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    Not sure if any artillery user having this kind of bug. After I used swift shot to trigger the attack function cyclone harpoon, I could not cast the skilluntil it back to the original cyclone harpoon.I just pressing the hotkey hardly and more than thousand times but my artillery does not want me to use that skill :'v.
    Funny thing is when I pressed 'K' to view my skill list, i replaced the cyclone harpoon skill into my hotkey again. The icon become siege stance skill LOL.

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    I experience this from time to time as well, but the siege stance is just LOL
    Anyway, I would like to share some quick DIY fix while the devs work on a proper fix.
    This bug is not limited to Cyclone Harpoon, it can happen to Fatal Tracking Arrows as well.

    1) To "fix" cyclone harpoon, use Triangle Shot -> Cyclone Harpoon, subsequent Cyclone Harpoons should now be able to be cast as per normal. (Unsure if regular air time > Harpoon works)
    2) To "fix" Fatal Tracking Arrows, use Magic Arrow -> Fatal Tracking Arrows. Do note that you must use it while Fatal Tracking Arrow is lighted up.

    Do give it a try and provide your feedback, there should be a very slight increase in Arti players with the recent boost and most of them will most likely go through this problem as well.


      KIKILALA commented
      Editing a comment
      Sorry for giving feedback so late. First, i would like to say thanks,your solution to "fix" those bugs were worked. Hurray! Lets celebrate!!!~~~
      But, the bug is still exists, so i hope the bug can be really fixed in the future update.

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    I too experience the same bug. Sometimes even when use Cyclone Harpoon w/o using Swift Shot 1st i wont able to use it. This also apply to regular Tracking Arrow and/or Fatal Tracking Arrow occasionally.