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"Well okay that doesn't end well. Now what?"

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  • "Well okay that doesn't end well. Now what?"

    The title shows what's my reaction when i cannot proceed through lvl 40 Main Quest Called Escape. Yea what should we do now as a player, i certainly don't want to pay for boosting service, nor do i wanna level up slowly. i can't even skip the Quest rn, maybe anyone would wanna help if the GM's currently busy doing the patch?

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    Yeah me too, i was already reported for this problem, and i hope every maintenance this bug will be fix.


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      I mean yeah, i can grind DTMI, but you guys (Devs) said that this remaster is to maintain order and we had to follow the storyline etc. We (at least me) wanted to follow the storyline but this happened, and it shucks


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        Bruv, you're about to lose 2 people here. When i came to DN SEA i brought 2 new people to the scene taught everything a veteran like me knows, turns out it didn't really work well but it's fine since i tell them to rely on the main quests. And yeah turns out the main quest didn't go further because of a damn bug you guys are probably spend almost a month fixing it. You may not think that 2 people is worth the hassle or anything but if you kept on doing this you probably gonna lose more people.

        Me myself, i'm okay with grinding and shit because i liked the game, but consider those who are new and wanted to love the game. I help you find client, now please help yourself by fixing your own game. I'm not gonna throw tantrum and be all caps and saying bad things to you, i'm gonna talk this out as an Adult. I respect you guys as a GM and Developer, and i hope you guys respect us as a player.

        Sincerly, your 1 week old player in SEA, but 5 y.o. Veteran elsewhere


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          Firstly, main quest is not efficient for leveling up apart from the first few levels so you are making it sound more important than it is. Secondly, about 'respecting us players,' they have thrown that out of the window ever since CC stopped publishing so.... yeah your rants reach no one and serve as coffee table reading for forum users mainly
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            thanks for the comment on this one though

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          Well true at the later stage of the game main quest might not be that important. I don't remember using main quest to proceed onto level 90ish back then (daily quests FTW) but since this world remaster thingy, i wanted to quote what the Dev said (on the poster) when that patch note came out, "Don't fight your enemies for the sake of Leveling-up and Farming regardless of the game story anymore" which is really absurd since we are destined to grind anyway. I don't say it's THAT important but if they really want us to enjoy the story, probably, do something about it which is they don't.

          Well yeah i do probably mention things about how main quest as something that's important since i don't wanna miss that extra 3.5k Crystal Points, Title and the addition of ress scroll thingy from playing the Main Quest. Call me cheap, i'm ok with that.

          Lastly i do hope that the devs really read this, i'm an optimist since i do really like the game and just don't want it to crumble away again


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            thing is... main quests now gives a .1% att title per chapter that is shared by all chars, just for that I want to collect them all, 1% is significant. but... they made it impossible