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  • So I tried to log in...

    Probably old news for people around here but I just want some clarification, do excuse me if it's just another thread on the topic.

    I've been a player of DN SEA for about a year, played it off and on with a few friends, spent a bit of real money on the game, etc. I ended up finding out the game was closing up access to users outside of Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines.

    I have seen people on the forums who play the game since the beginning, people who've supported the game since low level caps, etc.

    With that said I only want to ask the following questions:
    - Why is that we are only getting an IP ban now? Why hasn't this IP ban been up since the servers were open?
    - Is there gonna be a possible server transfer? I have made and played with quite a few characters on my account and, again, I used up some money on it. I wouldn't like to just drop it all off for nothing.

    I'm aware this is all a matter of contracts and such but we as players and consumers - and this is my opinion of course - shouldn't have to discard years of gameplay and memories just because of a change of contract.

    I'm pretty sure that if we all knew this would happen then us, EU players, wouldn't start playing on this server to begin with. I found the game to be pretty fun but I refuse to start anew in another server considering the progress I had done on this one already and I'm sure many feel the same.

    Thanks for the time, if I said something wrong then, again, please correct me and if you disaggree then please explain why.

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    The answer is simple: the company is running a business and has to adhere to the contract; if not, they risk suffering lawsuits and hence loss of profit.

    I would like to believe that ED cares about your memories in DN but I have some bad news for you buddy...

    anyway, you could try to avert the IP block with VPN as some has done. It's a small cost to retain your sentiments, which is probably worth it
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      I feel you Bro i have lost so many comrades,while playing this game, other quit due to school,"Real Life" have made them quit,and other reasons,the thing is others were forcible kicked out!!! they became casualties of ED contract/law that's what hurts the most. If you want to come back to sea where its always salty and become sea men again , try those VPN thingy im no tech guy but if you really loved the sea come back to us were waiting for you, maybe the increase of population will dilute the amount of salt at sea right now. We are waiting