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[Debate] Should Grubby Keys be sold in the Cash Shop?

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  • [Debate] Should Grubby Keys be sold in the Cash Shop?

    Ever since the June Update had been released last June 12, 2018, a lot of new things has been added such as the Alpaca Quests, New Costumes in CC and many more, but the thing I want to focus on is the Gosuk's Precious Box that can be looted in the Bunny Dimensional Box in the end of every dungeon run at a certain rate, you can get Jade Hearts, Fragments or even enhancement hammers that automatically has a succession rate like 90%, however in order to open these boxes you need to buy Grubby Keys that costs in multiple prices and amounts.

    1 Grubby Key - 500 Cash
    10+1 Grubby Key - 5500 Cash (5000 as of today because of a discount)
    100+15 Grubby Key - 57500 Cash (50000 as of today)

    I want to hear everyone's opinion about this, is it appropriate or right that these Grubby Keys be sold in the cash shop?

    In my opinion, these keys shouldn't be sold in the cash shop with a couple of reasons , one important thing is it uses real life money, these boxes are kinda like the Adventure Boxes you get in the Remote Dungeon Quest, but just more possibilities you may get from it, the thing is these Grubby Keys should also be farmed as well to have the same level as how to get the boxes it can be either in Weekly Tasks or maybe Daily Tasks, because when I think about it its basically depends on your RNG, you never know what you may get, who knows you probably bought like 20 of these Grubby Keys and all you get is just fragments and powerstones at the next 20 boxes you opened. To me its just a waste of CC and be better to change the way to get these Keys without spending real life money.

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    Why not compromise between free and premium?

    ​​​​For example, clearing 7 daily task will also give you x1 Grubby Key.

    This will not hurt ED's income; In fact, should the box proves to be rewarding enough, it may even attract F2P players into buying more keys.
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      7 daily task is too easy , maybe 50 daily tasks x 1 key so equivalent to 1 week hard work this really will not hurt the income of ED and the 1 who is farming the gosuk box has very small chance of getting mid grade luminous jade heart.


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        Fragments and Powerstones are so abundant tbh. if they will remove those and leave the worthy items there, maybe it's worth buying the key.


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          It won't hurt if they have it both in-game and in Cash Shop so people have the choice to either use their time to obtain the keys or save time by buying at the Cash Shop. These boxes are useless and just rots in our inventory if we don't bother to buy the key from cash shop, it's better off not dropping it at all when you can't open it since it's wasting a slot in the storage.


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            Based on ED's table of the Boxes' drop rate, it's not even worth buying the Keys (well, unless you are filthy rich). The most notable items are in the 6% chance mark. Removing the filler items could entice players to buy, but in the end I see the Gosuk Box as a 'PvE Altea Box'.


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              I think it's fair. It's only normal that some content are available for everyone, while some are available only for cash-players isn't it? Also it's not like the contents are game-breaking that you totally get an advantage opening them. If you wish to say profit, rest assured your profit is from gambling as much as disassembling unique jades.
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                I tried them.

                1 Veteran Weapon Powerstone
                2 Veteran Armor Powerstone
                50 Luminous Talisman Fragments
                1 Luminous Talisman Essence

                so in conclusion, these items are widely available. Unless you are extremely lucky, and that is really a gamble in here.
                I think it is much better to spend on Argenta boxes.

                However, if you have extra, you can try your luck, but do not expect a good item just because you spent.
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                  As i see it its just another scam box aimed to milk bit more money out of whales which didnt left game yet,and its poor implementation with ridicoluse price of kays and mediocre content doesnt advocate anything but the fact its a fricking cash grab and predatory gambling metode at its finest.


                  • Nimmienaticz
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                    Hence, salts and hates aside, gambling is fun if you have money. :/

                  • nublood30
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                    Well the comment may seem to have salt and hate its actually true, as the consensus of everyone's comments it would be worth if they remove the filler items (fragments and the like) ,but as of how the drop rate looks, its not that worth to waste money on, I would rather disassemble 95 Jade Hearts and farm for hammers instead of gambling my real life money for something horrible that I might get.

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                  different perspective. yours might be not worth but this one might be cheap for whales. they can spam tons of them like nothing if they want to. its okay afterall, most of items inside can be attained and farmable outside boxes and not something exclusive like stuffs in gachas. plus if whales spam and get pricey stuffs, it will reduce the value of tradeable items just a little bit like jade and talisman ingredients so make it easier to craft end game stuffs, but if theres too much like making the keys free/sell via ingame currency/becoming quest rewards(problem with bots that ED starting not to care nowadays), valueable items to farm will lose their value much.
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                    Its been 4 months since Gosuk box released in Korea , dev did lot of improvements to it monthly
                    But never added Key as farmable item which is bit meh

                    They should add Grubby key in Labyrinth Floor 30 or 40+ or Purchase Key from Crystal Store
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                      You either choose , Time or Money , which you value most?


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                        Basically, these Gosuk Boxes are equal to other game`s Loot Boxes. For example PUBG`s crates which you have to buy keys via real cash to open.


                        • nublood30
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                          Yeah but the rate on the good ones are so low, you mostly get powerstones and fragments, which is unfair to be honest..

                        • atom100
                          atom100 commented
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                          at least they publicized the rate of getting the good one , like mid grade jade heart 0.2%,you need to open 1000 boxes on average 2 mid grade jade heart. with that kind of money you can already buy 1 brand new PC

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                        I wish it's placed on a non-invasive area on my inventory. Instead of spending one slot on my regular inventory.
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                        • atom100
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                          you can put it in guild storage.

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                        Well, just if you can not (or do not want to) spend money on those boxes, just sell them to someone who can, do not you think?
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