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  • Future of Dragon Nest

    Amidst of a lot of changes that will go through the Dragon Nest servers, I got curious to how Dragon Nest will go in the future, since we're at level 95 cap, a lot of storylines, nests and dungeons had been placed and told, and there will even be the literal end-game gear in the future updates, we're basically at the point where the game is finished, so whats the next direction for Dragon Nest? Are they going to make a sequel game and end the storyline on this version of the game, or probably just end the game since they are almost at their final stage, I think. What are your thoughts on what will ED do next for this game?

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    Let us not worry about the future, let us focus on the present.

    Let us cross that bridge when we get there, for now, let us focus on the present and enjoy what we have.
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      DN Taiwan have Conference Meeting on 23rd June
      ED will announce 2nd half 2018 Plans and also I heard they gonna announce some Important thing
      Might be about future of DN
      I Will share over FB and try to share in forums
      Follow my Page for Latest Info on DN and Datamine info


      • Mr.Shovels
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        please do so, everyone want to know about this "important thing" they gonna discuss

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      "DN's final stage" " Cap where DN ends"

      I've seen a lot of these post even on the old forums , yet people still play , people still come back for it , people still pay money for it.


      • SadisticEin
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        And main character still mess up the main storyline... x'D

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      I do wonder with what the future of DN is.... I mean its a great game even today, it has been running for very long now..... Now DN is also going to mobile and I think World of Dragon Nest is a multi platformer ( both for pc and mobile and is open world ). I think they're about to wrap up the story now....or maybe introduce more raids and stuff since they just revealed a new gear grade higher than legend.... So for me I think DN is still gonna run for more years to come.


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        It would be great if you can cite your claims with references to these "end of DN story" etc etc. From how it's written I'd assume they're all hear-say from friends etc etc.
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          I don't really have any references on my idea of how the game will end its just pure assumption, this topic is purely for opinions and assumptions about what will Dragon Nest do next in the months to come, I just assumed in terms of gameplay, because I don't think there is much to go on if they released such end-game gear, specifically the Calypse and Ancient Weapons, that's why I just assumed that they're at the "end stage" of the game.

        • Xenocho
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          Actually I meant this statement: "and there will even be the literal end-game gear in the future updates"

        • Mr.Shovels
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          "THE END OF DN IS NEAR" from players is just an assumption, most likely a troll, ofc a lot of players still play the game and pay up for the goodies on ED's special events like the Eye Gacha Event, this means the game is still booming with players eager to play and gear up their character, its just that they keep messing up the game with mistakes, bugs and crappy storyline and error in translations, but the gameplay is still hardcore and fun for both casual and veteran players alike, even the long retired players are coming back for more just to give DN another chance and see if the game have changed, since most players have been playing this game for a long time now and for some of us this is our childhood game.

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        Probably new cap, new end-game gears, new nest and new updates/events to keep players topping up. *coughs* *business as usual* *coughs*

        But, just like everything in the world, it will eventually come to an end. But it will happen soon if ED continues to mess up or fail big time in the future that will put the final nail in the coffin for this game.

        Let's just hope not.


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          I dont really care but if I can kill rose i'd be more than happy to pay 10kcc/replay :V