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    WE ARE XclusiveZ

    There was a guild, not too small-not too big here in LAGENDIA 6 years ago.

    A young heroes with humble and sense humor. He had great ambitions to build the greatest guild community in his life in the lagendia.
    He created one guild that named as XclusiveZ, that’s still pass through the generation nowadays.

    The existed of XclusiveZ meant to be different from other guilds. He says XclusiveZ is different.

    How to be different?? To be an exclusive person. Be the one, who try to be something else. Achieve something that beyond the imagination,
    be something that shines in the darkest moment and be what you wanna to be. He was a great guild master, as a leader who leads the small guild community back then.

    Times fly so fast, XclusiveZ grew more in the community, there was a time where XclusiveZ shine brightly in Glory days.

    We share all kind of feeling happiness and sadness times. We fight together, we argue together, we discuss strategy together, even we cry together for the loss of you. We achieve many things together,
    other community wouldn’t see it because all things happen in our beloved guild moment. XclusiveZ was a Successful Guild, but every guild will face that times. The times where everybody will return to real world.
    When that times happen we lost many guilds men's. Only left people who really loved to stay in lagendia.

    We may be small in the community than other guild but we hold the Biggest Dreams.

    The Dreams is to protect and keep the XclusiveZ legacy through next generation. Nine generation had passed till this days, XclusiveZ had been heir to 8 Guild Master through times. XclusiveZ always is a vessel to the newbie in lagendia.
    We teach them, we boost them and we carry them until they reach a certain point. We give them the freedom to choose what they want to stay or not in this humble guild.
    It’s enough for us to see a younger and older guilds men's to join the biggest guild on the server, like Lucifiene, I3lacklisted, TopStars, OneMsia, Solitary and AuthorityOfMarshal back then.

    XclusiveZ just Home were legend and star being born. Witnessing my fellow friend become tops player and still remember XclusiveZ is really appreciated the existed of XclusiveZ.
    XclusiveZ originally from West Green we move to Holy spring, we are now seeking for the next heir and more apprentice to protect and keep the XclusiveZ legacy.

    “We Hope you can join our adventure together”

    Welcome to XclusiveZ Guild-Reef (EYEDENTITY)
    Guild History

    Originally formed in Westwood since OBT-CBT (2011-2015) SEA GUILD-
    Where the journey begins, lots thing happen for an achievement to success and we manage to appear on tops 10 guilds in Westwood.

    [Crisis time (2013)]
    Where the time envies us all, many guilds men's quitting because working, studying and back to real life.

    [Move to Holy Spring (2016)]
    Fresh start for all of us, We make many friends from another guild, especially from Spectral. We manage to attend few event/make the guild run for the high nest.

    [End of 2016-Beginning of 2017]
    All server in SEA become one

    [August 2017]-Crisis Time
    Cherry Credit announces server transfer to Eyedentity - due to that most guildies quit and cant transfer account due to certain term n condition.

    [September 2017]-Current
    Now Guild at Lv36, New RGM already start. We are looking for you n new player to join XclusiveZ for a new adventure.

    Hang Out Places and Channels.

    1. Saint Haven-Channel 3 (Near Trading House)
    2. Colosseum-Channel 1 (Near Trading House)
    3. Moriettes Cloister Farm-Top Channel (Middle of farm)
    *note that Saint Haven Ch3 is the main place to hang out.



    Guild Website
    Click image for larger version  Name:	XCLUSIVEZ PLANING.jpg Views:	1 Size:	53.0 KB ID:	89914

    Click image for larger version  Name:	NEWRGM.jpg Views:	1 Size:	236.9 KB ID:	89915

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