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Questions about Soul Eater, Elestra & Vernicka Event

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  • Questions about Soul Eater, Elestra & Vernicka Event

    Hello, I'm sorry if I have to ask these lowkey dumb questions but I'm planning to make one of these 2 classes and I've asked players in-game and they dont know either.

    1. Did they nerf Soul Eater? Lately I haven't seen GDN/FDN Raiders looking for Soul Eater, did they nerf her unique debuff or something? (I can't find the right patch note for this)

    2. Since the release of Avalanche, is she better in DPS and Ice Stack overall than Elestra? (Gameplay wise too)

    3. What do you guys think about Vernicka Gacha Event? Is it worth it? And if it can clear all tiers since it only cleared the 1st in the first week and theres 2 more weeks left till deadline.

    Thank you >.<

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    Yes, they did nerf SE, 5% elem. debuff (stackable x3) → 2%Elem debuff (stackable x)


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      3. depends on ur priority..
      (a) avatar looks - MAYBE (as temporary with recycled items)
      (b) gaming experience - NOPE (with lots of spending event recently, but server performance & customer service are getting worse & worst. been wondering where all the money gone)
      DNshop : Barbershop 15kg per cut (shave not included)
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      waiting list : World of Dragon Nest? etc


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        Honestly, I have these thoughts .. and got this verdict, Soul Eater class is somewhere fpund dead after the Curse Nerf. [I'm used to play this class 93-95 cap but I dropped it after nerf]

        For Elestra x Avalanche Freeze debuff,
        Elestra has higher uptime for the Ice Stack/debuff compare to Avalanche.
        Elestra = 40~36 sec cd - 20 sec uptime = 20-16 sec downtime, but afaik Ice Sphere can extend the freeze duration. (correct me here if wrong)
        Avalanche = 11 sec cd - 5 sec uptime = 6 sec downtime (17 sec cd downtime if used w/ conjunction skill -- frosty cross & brandish)

        My verdict :
        Elestra > Ava for Static Bosses
        Elestra > Ava for Moving Bosses
        Ava > Elestra for DPS-ing w/ same gears :>
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.