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    Hi there heroes good day again, I would like to ask some questions hero it goes

    Q#1: About Crit rate %. how to pump up crit rate % since ED change the Agi increase crit rate % to crit damage, Do I need to buy CC to pump up my crit to 80% up, since I only have 17% crit rate right
    Q#2: About ECJ. I am a sniper main since they don't have elemental damage do I need to put one in my sniper, they say that it doesn't matter with or without it, kinda sounds wronng,
    Q#3: about points. Where I can farm stage points? Kinda need it cuz of skill heraldry plate, and also crystal points,

    I've watch a video about what to do after 95, by speedcolie but the recent patch changes somethinngs in game,

    I hope I'm not bothering all of you, kinda need help since I justed start a month ago I'm still Adjusting in game environment. Hoping for fast replies thank you so much


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    You can get maximum about 200k+ Critical Rate from Hero Level 500. Its also easy to pump CritRate by Heraldry's 3rd stat.

    ECJ is very recommended to all non-elemental class. This because Elements work just like Final Damage (FD), so when you pump Elements.. Elements+FD = great damage!

    Stage Points is from stages.. which is dungeons (go higher level Labyrinth for more Stage Points).

    you just joined? welcome to DN SEA!
    we currently having massive players coming from Indonesia (since DN Indonesia recently closed down)
    well, DN SEA's turn to close down is not impossible though.. hahah


    • BananaCredits
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      220k max critical from Hero lv500 onward to be precise.

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    Hi there sir,

    I'm currently hero level 99, I guess I have long way to go, haha

    the (-) negative sign in ECJ do you know what is that mean sir? E.x if I got -14% ice elem jade do I need to put more ice element in my equipment to be fully activate the jades damage?

    Oh so that's how, I need finish higher labyrinth to obtain it, sorry for this question, In game they never answered my questions even my guildmates

    Haha, that is why I don't like to spend real money in game, Time I can

    Thank you for your reply sir



    • whitenoise1
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      Yeah, ECJs are weird like that. They are only used by classes who don't have a set element for their attacks. Basically, if you get any of the elemental conversion jade, you need to pump the same element that it deducts from you to successfully gain elemental attack bonus. I believe this guide might help you to better understand ECJs and the importance of balancing your atk and elem dmg:

    • darkb1ader
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      If you have a guild that could carry you in FM, you could easily increase your hero level.

      The negative sign in ECJ means reduction in element.

      While doing higher labyrinth floor is good, it is recommended to finish bulletin board mission as those quest give you more points than grinding in dungeons alone. (Specially for dungeon pts farming)

    • Kgy97
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      Hey if you want to ask question in game, you might want to ask me if i'm online, i will do my best to explain it. And if you need a guild, i'm currently looking for people to fill up my guild so everyone (except scammers and toxics) are welcome! My IGN: Mergiause/LichterTyp/Malorey

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    Just do the missions from mission bulletin board, 1 dungeon mission gives you 15000 dungeon points as reward. and you can collect the materials for alpaca perfume quest from a npc in merca heart and your hero level will increase faster.

    About ECJ, you should read the elemental conversion jade thread by nvLite in useful guideline section.
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      for your hero lvl i think they giving hero potion 100% rate exp for a day so good luck if u have many max it can do more profit if u have party and do high labyrinth to make double exp

      it will waste if you don't have ECJ for your non elemental character if your character has full epic costume or with element attack


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        Sorry the late reply been busy at school,

        so it means pumping up elem % increase the damge of elem attack.

        About this main quest it is recommended to finish it till 95?

        I just created a sub char flurry, I got confuse why everytime I cast a skill my FTG drops can someone help me with this,

        Again Thank you so much