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Post patch October 19th Bugs & Issues. (Compilation)

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  • Post patch October 19th Bugs & Issues. (Compilation)

    Lets compile all the issues that everyone is facing post October 19th patch into this thread. This particular patch was referred to in the other servers as the Bug patch. Lets help the dev teams to identify and resolve as quickly as possible.

    Bugs encountered. Most of these are visible from the other's prespective in PvP.

    Testing conditions:
    DWC Server. Some issues are also there in main server.
    Invisibility setting is set to "No Effect", Ping is solid 40ish ms for both user and spectator.

    Half moon slash ex- Animation is slower to the opponent than the user's view. Most probably using the non ex animation.

    Flying Swing Ex- Animation shown for opponents is non ex version. Rest of the hits invisible.

    magma punch ex - Only the first small punch is visible. the rest of the punches are invisible.

    Kick shot ex - character moves wayy too front with delayed animation

    Freezing sword ex - The animation shows the non ex version, the rest of the spikes are invisible. (Still hits)

    Rolling lava ex- The animation gets cut off and the ball appears after a while to the opponent.

    Linear Ray ex - The animation shows the non ex version. Charging animation is not shown to the opponent.the rest of the rays are invisible and are fired without animation.

    Shift Blow ex - The last hit of the skill doesn't show in opponent's view.

    Izuna Drop ex - The ripper looks like he is infinitely falling/stuck in mid air. The flames are also not visible.

    Night Explosion ex- The lingering skill hits isn't visible in opponent's view.

    Mecha duck ex - The second duck never spawns when summoned at a distance.
    Video credit to nvLite

    Stab Screw Ex- The animation shown to the opponent is the non ex version.


    Other confirmed Bugs:
    1. Shooting star reload EX bugged for pvp and pve ,the reduce cd effect is not working. (credit to CuteLikCat)

    2. Lencia's skills in PvP lost the light attribute and become normal magic type attack in PvP: (credit to Remilia and nvlite (video))
    -Hovering Blade
    -Spear Hand
    -Dent Blow
    -Piercing Spike

    3. Silver hunter's Summon falcon CD Bugs/description error? after taking Wild Falcon skill. (credit to Luxurianer)

    4. Sort Item Bug & Temporary workaround (credit to BabyKuri)

    Things to confirm by devs:

    1. Is the new FTG System (no ftg=no entering dungeons) intended? (RESOLVED)
    Ans: The devs have concluded that the new FTG system is indeed intended. Read more here:

    i'm sure there are a lot more. reply in this thread and i'll compile them/test them.
    I'll request the mods to let this thread stay in the general discussion section for maximum visibility. atleast till all the bugs are listed.

    Thanks & Regards~
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    Achievement reward still not fixed
    We still can't get ladder points
    We just get more bugs every patch
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    • SadisticEin
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      Well tbf warrior CD bugs were fixed x'D

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    The daily task and FTG issues were already submitted. I'm taking note of the rest and my brain is already @@@@@ so it would be helpful even for me if you can add these:


    • Teeny
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      Thanks Verbena. I'll see if i can get videos of the bugs tonight once i get home from work.

    • Teeny
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      Tested and recorded for most of the ex visual bugs. All issues from the links you put, apart from the silver hunter transformation is confirmed and updated in my first post.
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    • Ashihara_Yuki
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      Thank you for the effort.
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    Please also see if this is intended or bug:

    Daily clear from 2 theme park dungeons: Daily Ticket Runs (Reckless Umrak, Hidden Treasure, etc) are not counted, and only Treasure Stages (limit 1 per week, 3 dungeons only lol) are counted.

    P.S. Please ignore if already submitted under daily task.
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    • Verbena
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      Yes, I put those there.

    • theredgumball
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      Thanks Verbana. Please ignore this comment then Good day

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    Manticore mount have a hard time of getting in slayer testing site literally . When you're mounting manticore you can't seem to enter the slayer testing site.
    I've tried other mounts but seem to go smoothly.

    When equipping skill cooldown plate, the information shown in the cooldown windows is incorrect.
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    • Teeny
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      Please record and share issue. i dun have manticore mount :V

    • 12ChopChop
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      you can enter if you slide around 45 degrees. you can also enter by reversing into the portal :v

    • darkb1ader
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      Oh thanks 12ChopChop i've also tried flying while mounting the manticore then press spacebar to go down, it works as well.

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    Silver hunter Enhancement A Silver Falcon Bugged. Instead of 60s CD, it was 120s.


    • Teeny
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      Added to first post with video. Thanks for highlighting.

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    • None of my 3000 MP recovery heraldies seem to work (Beyond the Wall and Air Shove).
    • Cancelling the rebound of Beyond the Wall by left clicking seems to be impossible now. It's annoying since sometimes CM2 of defensio, wherein Beat Down Instant becomes available after using Beyond the Wall, would sometimes bug too. I mean, I still bounce back even after using Beat Down Instant.


    • Teeny
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      i tested both the mp recovery plates and canceling the rebound of beyond the wall. both works from my side @_@

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    Bug Checking Confirmation:

    Confirmed: Ripper Izuna Drop EX, enemy view

    Confirmed: Adept's Magma Punch EX, enemy view

    Confirmed: Gear Master Mecha Duck Ranged
    melee: 2 ducks
    range: 1 duck despite the animation of 2 shots.
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      The topic I posted regarding on Silver Hunter Transformation Bugged is actually the EX (A) passive skills - the 5 sec invincibility, while the EX (B) isn't.

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        Shooting star reload EX bugged for pvp and pve ,the reduce cd effect suppose to be 8 second not 3. (Ok it seems like they ninja patch the reload EX need to be lvl 11 to be 15s cd)
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        • CuteLikCat
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          After investigating,i think the bug is more like the EX suppose to reduce 8 sec cd but right now reduce 3 sec cd instead.Sorry bout this T_T

        • Shavonia
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          The previous EX changed the CD to 12s while the current EX is reduced the CD by 3s, I think its intended (but not in this halloween update, maybe next month patch) because its already applied in other servers. Tooltip for Dispenser is changed too but the skill is actually still the old one, it seems they messed up by putting some updated skills accidentally while the old one is still applied hence the chaos.

        • CuteLikCat
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          It really looks like intended but iirc there isn't any balancing involve shooting star ever since the awakening patch from kdn.

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        Silver Hunter Enhanced Falcon (A) does not apply CD. It should alter the normal Falcon CD into 60 secs. only.


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          I will have to sticky this thread.

          I haven't played after the latest patch but sounds like the game, specially PvP side is barely playable S:


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            SORT ITEM BUG.

            This bug occurs when the devs ninja-removed a certain item from our inventories.
            It happened before when they ninja removed the [Lv 93 Evolution Hammer Fragment - Nightmare] x10 rewards from Cooking Event.
            They have a valid reason that time because the item shouldn't exist (Lv 93 Theanos use different hammer fragments than Lv90).

            In this latest patch, they did it again. They ninja-removed the 5 pcs [Lv 95 Plate Pouches] from Transfer Rewards.
            If you claimed these pouches but failed to open them (maybe due to not reaching the required level or you just forgot to open them), you'll get the sort item bug.

            There's a temporary fix for this:

            You cannot sort your items because there is a "bugged item slot" in your bag (the slot where the pouch used to be). You can move that "bugged item slot" into your storage so you can sort the items in your bag. Just make sure to mark which slot in your storage is bugged and avoid putting an item in it (or else the bug will return to your bag).

            Here's a video:

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            • scarlet
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              This works <3 Thankiesssss <3

            • Gaming_Boy
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              I managed to somehow fixed mine. Both the storage and the inventory. I have no idea how I did it as I was experimenting on your video and it fixed PERMENENTLY!

              If I Recall, I tried something with the "Level UP" Achievement box.

              First, I put in storage.
              Second, I take it out and put it onto the BUGGED slot in the INVENTORY and try sorting...

              I repeat this process several times including opening the Achievement Box on the BUGGED SLOT itself.

              I can't guarantee 100% it might work for all but I just thought of sharing for those who wants to try.

            • Jeezus
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              I know why , coz korea added plate pouch of Rune legend wrath which gives craftable plate of 100% 3rd stat xD
              and our plate pouch was non 3rd stat

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            Kindly reduce Death Basin's foggy environment. Thanks


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              I dont know if this a bug or its just how it should be but ill let it here anyway. Beyond The Wall can be buff wiped now and on a lower priority the recoil after use it cant be cancelled. Some proofs of this sad history for Machina right now:

              Some memories of the orgasmic that used to be:

              By the way, Finish Attack EX(the CM3 one looks like it should be) and Rapid Shot EX also visual bug for enemy view
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