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Ice Barrier Bug~

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  • Ice Barrier Bug~

    Admin Tasha
    Please fix Elestra's Ice Barrier.
    before the patch we had this
    Ice Barrier (CD: 120 seconds) - Creates a shield that blocks damage for 60 seconds. Grants high Super Armor.
    Shield Durability: 195%

    after the update it became like this:

    Elestra ain't dps and we rely our survivability mostly on our Ice Barrier but the Barrier is gone, Please check it out.

    thanks, i hope this will be addressed soon.
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    Regardless whether the nerf or not is here or the fact that the tool tip is messed up, Ice Barrier is still working even though there is no visual. I can still take hits without receiving damage. So there is no bug in this area. Elestra is still capable of dishing damage mind you just not as high as top tier DPS class. The nerf to Ice Barrier makes it scales off 1.5% of your HP. Most typical players will have around 10m HP and that equates to a 1.5m barrier. I assume you are trying to base this in FDN where there are many hard hitting skills. Your barrier will break very very easily. Considering that we have no visual on the barrier, we have no idea whether it is still up or not hence you feel like you are taking more damage than you should.

    The only bugs that should be addressed and concerned is that there is no visuals for ice barrier and that the tool tip issue should be addressed.
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      I see so maybe that's why. thanks <3

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