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Sniper PvE Comprehensive Guide ~!

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    updated gearing section a bit. added rudn stuffs, and removed outdated gear (rdnl, evo-coma, etc) from lists
    added a separate section for sylphs aid as well
    also corrected some stuffs, mostly about roa playstyle since i wasnt experimenting with it much until lately

    seems like the guide is fine for now
    there are no future sniper changes, so it should hold up all the way til 95 cap ~!


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      updated with 95 cap! as well as added calculations & misc info section~


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        HI. I'm a noob and I have a very noob question regarding wind shaft. Do you hold normal attack until it releases on its own or do you release it immediately? Thanks for the answer


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          yes, feel free to message me

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          Is your discord still Fox >ω<#9046? I can't add you

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          #6773 instead.. hmm strange

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        Originally posted by Fox Says Meow~ View Post
        updated guide to include the latest changes to fury of the owl and wisdom of the owl~
        mostly are changes in builds and using wisdom of the owl in triple wind shaft rotation
        a nice buff to archers!

        The B-ig Ugly F-F (BUFF) on snipers for excellent pve play is now heading for the WoTO, FoTO
        is fast turning our Sniper into a perfect hunting machine.
        This would also work in pvp that is the huge ?


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          no it won't be effective on pvp

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        Greetings from DN SEA ! i am also a sniper fan, started from 80 cap as well, i've been using her since... till now, even if i see that most other class over powers her considering most of her core skills deals less than 2000% of damage than the spin-off, and some awakened class, i still love her because the awakening made her more like a fortress of destruction considering she can reduce her skill's cooldown for charged shot and rain of arrows, deathbloom also adds up 50% FD and this is a big boost.

        she's one hell of a shooter, i think players should learn that sniper's are an amazing PVE class, spamming windshaft is the best idea, accumulating as much wind arrows as fast as possible, she can deal more damage than 2 geared players with her on a party in just a short amount of time with 2 or 3 wind shafts.

        there will also be an update here on DN sea soon, she will get a sniper revamp and they will remove the FD buff from deathbloom, (cheating point for our server) but most skill revamps circles around improvements on siege stance, and piercing shot.


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          Hi. New to the game and this forum. Was hoping to learn if this guide is still relevant? Cuz right now it's not possible to get Hawk Ballista (now Revolution Ballista) without getting the four other skills before it. What kind of changes would the recommended skill build undergo? Currently Lv24 so trying not to personalize it too much until I get used to the game.
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