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Why in Dragon Nest SEA so many russians

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  • Why in Dragon Nest SEA so many russians

    Long time ago I downloaded dragon nest sea and I was thinking "alrighty no more russians no more russians meme only english servers" when I start the game pvp someone I saw russian players wrighting with english like this "kto hochet w pvp, da blyati ty chiter, nahui idi, american govory porusski" and community was only in russian and I was scared and confused at the same time. Why there so many russians in SEA
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    I have yet to see Russians spamming in PvP

    (I swear if this is some Dragon Nest Mobile trash again I'm going to lose my mind)


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      Can you be a little friendly to russians?
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      • Skyros
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        There are russians in SEA?

      • Nimmienaticz
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        Honestly Yes.
        I met some people who talk with their own language and the game can display their characters well.

      • Skyros
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        If there are the I don't know what's TS' problems with Russians. He's afraid of Russians just talking. He seems like a 'Russian-phobic' individual.

        I thought EU countries are IP-blocked to DNSEA since CC is handling DNEU.

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      Thats why I switched to NA server


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        Wow i had been playing SEA for like 4 years and I had never met a single russian, but just rarely some russian birds.
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          I realized DN RU was closed


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            And one tussian youtuber flame gaming tv said "Go to SEA its much better"


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              Russian* I used my phone


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                Russians are nice it is the politics that made it nasty.


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                  Let me share some thoughts.

                  Indeed RuDN was closed a couple months ago and some players moved either to EU server or SEA, however, it was EU server that was most frequently mentioned on the forum threads when the question where to move appeared. Maybe they want to be closer to Europe or being devoted DN fans they just want keep playing their favorite game. And if take into account that EU and SEA are most famous English speaking DN servers while DNNA is said to be quite expensive no wonder why both EU SEA (the cheapest among mentioned 3) became the favorites.

                  Please, keep in mind that DN is actually for kids and kids can be much more harsh than adults. Unfortunately some Russians kids are really rude in communication. I can not tell if they are just mind challenged, not good persons or selfish. I remember some chat on RuDN forum - Russians were surprised that European players are so gentle and polite (it was called softness). I mean, in Russia, uncensored speech (when the only not rude words are conjunctions) is an unofficial 2nd language so Russians players (especially kids) I think just like to shock others, who are not so used to rude speech. In Russia, it is not big deal to show a middle finger or to greet someone with couple rude words - it is ignored in most cases - so maybe Russian players (especially kids) do not even think how insulting such behavior can be for people from another culture. They notice only attention to themselves.
                  By the way the situation you mentioned and the uncensored sentence you quoted was one of the reasons why Russians moved to SEA - they got tired of seeing constant dirt in the wold chat.

                  As far I know there were at least 3 Russians guilds on SEA long before RuDN server was closed, all were dead but still they were. The reason was that RuDN server was maintained much more worse than SEA. When it was active there were almost no events. It was just a server with nests. You also could not sell&buy items using DNP, in TH I mean. There were no magni glasses rewards while they were on SEA on that time. SEA server with its amount of events and DNP system looked like a HEAVEN in comparison with Russian one, which was still on 80 cap when was closed this spring by the way.

                  I'm afraid you can not neither change the amount of Russians on the server nor their behavior, however, there is a black list to block them and never hear anymore in game. I believe you do not need all that negative in life so other tip is to try to be emotionally distant and do not allow bad emotions interrupt you.
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                    I heard russian creators never updating RuDN, they just want one thing.........

                    Is money