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Tempest's High +SkillATK%

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  • Tempest's High +SkillATK%

    This issue has put me down recently. After doing some research (on damage calculations) I've stumbled upon a rarely seen/talked about issue. Overcapping on SkillATK%.

    SkillATK% is the additional damage you get from skills/potions/items such as Weapon Masteries, CM1&2, ROB, Muff(I think? need some clarification), and Auto Dispenser.
    As far as i know, SkillATK% basically caps out at 100%(Not sure if they've changed). Any more than 100% wont do nothing anymore. It's just wasted. Now, to get to our
    issue at hand, I'd like to tell everyone about our dear Tempest's really high SkillATK%.

    Shortbow Mastery: 19.5%
    CM1: : 50%
    CM2(Not sure) :10%
    Total :79.5%

    All good, right? Now, let's add some in-game buffs like parties and items.

    ROB(a staple) :10%
    Muffin(raid standard):10%
    Cold Milk :15%
    Cheese :30%
    Nest Buffs(like TKN) :??%
    Warrior Buff :10%

    Getting ROB and Muffin is essential for raids. That alone puts us at 99.5% SkillATK%
    All we're left with is a 0.5% SkillATK% Improvement.
    Having warrior buff in a raid team for a tempest means nothing.
    Eating Cheese/Cold Milk does nothing as well.
    This is good for solo play but not so much in a team/raid.

    Correct me if I'm wrong about any of these info. I just really feel like pointing this out.
    While it is good to cap SkillATK%, I feel like 25-40% wasted SkillATK% is far too much to miss out on.
    While seeing high numbers for Min-Max P.Attack is good, it doesn't mean it's better.

    If this is true, I would like to see a rework (Most likely CM1 or Shortbow Mastery).
    Maybe remove 10-20% SkillATK% increase and change it with some FD, CDMG, Stat Boost?
    Or just plain shave off some some SkillATK% and pump raw board damage of tempest's top skills
    such as Punch Smash, Double Somersault Kick, Binding Shot, Divine Rage and Hurricane Uppercut.
    Try your best not to screw it up though.

    I haven't actually tested this for myself, but some other people have.
    I saw it on Xenocho's Guide:
    Thank You for taking the time to make that guide, Xenocho (and myon for pointing out the skillatk% cap)
    I would've been to lazy to test otherwise.

    Thank you for reading up to this point. I hope devs would do something about this.

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    The whole class set needs some readjustment to become relevant again. For the time being, don't loot the milk or cheese

    What you can do is jobchange I guess, since acrobats currently are not as efficient as dealing damage as other classes, if that is what you need.
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      Hmmm I've only ever liked Archer's gameplay (and thicc thighs). Also, I find Tempest's gameplay more exciting and flexible than that of WW, Arti, or Sniper.
      You can say I'm one of those who play a class and stick with it cause it's the one I love playing.
      I tried changing(WW, Arti, Sniper, SH, Ripper, AW, LF, BP) but, I always came back to Tempest. I guess It's my destiny.

      Aside from that stuff, I still want my Tempest to be relevant in PvE.
      I mean she is, but her resources are getting wasted


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        I'm glad someone else also realized this about tempest hitting that 100% atk ceiling too early on her own and not benefiting from the party buffs and foods.

        However there was one change in a previous patch that i am not sure addresses this issue or not. I have yet to test out if eating a 30% food really increases my patk by that amount now since the atk foods are always taken by the other higher dps classes =/

        Under March patch notes: https???://

        "Increased damage limit

        - The limit on maximum damage a player can deal has doubled compared to the past.

        - With this, characters with high increase in attack power is no longer limited by the maximum limit and can deal greater damage."


        • Xenocho
          Xenocho commented
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          No, the test I done with myon's suggestion came after the patch. The above patch not was most likely to increase the purple damage limit, which is not exactly possible at the moment...

        • IJumpUJump
          IJumpUJump commented
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          I see, yea i remember during crux light meta era during bdn times, only crux and some other light classes were the only ones who could hit purple numbers. Guess tempest is still sitting ducks.