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[Guide] IJumpUJump into the Tempest Class (PVE)

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    So, devs killed 2 main Tempest skills now?

    First, kick shot being just a CM passive activator, now it lost its mere purpose
    Second, nerfing DSK. smh
    Good thing they did not touch BS, else, i really don't know
    Or or or, they could have raised the board damage of BS, that could have been great!

    Wish they could just retained the 50% damage buff
    The boost on board damage si good and all, but overall, we're nerfed by 10%
    Oh, god, ED.

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      Any news on how the patch affected the korean players? general opinion of the korean players?


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        Wow, this forum is dead like this class...


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          Could any of you acrobat mains, or just people that enjoy playing this class, that will go to the Meet and Greet event please talk about this with the development team? They need to adress the utter lack of attention to this class from the developers. They are KILLING this class. Every "boost" we've gotten has been mediocre at best and only managed to keep us slightly above support classes (Light Fury not included, because they can actually do more damage with the same gear) in terms of dps. It's illogical, it's just wrong.


          • IJumpUJump
            IJumpUJump commented
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            Hi @whatupguyss1
            Haha it is somewhat true that the devs are focusing on other classes for the moment and acrobats usually only get a "touch-up" to keep them from lagging too far behind from time to time.

            We'll see if there's any acro mains going to the Meet and greet event.

          • whatupguys1
            whatupguys1 commented
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            Honestly its become vexing at this point. Just today i found out im reaching 2.9 million atk in nests (max crit, max crit dmg, 10k FD) and i can BARELY scratch the 1 billion dps mark.

          • IJumpUJump
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            whatupguys1 if u can, do share a video of a sample run so i can give tips on how to improve your dps.
            Since tempest dps largely depends on proper skill rotation, i might be able to help u on there.

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          I've gotten time to slightly update the guide and improve its readability.

          Also added some recommendations on Gear section and other miscellaneous improvements.

          When the tempest revamp reaches SEA, i will also update the guide accordingly.


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            Just taking a minute of my time to ask everyone viewing this thread to take a look at this shit-show <>. If you have a chance, complain, because this will only hurt the server.


            • IJumpUJump
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              Hi @whatupguys1

              I would appreciate if you refrain from posting an off topic post in this thread which is focused on the tempest class.
              Please edit your post and perhaps share a video of your skill rotation and i would be happy to help.

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            I've updated my guide slightly after the November 6 Patch which included the tempest revamp.

            Part 3
            - Updated description on KS, DSK,

            Part 4.1
            - Updated info on combo variations, added PS focused and HD focused rotations

            Part 5
            - Added fellowship plate recommendations
            - Updated skill plate recommendations

            Also, to all fellow tempest players, some of you may have noticed, that currently DSK is bugged.
            DSK is supposed to give AC when hitting targets accurately.
            However it currently is not doing that.
            Also, DSK was previously able to reduce cd of DR.
            However, after the patch, DSK is not considered part of tempest "main skill" and therefore does not reduce CD anymore (LOL w0t?)

            I have already filed a bug report for the above matter:

            Hopefully the bug can be fixed as soon as possible...


            • myon
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              They should have just added the buffs without altering our skills like wot the hell are they even thinking
              Living proof that they don't use Tempest

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            Updated on 28 Nov 2018

            Part 3
            - Added table of Skill coefficient breakdown. (Special thanks to Xenocho for helping me out.=D)


            • myon
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              Noice ... we can finally see a table on total damage (except for the obvious ones with a consistent coefficients).
              I guess my 'self-guesstimate' on DR total board of 21k-ish is not that far.
              Sadly tho, I haven't tried out the new revamp of Tempy since I am now on a 3-months hiatus, kek
              This game recently is full of spending events
              Heck, most of my guildies and acquaintances either do RMT on group chats or just head out on DN pages.

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            Bind shot is a party debuff?


            • IJumpUJump
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              Bind shot is a debuff applied to the target, which increases the damage the target takes from all sources. So, yes, it is a debuff that benefits the party.

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            Its been a long time since ive updated this guide (not sure if its even being read by anyone anymore actually).

            Most recent KDN patch had some nice boosts to tempests, which basically has SV skill dmg doubled, 50% increase to PS, and Dream Jade skill effect boost. Maybe tempests can finally fight for dps slot soon. We'll see.

            I've updated some:

            - Added abit of self introduction and current stats.
            - skill descriptions
            - Combo rotations
            - Weapon and Armor recommendations
            - Plate recommendations
            - Jade recommendations
            - Accessory Recommendations.