN
    Dancers who accidentally do a Needles of Despair damage transfer? THis BAN won't be accidental.
    Teleporting outside the map while being combo'd? Sounds like a BAN to me.
    Dancers and their bugged Illusive Gaze Iframe? Ain't gonna iframe that BAN.
    Light Bringer's Chakra Grip hitting more than once? BannED more than oncE.
    Playing a Lencea right now? BANNED.
    Screamer's Begrudge's Hit Count was reduced from 21 to 20. That wasn't in the patch notes. Scream goodbye cuz ur gettin BANNED.
    Reaper's Shadow Hand Awakening getting more range? That wasn't in the patch notes Kiyy, finally BANNED U. Been doin that since awakening.
    Machinas skydiving when being broke during Beatdown? Can't hit ya during that, that's abuse. BANNED.
    OEs using that extra 5 SP from Agility Aura? Not in the patch notes. But clearly in the BAN.
    Macro users, that expensive keyboard AND/OR mouse just got u BANNED. #paytoBAN
    Dark Avengers who Fatal Impact and Brush Off their opponent before landing? That forces AE, that forces abuse, that forces a BAN.
    Chaos Mages that make their opponent infinitely fall after Gravity Well? Infinite BAN.
    Using Maelstrom Howl Awakened that says it has more SAB in the description but wasn't included in the patch notes? Deceitful. Get included in this BAN.
    Ice Witch Cyclone going through objects? Can't go through this BAN tho.
    War Mage still casting Spectrum Ray after it was broken? Still BANNED.
    Voice Pack users hearing skills differently? Hear this BAN?
    All those Silver Hunters who jumped and casted Magic Arrow? That was bug abuse. That was a BAN.
    Tinkeres throwing out M:Code Yum-a-tron items? Nope. Banned.
    Alfredo Frontier's Enhancement A not reducing that cooldown? Coulda fooled me. BANNED Ray mechanics.
    Chain Claw EX not doing the proper damage using the spacebar version from the air? Made me waste my tumble for nothin. BANNED
    LBs and AWs getting an extra heal if the rabbit summon is damaged? Yall supposed to be squishy. Yall supposed to be BANNED.
    OEs and their infinite SA bug? Pretty sure that was just me. BANNED.
    All those mod users that see through walls or reduce particle effects? mod this BAN.
    OEs and RMs with their somewhat secret infinite iframe? Secretly BANNED.
    Valkyrie's and their Dance of Light doing absolutely nothing with the After-images? BUGGED so BANNED.
    Follow UP EX breaking AEs? Yupa gonna break after that BAN .
    Exploding Palm glitching opponents across the map? Makes them stuck in a wall. BOTH BANNED.
    Replying to this post? That's Discussion of Warnings & Bans. Against Forum Policy. BANNED.

    None of these were ever in the patch notes. They are against ToS (ABUSE). I'm reporting all of you in 6 days. :^)
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    11/10 quality shetpost


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      tfw Zeplic didn't get banned 21 times
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      • SkitzoRoy
        SkitzoRoy commented
        Editing a comment
        Was gonna add "Are you Zeplic? BANNED." but harassment on the forums would get me banned as well :^).