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About news item 209 "Access Restrictions"

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  • About news item 209 "Access Restrictions"

    It is really hard for many of us to continue playing because we do not belong to the 3 countries in which DN SEA should work according to ED. In this statement the terminologies used were not clear enough to make a decision at least for me. That is why I wonder, beyond the fact that many players outside of these countries have invested time and money over the time we have been playing, that we have participated in the latest events of boxes gacha, irine, anniversary, etc (and squeezing even more just a month before launching the ad, coincidence?); Is the ip block the final decision? The reason is that there are players from countries that already have a Dragon Nest server? And more importantly, what about the players from countries that are not circumscribed to a DN server?
    We need a specific response from ED, because if the access will be unique and exclusive to the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, then say it clearly and explicitly, so that those of us who are not from those countries will leave once and for all.

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    We only need one aswer from them, yes you guys will restric or not guys you can still playing


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      what mean 209 i saw in another post and new item ? someone tell me
      mecha puto de que hablas owo


      • Nozarayash
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        Eso se refiere es a la Noticia, Numero 209 en la cual se dice claramante que pueden o tal vez hayan restricciiones a los usuarios que no sean de Malasia Singapure o Filipinas a eso es lo que se refiere que se encuentra en la pagina oficial de Dragon nest sea la noticia es la numero 209

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      ah ya ya estaba enterado de los de la restriccion pero me perdi con lo de 209 ya revise lo de la enumeracion xD gracias por el dato


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        rip DN SEA u always be in my heart (beta tester here and from latin america)


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          Same lament here...invested time and money since beta testing (cap 32 and Calderock village was the main city #tb)...I got my client installer from the opening event in SG like an excited kid waiting to open his present...I wasn't worried when I flew here in Canada for good since the server has always been open. I understand that they can do whatever they want with their policies and whatnot, but they should consider their players first at all times, especially those who will get affected. It would be highly appreciated if they could at least help players move to their respective regional servers and expand other servers for players who can't even access the game at all.


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            Copy-pasting from a summary of the meet and greet in Singapore:

            1. IP Ban mainly applies to EU countries because DN game policies goes against their GDPR requirements.So if you're from any countries outside Europe you can still play in DNSEA.

            This is the closest I can give you to an official answer.


            • Verbena
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              whatupguys1 I was not in the event, but this is the answer ED gave to players during the Q&A

            • Knee
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              Is there any transcript of this Q&A available for public?

            • MehNaMeh
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              So, Middle East (PH) players still have hope in this 209 Notice?