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  • Nightmare Bug

    After defeating the boss in nightmare 2 , no 2.4k points rewarded in master mode , cant f12 and repair . Anybody has this issue?

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    Did you die when the boss is dead?
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      more likely due lag, and it happens not only in NM but in any dungeons, tough luck if it happens in slayer training ground there goes your 180 ftg.


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        I didnt die and I dont think I lagged during that time too. Solo 3 runs happened in 1 run . Went with party 3 runs , 2 runs had this bug .


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          it's laggy today specially this morning i'm encountering invisible npc in town, that kind of problem mostly happens on laggy day, no choice but to log out isn't it?

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        This is a bug it seems. Another solution is to talk to the "house" and exit the stage. You will not get the stage clear NM stars tho, so it is still a loss.
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          I experienced this issue last night twice. ( i did 3 NM on 3 chars for a total of 9 runs )
          After killing the boss, we didn't get the point reward. There was no F12. There was only 1 boss (No boss rush event).
          We ended up using the house to exit the stage.