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Mr.Shovel's Daily Routine of Playing the game (Earning Points, Gold, etc)

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  • Mr.Shovel's Daily Routine of Playing the game (Earning Points, Gold, etc)

    Daily Routine
    Guide for Returnees and Newbies

    First off, i will be discussing something related to "Daily Tasks" and "Weekly Tasks" that i have also mentioned on my Guide, you can click on this>>[LINK]<< if you like to visit the guide i made, this is also intended to guide new and returning players into the game to know more about what are now the new things to do, so that they could actually catch up quick in the game.


    Before you actually play and do your daily activities in the game, you should plan ahead and give thoughts on which task you will do first on your daily task, and what to do after that.

    What my plan looks like:
    • Do the 1st few easiest task, that way i can efficiently manage my time on doing other things.
      (January 2019) The current easiest tasks to do is to like 5 players and send a hero on a Remote Dungeon Exploration
      The Rest requires you to do your DQ and Fission Maze or Maze Core runs, as well as the Storm of Time and Space (non-competitive, all stats are balanced, attack power are reduced and ECJ and other Dragon Jades are restricted even when it is equipped)
    • Spend all the leftover FTG on a Fission Maze run or Fission Nest run depending on how much is left, usually i always have less than 300 FTG so i just do 1 more run on an abyss dungeon then use up the Daily FTG Potion that i've got by completing 5 Daily Task (total of 6 including this task)
    • If by all means i am done with my Daily FTG, i go on with doing my Nightmare Dungeon, Hero's Battlefield Normal and Hardcore, maybe some Boardgames while they are still available on the current patch update (january 2019)
    • IF the day is wednesday, i tend to go to the Hotsprings in order to receive a 50% drop rate buff for 1 hour, in this instance, i pick one of my many subs as sacrifice in order to take advantage of this buff, i simply run abyss dungeons until i run out of FTG, this way i earn up a lot of Dungeon Points, Nest Points, Wonderful Points, AND ofcourse with the drop rate buff, i can get the chance of doubling up my earnings of GOLD and to also obtain quest items for Merchant Fargeu at Merca's Heart, from has a quest that will reward you with 300 gold, and an experience potion to level up your Hero level, this quest can be accepted unlimited times so as long as you have the related quest items on your inventory. All Quest Items are dropped by dungeon bosses, Drop Rate effect applies to the item as well at a chance (There are instances that only 1 quest item drops even with Drop Rate buff)
      The Quest items to give to Merchant Fargeu:
      1. Tropical Bonbon (Found in Chiron Beach)
      2. Burnet (Found in Abandoned Wharf)
      3. Lotus Seed (Found in Phantom Forest)
      4. Cheese Powder (Found in Ancient Chiron City)
      5. Axotol Oil (Found in Secret Seabed Cave)


    Daily Task is an Important part of the daily activities you can do in the game, it also holds rewards that you will find useful and an advantage, by completing 5 Daily Task, you will be rewarded with a Daily FTG potion which has a duration 24 hours before it expires, as well as 100 Hero's Coin for you to sell on an npc and earn up 100 gold in an instant, by doing this repeatedly in 7 days you can earn 700 gold, and by doing this with multiple characters, let's say 10, you can earn up 7,000 gold in a week doing Daily Tasks alone.

    There are several things to reconsider before doing these daily task:
    1. Prioritize which tasks you can do on your spare time, if you have limited time to play, be sure to do the easy tasks first
    2. Always do your Daily Quest, not only it will give you Daily Quest rewards such as a total of 100 lebrium points, it will also achieve the completion of your Daily task "Clear 5 abyss dungeon runs" that rewards you with 500 Crystal Points
    3. Storm of Time and Space is a part of your Daily Task, but it is optional, you can complete 5 Daily Task and finish your 6th Daily Task that rewards you with the Daily FTG potion, i prefer not to do this since it takes up much more time than me doing Fission Maze alone, i always consider the random party i go in with and that sometimes, one of them ruins the run and that it takes up most of my time, although the rewards are considerably good in my opinion, if you have the time to spare, please do this.


    In order to earn more crystal points, you will need to buy a Loffy's Beggar's Box which you can buy from Loffy located on the right side of the fountain if you are facing north infront of the fountain.

    Beggar's Box or BB for short will reward you with 10,000 Crystal points the moment you complete the requirements that is on the description once you try and open it, currently every Beggar's Box you see in loffy's bb store are all the same with optional purchases using different points from dungeon points, nest points, nightmare points and alliance points all varying in amount, the best way to purchase it is to use your alliance points, if you have enough, ofc this is a must so you need to get one if you're actively doing your daily tasks as you need to complete 70 daily task in order to open the box and get the rewards. The rewards are sent via mail.

    You can finish 1 beggar's box in 10 days if you can complete all 7 Daily Task each day, but if you decide that you want to skip the Storm of Time and Space or any other one of the 7 Daily Task,it will take you an extra 2 days to do so.

    Slayer Mode

    This stage is kind of redundant for veterans since the acquisition or the points you obtain from slayer mode isn't rewarding at all for the effort you're doing and the gold it needs to exchange the slayer shards including the gold for slayer tickets, ofc you can earn slayer tickets for free by doing your Weekly Task from which you need to run several times on Slayer staging ground, which you will need to use your FTG in the process, other than using it on other dungeons or in nests that are more worth your time and FTG.

    Slayer mode is kind of an optional way to kill your boredom, its weekly task requirements and the rewards aren't exactly what you want, but if you are on a budget and want to have free gear, such as getting to buy Slayer armor for your character, or get a chance on getting a slayer armor from the slayer armor box you can purchase for only 2,000 slayer points, then i suggest you only spend a few gold on tickets, do it on a wednesdays where there's a drop rate buff or when there's a drop rate buff event on going.


    You need FTG in order to enter dungeons or Fission Nests, Fission Maze or Maze Core, in order to properly manage the usage of your FTG, plan what is your needs and priority

    Needs: Gold and Gear

    Gold is earned more on dungeons especially on drop rate events or on wednesdays where there's a drop rate buff on the Hotsprings, There are chances that a Gold Goblin might appear and hitting the goblin until it runs out of HP will reward you with gold, the amount varies with the type of Goblin that shows up, ofc a higher Gold Goblin will have a monster HP bar the same as the dungeon boss, they spawn on various locations across the abyss dungeons and you can't miss them since they spawn in areas where mostly mobs will show up or near Chests located across each Dungeon's pathway.

    Gear is where you can get the chance on getting "Gear boxes" from which i call it, these Gear boxes are usually "Medea T2 Box" "Calypse T1 Box" "Calypse T2 Box" that shows up on both Abyss dungeon and Fission Maze, Maze Core, unfortunalte the Calypse T2 Gear Box will only have a chance as a drop reward on Maze Core, while Medea T2 and Calypse T1 Gear boxes can drop anywhere from the 3 that i've mention, fission maze, abyss dungeon and Maze Core.
    If you are someone who are still wearing those Neris +20 equipments, i suggest you hunt for your gear box from dungeons, or if you have friends to carry you on higher levels of Maze Core, especially on Floor 20, then prioritize that and get Fission Vortex keys in order to enter the Maze Core, you will also need 1,200 FTG to enter the nest since it's a x4 run of Fission Maze, but the difference is you only have to do it in 1 run, less hassle, and there's a higher chance of dropping gear boxes.


    This is a special stage that can be entered by going to the Boundary Gates where you do your daily quest, this special stage also has a weekly run limit of 3 and this is where you can obtain your Nightmare Points.

    Even though Nightmare Points can be obtained through finishing Abyss dungeons by getting the rewards from the dimensional rabbit, Nightmare dungeon is still a part of your weekly task.

    By doing 1 run of the Deep Abyss Nightmare or simply nightmare dungeon, you can complete 1 of the weekly task and will reward you with 1,000 crystal points, and in this way, you can earn up more crystal points by getting all of your subs to do this, ofc if you are planning to do this dungeon alone and you are not properly equipped, do it on normal difficulty, do not do this on Master difficulty or you will instantly die in 1 hit from a guardian's attack, and since the guardians or the boss of the nightmare dungeon gives the most points, you will want to kill them for that, and points rewarded varies from difficulty, but if you are only aiming to finish the dungeon in order to get the crystal points, you can skip it the boss since you only need to fill in the gauge or the meter to finish the nightmare dungeon on stage 2.


    Whenever i do my Fission Maze for my Daily Task, i end up looting Enhancement Heraldry Plates, then i craft them and end up with having good stats from it, preferably you can choose to sell it to earn gold for better use, or you can equip it to your character, the difference is that you might want to sell any Heraldry with the additional stats that you may not needed anyway, for example, you already have a temporary Enhancement Heraldry equipped, another one pop up, you craft it and its the same stat as your own heraldry equipped, you can seal it and sell it on TH for a reasonable price, always check the prices before deciding the price of selling the item, i mostly check the price, and put it on TH and sell it at the most cheapest price that anyone can see it the moment they search for that heraldry in order to sold it as soon as possible, prices doesn't matter so long as you sell it fast, since not every over priced items are sold easily on TH, the moment they hit the point where its not on demand anymore, people are forced to sell the items for a cheap price and you might have better items to sell but is occupied by an item you've been trying to sell for days, be sure to choose the items with the highest price points and demands first to sell on TH so you aren't holding in anything from your inventory.


    This feature in the game is probably that i like the most since you only need to play the waiting time and you get yourself an Adventurer's box. The box can be opened using the Adventure keys you collect from abyss dungeon runs and from Storm of Time and Space, the keys can also be purchased from the Priestess of Darkness on the Dungeon Point store for 50 Dungeon Points, but you have other items to prioritize to purchase using your dungeon points so you may not want to do that right now.

    Inside the Adventure Box, various items can be obtained such as enhancing and Crafting materials like Garnets, High Grade essences, Spera, Core materials and Fragments used to craft talismans and Dragon jades of higher quality (for dragon jades, only low-grade materials are available inside the box)

    There are also several items that you can get the higher the grade of a box you open, mostly on the "Rare" box or blue box you get from Rare tasks, you can only receive materials, and a small amount of gold, but on "Epic" boxes or the orange boxes you get from Epic tasks, not only you can receive anything from the previous box i've mentioned but also Rare gifts or blue gift items that can also be sold to an npc's store for a good amount of gold, or can be gift to npcs you like, these gift items also gives players more friendship and alliance points than regular green gift badges.
    Unique Boxes or the purple ones that you get from Unique Tasks has better chances of getting the core materials for crafting dragon jades and talismans, such as the Low Grade dragon jade heart or the talisman essence, as well as a decent amount of gold ranging from 50 gold below, a chance to get an enhancement heraldry, a level 95 fellowship heraldry which further gives a character bonus stats accommodating 4 heraldry slots that is only for unique heraldry.


    Currently There's a board game event that has a lot to offer for players, especially for returnees or newbies that needs all the help they can get, Lebrium points can be earned from this event by defeating the bosses on the boardgame event, but no you don't have to do it yourself, you just need to spin the roulette which needs 2x Roulette tickets in order for your piece to progress on to a 2x6 tile board that has several effects whenever you are placed on that spot, such as dealing x13 damage, dealing additional damage to the boss, or getting dropped on a spot where your attack is reflected and you will instead damage yourself, effect is doubled whenever you are placed on the same spot as the enemy boss, but it will have to be your turn for that to apply, it also applies to the enemy boss as well. Losing doesn't mean you will have to restart the board game, you can continue from where you lose the battle but you need 20x Roulette tickets in order to revive.

    The rewards are mainly things that you need to enhance your gear, Lebrium points is rewarded, as well as garnets, high grade essences and at the last boss you will face Illusion's Shadow, the final boss is tricky since you might use extra roulette tickets in order to defeat it, usually you will die a few times, lucky if only once.

    Q and A

    Q: Are Crystal Points important?
    A: Yes, if you want to learn more about them and the items they can purchase, please do visit my Guide HERE

    Q: Do i have to hunt for those "Gear Boxes" in order to gear my character? Can't i just enhance and upgrade them myself?
    A: As of now, the enhancement Fee makes it really impossible to do without spending a lot of gold as well as a lot of Magic Jellies to prevent your gear from breaking (means you might lose your gear if you don't use jellies)

    Q: Board Game needs tickets, where can i get theme?
    A: Roulette tickets are found on various dungeons and nests, from Fission Nest, Fission Maze, Maze Core to abyss dungeons, Hero's Battlefield, Deep Abyss Nightmare and Slayer Mode.

    Q: I don't need any items to purchase using my alliance points, should i use it to buy Loffy's Beggar's Box?
    A: Yes definitely, put your other points to good use and just use your alliance points as an alternative option, nothing is wasted when you do that.

    Q: I'm a newbie and i don't have a guild and mostly play the game alone, i only have neris gear set and i can't do nests higher than abyss, what should i do?
    A: You can hunt for gear boxes on abyss dungeon using your Daily and Weekly FTG, but i suggest you use your Daily FTG on Wednesdays or tuesday midnight (12 am) go to hotsprings and buff your character with the drop rate buff, you will need to stay until its on level 3 since level 1 or 2 only offers 15% and 30% chance for drop rate, then keep running on abyss dungeons until your Drop rate buff runs out then go inside the hotsprings one last time and repeat your runs, unless you run out of FTG, Also, do it on a "Daily Quest Party" so that you spend less FTG, and you manage to run every dungeons to acquire every quest items needed to complete the quest for Merchant Fargeu located on Merca's Heart, as i've said before, you can keep on completing this quest unlimited times as long as you got the items needed, you will be rewarded with 300g and an Hero's EXP potion to level up your hero level.

    Q: What's a Hero Level?
    A: its an extended level up system where you can get extra attack power, and Final Damage.


    - Changed content of "Daily Task" "Remote Dungeon" "Loffy's Beggar's Box" " Deep Abyss Nightmare" "FTG" "Trading House"
    - Added Board Game Event guide for January 2019 update
    - Added Planning guide
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      Just a suggestion


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