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Guideline for: Newbie/Returned Player Item/Gold Farming Methods

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  • Guideline for: Newbie/Returned Player Item/Gold Farming Methods

    This Thread is currently outdated, i will have to make major changes onto this guide for others to find it easier, faster and more efficient to read the guide so that it won't be long enough that it eats up their time, i will be making it shorter than this version, any newplayers and returning players who read this, please do be patient and wait for the updated version, since a lot has changed ingame, Thank you for reading this note

    Mr.Shovel's Guide for the new and returning players


    Hello! Things have changed around in the past 2 months within the game, and i have yet to complete this guide for all the new and returning players to know of the changes ingame, and to let them know the ways and methods of actually progressing through the game, by farming various points in exchange for valuables, and ofc Gold.

    Let's get started with the Dailies, usually you just have to do your Daily Quests, Tasks and consume all your Daily FTG in order to complete 1 character's progress for that day, since FTG limits a lot of things for your character to do, almost every dungeon and stages within the game requires FTG, so be sure to spend your FTG properly, in order to do that you will need to read my guide

    My Guide will be split into many parts, not only methods on getting gold, or hunting for items, but also tips to fully understand the capabilities of knowing what's in the game, so that you can have a proper time management and also do things more efficiently, it's your decision to do things your way, this guide will only suggest you the things you can do, unless you have other characters to attend to, then you can do what you find best and fits your style to do so.

    Daily Quests, Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks

    What are these 3 things you're telling me to focus on?!

    These 3 things are important for you to know more about how you can efficiently play the game while actually earning your keep, by getting gold, points, and various important crafting items that you can use later on in the game to improve your gear, and get better end-game gears and items to help you be more effective and stronger, so that you can finally join in on raids, and higher levels of dungeons which requires a high level of gear quality and enhancement levels.

    Daily Quests - This is 1 of the 3 important things people do in the game most of the time, since Daily Quests rewards you with valuable points, and gold for some of it, this also gives you the initiative or goal to actually do dungeon runs, and also it is part of doing your Daily tasks.

    Daily Tasks - Each day you will be given tasks to do, each with different rewards and different requirements to fulfill in order to accomplish what is needed and you will be rewarded with the stipulated items or points and their amount or item count. By completing Daily Task everyday you also fulfill the requirements of completing some of your Weekly Task, 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.

    Weekly Tasks - certain weekly tasks is completed the moment you do your Daily Task everyday, Weekly tasks holds the most activities that you can do for the current week, Some Weekly Task requires you to complete several runs on nests or abyss dungeons or other special stages and limited features or seasonal events in the game, rewards varies and depends on what tasks is required in order to fulfill the work that needs to be done.


    Now let's talk about the points available in the game.
    There are Various uses to these points, all of them are important, and some of the types of points can buy very rare items, but requires a lot of that points to be bought, an example of that is the Crystal Points, since its popular, lets start with that, but first lets list all the types of points you can earn up in the game.


    The developers have now updated our server to support point unification through out our characters on each of the accounts that players own, the only points that are individually owned by each characters are seasonal points, from which it is either the 2019 points, halloween points, christmas points etc etc.
    So everything listed below is now shared through all characters on an account, so obtaining points to do some shopping is now easier than ever, it means whenever 1 of your characters earns points, it is all shared or pooled in by all of your characters in that account.
    • Dungeon Points
    • Nest Points
    • Nightmare Points
    • Crystal Points
    • Lebrium Points
    • Wonderful Points
    • Slayer Points
    • Community Points
    • Alliance Points
    • Seasonal Points
    • Event Points (Limited time)
    • Master-Apprentice Points

    So lets start with crystal points; are one of the core points that is valuable in any aspect of playing the game, in terms of daily task, weekly task, Cash Shop has it too, and some limited time events.
    Crystal points is needed to purchase cash shop items limited only to that and is not available anywhere else in the game to be found even on the Cash Shop, and also some valuable items that is needed to craft some mid-tier items needed to strengthen your character.

    If you are curious, you might want to check it out in saint haven, the store is located just beside the Trading House, its easy to spot since you will know where people crowd in on some active channels in the game.

    REMINDER: The costume coupons available at the Crystal Point store is in fact a Rare grade, or Rare Rarity which has the stats the same as any other overall costumes that are rare grade, especially the Awakened costumes that recently have been available for Lancea from an event to level up their lancea class to level 95, it costs 300,000 Crystal Points but are now easily achievable because of the Point Unification on our server.
    TIP: Save your Crystal Points for future updates on the Crystal Point store, there might be a new type of costume coupon available for purchase that has better stats than the current coupons available for purchase.

    Dungeon Points

    Dungeon points are also one of the core foundation of points needed to purchase valuable items, well only some items.
    Unique and Legend grade titles that increases stats varying from attack power, hp and final damage is available for purchase on the store, it can be accessed via the npc that has your Daily Quests, just browse in and you will know whats in it for you in the store.

    Tip: Since the points are unified, you should aim high for the legend grade titles, the coupon to purchase the legend grade titles costs 150,000 dungeon points, and each time you complete an abyss dungeon (lvl95) you receive 400 Dungeon Points, a total of 2,000 for 5 runs or a Daily Quest run.

    Nest Points

    Nest points are obtained through out certain events and on Division Nest, and 4-man or 8-man nests.
    This type of point is required to purchase valuable items such as skill heraldry, genesis crafting cubes, level 95 epic accessories and dragon jade crafting materials and necessities.
    Fission Maze is a new feature in the game, the Fission Maze is a random set of stages on all 8 available Fission Nests, each time you defeat a boss points are rewarded depending on the floor of the Labyrinth you have entered, and Fission Maze and Maze core rewards more points than the usual Fission Nests.

    Reminder: They have removed some of the best items that you could buy using Nest points, and now have been replaced with a "Mysterious" box that randomly gives the player a type of dragon jade to use, but which are redundant to that of the superior stats a Champion dragon jade that you can now only buy from TH or exchanging a Cerberus Paw for a dragon jade box combo for your own character to make use.

    Nightmare Points

    This type of point is earned by doing Deep Abyss of Nightmare stages, you can find it at the Boundary of Darkness portal. the amount of points earned depends on the difficulty you or your party leader chosen, the tougher the difficulty, the better the reward, it also has gold coins to offer besides the points. The points can then be exchanged for high grade cube pouches to craft genesis accessory, genesis crafting cube, a unique hero pouch which you can randomly get a unique hero (which is definitely not going to give you) and talismans, and crafting materials for crafting a better grade of talisman to equip your character and make him/her stronger, nice isn't it?

    Slayer Points

    Not obtained by murdering innocent cute little hounds or by slaying a dragon, but rather obtained through challenging the Slayer Mode, on which you will face a certain boss on a certain type of Nest, which is divided into stages, each stage has different types of slayer gear to drop, the slayer gear is a special type of legend grade armors that when dropped will surely provide you with a stat of a calypse gear, without the hassle of enhancing or upgrading its tier whatsoever, but the current tier available for the calypse gear is tier 3, which makes slayer gear pointless unless you are eager to stick with it until you have better investment to provide support on getting your gear upgraded.
    Slayer points is also needed to buy slayer gear from the store, and there are also enhancement hammers available in the store to enhance your gear without spending any gold, magic jellies or enhancement materials, for more details, you should find the npc near the Gates of Time and Space portal, just beside the portal, there is an npc named "Temple Knight Elizer" interact with the npc, and search for the store tab "Slayer Point Store".

    Community Points

    Community Points is earned by doing the "Party Reward" system where whenever you are in a party, doing your activities like doing Daily Quests, Division Nests, Nests, etc on any dungeon or nest, you receive community points base on how many members in a party are and if there are any "Returned Hero" status or RH. if there is an RH on a party, you get more points, and so as your party members. These points can then be used to purchase items from the Community Points store, this can be accessed by interacting with "Heraldry Scholar Stas" in saint haven, beside the Trading House.

    Alliance Points

    There are 3 types of Alliance points:

    Cassius Palace

    Cassius Points is rather used to buy dragon jades and talismans, but things have changed and this alliance store is left untouched by the game's developers, so the points is now being used to purchase Beggar's Boxes from loffy the begger, and these beggar's boxes can be unlocked to acquire 10,000 crystal points, from which is much more valuable than a bunch of low level dragon jades and talismans, so i suggest you save up these points when obtaining gift badges to gift towards the npcs on a faction with the cassius palace. If you are curious, Visit the store for yourself

    Free Adventurer's Guild

    Free Adventurer's Points is needed to purchase a membership that increases cooking mastery, fishing mastery, and farming mastery, these membership are useful for people who likes to do these type of activities in the game, but aren't one for those who only loves to do some actions. The points can be exchanged for jewel pouches, these said jewel pouches are available from basic jewels such as rough alteum, to Garnets, the pouches also has a chance for an Octagonal water, a crafting item required to craft the previous grade of jewel into the latest grade of jewel, the amount needed varies from the type, you can also just purchase the octagonal water from the store, and anything else to use the points is to purchase the beggar's box using this, note that all alliance points is an option to purchase the beggar's box.

    Golden Goose Guild (Redundant)

    The Golden Goose Guild gift badges are now removed from the game as a drop loot from monsters and from Dimensional Rabbits, in fact the only use for the points you previously have accumulated overtime are to use them for purchase to get a Loffy's Beggar's Box, exclusively spend your Golden Goose points on the beggar's box so that most of your other points is reserved for other use since this type of alliance points is now useless other than the purchase of beggar's box since they have long removed the ability to purchase a VIP membership that provides you benefits for discounts on purchased items using gold, increase in gold earned when selling items to an npc, or a discount when enhancing your equipment.

    Lebrium Points

    This type of point was just previously introduced in the game a few months ago, this type of points is required for you to upgrade your gear, and to purchase a special type of heraldry that increases your Final damage, and also the items needed to upgrade the said heraldry, as well as the available option of purchasing the Calypse gear (Tier1). This is one of the core foundation of available currency in the game in trade of valuable items and Calypse gear and enhancement of gear.

    The Store for Lebrium points exchange is located in front of the Boundary of Gate, on a mechanical looking NPC that is named "Space Information Collector GalaxyH3"

    TIP: Currently there is a Boardgame event that rewards players with lots of lebrium points to earn while it is still available to play as a limited feature in the game, it only requires 2 Roulette tickets to play or spin the roulette and you can obtain them through out your daily activities within the game, Heroes Battlefield gives a total of 30 for normal, and 60 for abyss, you can only achieve a run few times each week so get those first asap before the week ends.


    The Daily Quest requires you to complete a set of dungeons on "Abyss" Difficulty, and these dungeons are located on [Merca's Heart] dungeon portal at Boundary of Darkness Gate, here is the list of dungeons:
    1. Chiron Beach
    2. Abandoned Wharf
    3. Phantom Forest Core
    4. Ancient Chiron City
    5. Secret Seabed Cave
    Location of the Boundry Gate Entrance
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 22-20-48 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.3 KB ID:	133369

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-11 00-10-43 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	81.4 KB ID:	149478

    Rewards when completing each of the Daily Quests from Priestess of Darkness Mocha:
    • 20 Lebrium Points
    • 8 Gold, some silver, some copper

    Daily Tasks

    These Tasks are the same as completing Daily Quests, there is a specified task you need to do in order to complete each of them and earn rewards.
    To access the window, press the letter "V" on your keyboard/keypad and the window will pop up.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-10 22-11-33 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.4 KB ID:	149475

    The Window above informs you of the details regarding Daily Task / Weekly Task progress, Daily Tasks resets at a daily basis 9 am every morning GMT+ and the Weekly Tasks Resets Every Saturday at 9 am GMT+

    TIP: Hero's Gold Coin is a new addition towards rewarding players with gold, although it is a coin, it is still an item and not a Gold currency, you will have to sell it to an npc that offers buy 'n' sell services such as the infamous item-breaker Berlin the Blacksmith, the Cringey-high-pitch Voiced Merchants all around towns, and various npcs.
    NOTE: You can keep and stack up your saved Hero's Gold Coin since it is still the same value as gold coins but not in its currency form, but since Gold cap limit is increased for each character to keep, there is no reason to save it so, but in terms of preference, you may do so, and it looks cool too on your inventory

    Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks

    Here is a list of all the tasks you can do on a Daily/Weekly basis

    Daily Tasks
    Requirements to complete Task Rewards
    "Clear Garden of Time and Space's Fission Maze, Maze core 1 time" 500 Crystal Points
    "Clear Storm of Time and Space 1 time" 200 Crystal Points
    500 Community Points
    "lvl95 Abyss Stage Runs 5 clear times"
    (Daily Quest Runs or 5 times Abyss Dungeon runs
    either way works)
    500 Crystal Points
    "Like Other players 5 times" 100 Community Points
    "Send a Hero to Remote Dungeon Exploration 1 time" 400 Wonderful Points
    "[Boundary of Maze] Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 2 times" 30 Lebrium Points
    "Clear more than 5 Daily Tasks" x1 Daily FTG Potion
    100 Hero's Gold Coin
    Weekly Task
    Requirements to complete Task Rewards
    "Clear Deep Abyss of Nightmare Stage 1 times (Any difficulty) 1000 Crystal Points
    "Clear Hero's Battlefield (Any Difficulty) 1 time" 1000 Crystal Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 5 times" x1 Lapis
    30 Lebrium Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 10 times" x1 Hope Flower
    50 Lebrium Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 15 times" x2 Lapis
    70 Lebrium Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 20 times" x3 Lapis
    90 Lebrium Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 25 times" x4 Lapis
    110 Lebrium Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 30 times" x5 Lapis
    130 Lebrium Points
    "Clear Fission Maze, Maze core 35 times" x3 Hope Flower
    150 Lebrium Points
    "Complete Wonderful Theme Park Daily Quest 5 Times" 10,000 Wonderful Points
    "Clear Abyss dungeon 15 times" 1000 Dungeon Points
    "Clear Abyss dungeon 20 times" 1500 Dungeon Points
    "Clear Abyss dungeon 25 times" x1 Deep Abyss Dimensional Key box
    2000 Dungeon Points
    "Clear Slayer Mode 10 times (Any Difficulty)" 150 Slayer Points
    "Clear Slayer Mode 20 times (Any Difficulty)" 500 Slayer Points
    "Clear Slayer Mode 30 times (Any Difficulty)" 1000 Slayer Points
    "Clear Slayer's Testing Grounds 5 times" x5 Slayer Mode Entry Ticket
    "Clear Slayer's Testing Grounds 10 times" x10 Slayer Mode Entry Ticket
    "Clear Storm of Time and Space 3 times" 1000 Community Points
    "Clear Storm of Time and Space 5 times" x1 Hope Flower
    1000 Community Points
    "Clear Storm of Time and Space 7 times" x2 Hope Flower
    1000 Community Points
    "Clear Daily Tasks 20 times" x1 Bloody Matador Rose (1day)
    100 Hero's Gold Coin
    "Clear Daily Tasks 25 times" 200 Hero's Gold Coin
    "Clear Daily Tasks 30 times" 300 Hero's Gold Coin
    "Clear Daily Tasks 35 times" 500 Hero's Gold Coin
    "Clear Daily Tasks 40 times" 800 Hero's Gold Coin
    "Clear Daily Tasks 45 times" 1000 Hero's Gold Coin

    Attendance Event

    Attendance Event is another feature in the game, each time when you successfully log-in ingame once each day, you will proceed on receiving rewards, you don't have to play all day or a few hours, just log-in with any character on your account and you can get the rewards stamped on your calendar window depending on your frequent attendance log-in.

    Note: Whenever you log in on the start of the Calendar Attendance event of that patch version of the game, you will still start from day 1 and the calendar will reset each patch update (i assume so) whenever you log in or how many times you logged in on that month, you will only reach the log in day that will be stamped and all the rewards will be put on your special mailbox (mail for special items/event items located just above your hotkey bar) for example:
    I logged on for 5 days on that month, i logged in on october 6, 9, 7, 17 and 27, i only have received the 5th day attendance on the calendar since i only logged in 5 times that month.

    The Attendance Event Calendar will not base the reward on the date of the month, but rather on how many times you have logged in on that current month until they have updated the rewards for the attendance event.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-10 22-37-50 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	149.2 KB ID:	149476

    Rewards given each day as of January 2019:
    Day of Attendance Reward
    1 61 Lebrium Points
    2 x5 [GM] Pandora's Vitality Potion
    3 61 Lebrium Points
    4 x1 Lapis
    5 61 Lebrium Points
    6 61 Lebrium Points
    7 61 Lebrium Points
    8 x5 [GM] Pandora's Vitality Potion
    9 61 Lebrium Points
    10 x1 Lapis
    11 61 Lebrium Points
    12 61 Lebrium Points
    13 x1 Hero's Pouch (Epic Heroes to obtain)
    14 93 Lebrium Points
    15 x3 [GM] Magnifying Glass
    16 93 Lebrium Points
    17 x2 Lapis
    18 93 Lebrium Points
    19 93 Lebrium Points
    20 x1 Hero's Pouch (Epic Heroes to obtain)
    21 126 Lebrium Points
    22 x100 [GM] Item Protection Magic Jelly
    23 126 Lebrium Points
    24 x3 Lapis
    25 126 Lebrium Points
    26 126 Lebrium Points
    27 x1 Hero's Pouch (Epic Heroes to obtain)
    28 159 Lebrium Points
    29 x300 [GM] Item Protection Magic Jelly
    30 159 Lebrium Points
    31 x4 Lapis
    32 159 Lebrium Points
    33 159 Lebrium Points
    34 x1 Altea's Gacha Box (Non-Tradable)
    NOTE: The Attendance Event Rewards may Change depending on the current month and patch update of the game
    CURRENT MONTH: This Month's Attendance Event Reward is for January 2019, the Above indicate the rewards for that current month and may change depending on the season and update version of the game.

    Dimensional Rabbit (Abyss Dungeons)

    The Dimensional Rabbit is a End-Stage reward box, clicking or interacting with the Rabbit will drop off items.
    There are 2 Dimensional Rabbit, the regular Rabbit which is a silver Dimensional rabbit, and the other is the Gold Dimensional Rabbit.

    Silver Dimensional Rabbit
    Items Count
    Adventure Key x1
    Gift Badges (NPC Gifts to earn Alliance Points from Factions x2~x3
    Gosuk's Precious Box (Chance to drop, random) x1
    Dungeon Points 400
    Medea Tier 2 or Calypse Tier 1 Gear Box (Chance to drop) x1
    Gold Dimensional Rabbit
    Item Count
    Adventure Key x50
    Space Cube x1~x3
    Dungeon Points 400
    Gold Goblin's Coin (Random Chance, pretty low) x1
    Medea Tier 2 or Calypse Tier 1 Gear Box (High chance to drop) x1
    Abyss Dungeons

    Abyss is a difficulty in a dungeon, such difficulty exist on high level dungeons, such as where you are doing your daily quests.

    The loots you can obtain from an Abyss dungeon are mostly Gold, Adventure keys and various Gift Badges to gift on npcs, rare items can be obtain through the Dimensional Rabbit but if that happens, you really struck gold there, literally.

    There are several chests you can find through out the dungeons itself, on abyss difficulty, you will be able to obtain adventure keys from them and some copper coins... like you'd want them.

    Details on Chests
    Chests Adventure Keys Given
    Bronze Chest Adventure Key x1 and some copper coins
    Silver Chest Adventure Key x3 and more copper coins
    Jeweled / Gold Chest Adventure Key x50 and still more copper coins
    Loots from the Dungeon Boss
    The loots you can obtain from a defeated dungeon boss is usually 35~45 Gold coins, and High Grade garnets, as well as a Quest Item you can accept from Merchant Fargeau at Merca's Heart, the merchant is located on the left side of the stage when you're facing the arch entrance of merca.

    The Quests you can accept from Merchant Fargeau at Merca's Heart only requires the quest items dropped from all 5 chiron dungeons, each of these

    There are 2 ways that i know on how to actually get more loots from Dungeon Bosses, the 1st one is to receive a buff from the Hot Spring area, where various benefits can be taken advantage of, but the type of buff can only be applied to a character twice a day, and the length of duration depends on that buff.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2017-08-06 01-17-30 Sun.jpg Views:	1 Size:	159.9 KB ID:	149477

    The "Increased Drop Rate" buff gives you 50% chance that the amount of drop loot will be doubled, now for the 2nd part, there are Event Calendars that can be found by browsing in the DN SEA Homepage on its Site, there stated all the Events planned on that day, such as Double exp, triple exp, and Drop rate boost, the difference between the drop rate buff on hot spring and the Drop rate boost event is that the Drop rate event lasts for atleast 4 hours, but the chance for a double loot is 40%, but the Drop rate buff from the Hotspring lasts only for a good 1 hour but the buff gives you 50% chance on double loots, both buffs stacks to each other if you would say the Drop rate event gets to be on the same day the drop rate buff from the hotspring is available (Wednesday)
    Remote Dungeon

    Similar to Daily and Weekly Tasks but not necessarily an obligation but more of a choice, Remote Dungeon is a type of tasking simulation in the game that lets you put your Heroes on Task in order to complete the dungeon and be rewarded with Adventure treasure boxes, these treasure boxes holds most of the items that are necessary for crafting, enhancing and as well as gift badges that are of rare grade, either to be gifted to npcs, or your choice to be sold for a hefty amount of gold from an npc, Gold is also rewarded for small denominations ranging from 4g to 25g depending on the type of treasure box that ranges from rare, epic, unique and Legend grade treasure boxes, each box requires a set of Adventure Keys to be opened, and the higher the grade of the box, the more keys required in order to open it.

    Adventure keys are obtained throughout the Abyss Dungeon, from chests, and from the Dimensional rabbit. You can also purchase Adventure keys from the priestess of Darkness NPCs in Saint Haven for 50 Dungeon Points.

    To access the Remote Dungeon Window, press "N" to open your Menu, and select "Remote Dungeon" Icon to open up the window, there you will see various exploration quests for you to decide when to do, and decide which heroes of 3 will do it, the higher the rarity of the hero, the better the chances of successfully completing the quest.

    Heroes are categorized in 3 rarities:
    1. Rare
    2. Epic
    3. Unique
    There is actually Magic Grade heroes, but they are supposedly more like a "Demo" hero, they are useful to fill in the required heroes to use since you need 3 heroes in order to commence the task and send your heroes to find the treasure boxes.

    Currently, there is a Legend Grade hero, "Golden Dragon Geraint" which is available to be rented for 15,000 Gold, and since there is only 2 Legend grade heroes in existence within the game, from which only the "Golden Dragon Geraint" can achieve a 100% success rate of completing the Legendary Task available in Remote Dungeon, you will still be forced to comply with the fee if you desire so to get your hands on that legend grade treasure box.

    Heroes when used in dungeons or Nests performs better when they are of higher level or maxed to lvl20, their power also varies from your character's stats.

    You can access your Hero collection by pressing "N" on your keyboard by opening the Menu, and clicking on "Collection"

    A Hero with the max level of 20 can become effective on doing quests, but there are times a quest requires a particular hero to do it, this means that hero will be much more effective on doing that quest and so the chances will sky rocket, most of the time higher rarity heroes on a lower level of quest will handle the quest solo and increasing the chance of successfully completing the quest by a 100%, but the quest requires 3 heroes, so you will have to enlist 2 more.

    Quests are also categorized in Rare, Epic and Unique quests, and each type of quest requires sets of heroes so that it can be successfully completed without failure. There is a Legend Quest available in Remote dungeon but only 1 hero can successfully complete it, so it is by far optional to do, and not necessary.

    There are "Hero Awakening Potions" available to be obtained through adventure box, or from cash shop treasure boxes such as Altea's Gacha Box and other limited edition treasure boxes. Currently there are only 3 types of "Hero Awakening Potions" and that is rare, epic, unique potions to be used respectively for each type of tasks, excluding the Legend Task since it is currently unavailable.

    You can purchase a Hero pouch (rare grade) at the Wonderful Theme Park Store, or Heroes of all sorts of rarity at the Trading House, from which at TH the prices varies from just a mere 50 gold to a thousand, depending on what hero it is and what grade.

    Here's an image to where you can purchase a rare hero pouch (Magician Sanders)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 22-21-01 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	120.6 KB ID:	133381

    Leveling Heroes is an easy job depending on the grade of the hero, for example, a rare grade hero levels up much faster than an epic grade hero, Unique Grade heroes tend to level up slower, but your heroes can also gain experience by doing remote dungeon tasks, but the value of the exp isn't enough to level them up and the time it takes for the task to complete isn't worth the exp, so in order to level up your heroes faster, use them on whenever you do a run in a dungeon so that the exp you've earned from each run also is shared on your hero.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 01-53-57 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	109.8 KB ID:	133383

    Images of Remote Dungeon Exploration Quests

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 22-26-45 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	139.9 KB ID:	133377

    As of the Update on January 8 2019, Heroes that are exceptionally better on doing that type of task is now featured and their hero icon is being shown right after the name of the task

    Different types of remote dungeon quests appears with better adventure box rewards whenever you assign heroes to finish a remote quest Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 23-27-29 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	167.5 KB ID:	133378

    Failing a remote dungeon quest will result in all the adventure box to be lost, and your heroes will earn less experience in the process.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-11 03-52-45 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	144.3 KB ID:	149485

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    Adventure Key

    These keys are needed in order to open the Adventure boxes you've obtained through successfully completing a Remote Dungeon Exploration Quest, the amount of keys needed to open a box depends on the rarity of the Adventure box, ranging from Rare, Epic to Unique.

    You will need the Adventure Keys in order to open these boxes, each rarity of box requires different number of keys to use in order to open them up and receive the valuable items inside
    • Rare boxes - 1 keys required
    • Epic boxes - 10 keys required
    • Unique boxes - 30 keys required


    When opening an Adventure's Box, you will receive an item, each rarity of Adventure Box from Rare to Unique has different values of items and the number of items rewarded.
    Low Grade Adventure Box Mid Grade Adventure Box High Grade Adventure Box
    5g~50g 5g~50g 5g~50g
    High Grade Garnet High Grade Garnet High Grade Garnet
    High Grade Essence of Life High Grade Essence of Life High Grade Essence of Life
    Spera Spera Spera
    Luminous Low-grade Dragon Jade Fragment Luminous Low-grade Dragon Jade Fragment Luminous Low-grade Dragon Jade Fragment
    Luminous Low-grade Dragon Jade Heart Luminous Low-grade Dragon Jade Heart Luminous Low-grade Dragon Jade Heart
    Luminous Talisman Fragment Luminous Talisman Fragment Luminous Talisman Fragment
    Luminous Talisman Essence Luminous Talisman Essence Luminous Talisman Essence
    Rare Grade Gift Items Rare Grade Gift Items
    Lvl95 Enhancement Heraldry Plates Lvl95 Fellowship Heraldry Plate
    Lvl95 Enhancement Heraldry Plates
    Amount of item varies on the grade of the adventure box, the higher the grade of the box the more items you can get, except for the core materials such as the dragon jade heart or the talisman essence, will only be fixed at 1 item count.
    Wonderful Theme Park

    There are several stages inside the Wonderful Theme Park including the Daily Quest. Even if Wonderful Points is earned from both Abyss dungeon and Fission Nest, Fission Maze or Maze Core runs, it is still a good idea to do your Daily Quest on Wonderful Theme Park for extra wonderful Points and to also complete the weekly task for this type of stage.

    Wonderful Theme Park is also the place where you can find most seasonal events such as santa orc on yearly december patch updates. You can also find the Hit the Gold Goblin stage here and by doing this stage you can earn up a lot of gold in just hitting the goblins and other enemies inside, but you will need a Gold Goblin Coin, a type of ticket that you need in order to enter the stage. Gold Goblin Coins can be obtained through Abyss Dungeons, and Nests but ofc it is rarely obtained through normal means, there have been several events that gives you the chance to obtain the gold goblin coin by purchasing it using special event points when doing special events.

    The below image are as follows on accepting the Daily Quest for the Wonderful Theme Park stage.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 22-11-31 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	110.1 KB ID:	133390
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 22-11-38 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	112.8 KB ID:	133391

    You can see that after accepting the quest, you will receive pouches that contains the entry tickets required before you can enter and do the daily quest.

    There are 4 games you can play, depending on the type of ticket you receive:
    • Secret Room
    • Reckless Umrak
    • Thorny Path
    • Hot-Headed Bacchus
    The Secret Room is a game or a dungeon where after you enter, all buffs and the use of skill is disabled, and everytime you use TAB to switch to your combat mode, your character will automatically switch back to normal. in this game, you are required to step on panels while avoiding enemies and preventing your character from stepping or going near their vision, the circle that emanates from the monsters or appearing around them are their vision, each time you get close to them, there will be a notification that states the monsters have heightened their security, the circle will grow larger, you also only have 2 minutes to complete the game, there are a total of 3 rooms, each rooms has a crystal, and you are required to break them to unlock the middle crystal and to destroy it, you will need to step on panels inside the room to destroy it, stepping on all required panels will open a closed door, destroying the 3 crystals will unlock the crystal in the middle, afterwards, if you successfully completed it without any mistakes, you will be rewarded with 1000 wonderful Points, if you only have destroyed a few of the crystals, the crown gauge just below your screen determines the chests rewarded to you, even if you lose, you will still get a minimum of 300 wonderful points.

    Reckless umrak is more like a tower defense game, you will have to defend the statue of the Goddess Altea from monsters, you will need to last each wave until their boss Umrak appears, when the boss shows up, you can leave the tower and kill off the boss.
    there are 2 crystals you can activate to temporarily protect the statue from danger, killing all enemies around the statue, but if the statue receives a certain amount of damage, it will automatically activate the crystal itself.

    Thorny Path just requires you to follow a path, its easy.

    Hot-Headed Bacchus is the latest wonderful theme park game i've played, since all the 3 games mentioned were from the old WTP version of the game.
    Hot-Headed Bacchus will launch himself into the air, and drop, that is when you enter the portal to this dungeon inside the WTP or Wonderful Theme Park (forgot to mention this) In order to defeat bacchus, you will have to fill up his rage guage just below your screen, after that he will launch a meteor onto you, you will have to aim it near bacchus, in order to fill his rage gauge, you will have to kill off monsters around him, this will fill his rage gauge, and is the only way.


    The WTP Store has a variety of items to choose from, but there are only few items that are worth the points you will use.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-11 02-07-42 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	128.4 KB ID:	149479

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-11 02-07-44 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	122.2 KB ID:	149480

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-10-11 02-07-45 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	122.1 KB ID:	149481

    Sea Dragon Costumes?

    Hero Synthesis Device

    This is an item that combines 2 max level heroes to get another level 1 rarity hero, if you used 2 rare heroes, you will get a 100% chance for an epic hero, you can seal it 1 time when you receive the hero from synthesizing 2 rare heroes. Synthesizing 2 different rarities (e.g 1 lvl 20 rare hero + lvl 20 epic hero) will give you random chances of getting an epic hero, but combining 2 epic heroes will result in getting you a sure chance of a Unique Hero.

    Synthesizing heroes are cheap, but you can only get [Enraged] Heroes which are unique, when synthesizing 2 epic heroes, you cannot get any other unique heroes such as geraint, argenta, aisha, velskud, iona, karahan because all of these unique heroes are rare and can only be obtained through hero pouches and altea gacha boxes.

    You can also use wonderful points to purchase Epic Gifts to Npcs, but i will tell you right now, this isn't worth the price, this is only good for befriending npcs faster, not a good option to receive alliance points.

    Hero's Chaos Fellowship Heraldry?

    This is a type of heraldry you can equip on your character's Heraldry, a sealed heraldry costs 1250 wonderful points, Using a sealed heraldry will give you a chance of obtaining a Heraldry you can equip to increase your preferred stats, but the stats are given at random, so if you don't like the one you got, you will have to buy another one, but the strength of the heraldry varies on luck getting the strongest one.

    There are 3 types of Hero's Fellowship Heraldry:
    • Low-Average Grade
    • Above-Average Grade
    • Highest Grade
    Low-Average Grade is the type of heraldry that gives the lowest amount of attack power, main attribute, hp, critical, critical damage and so on. an example would be:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 09-24-53 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	241.2 KB ID:	133437

    The Low Average Grade Hero's Fellowship Heraldry has more stats on it, Attack Power, Magic Attack Power, STR and INT, but the other Above Average Heraldry has only 2 stats, why is that?

    The Low Average Grade is a type of "Mixed" stat heraldry, this is intended for class who has a mix of stat as their main attribute, this heraldry is good for Crusader Class, because Crusaders use both STR and INT.

    Here is the list you can imagine popping up as the stats of a heraldry you unseal when using the Sealed Hero's Fellowship Heraldry:
    • Mixed (Patk/Matk/STR/INT) (Patk/Matk/AGI/INT) (Patk/AGI/STR)
    • Single Attribute Focus (a good example is my heraldry currently equipped, see the above image)
      (Patk/AGI) (Patk/STR) (Matk/INT) (possible to have HP or Critical DMG/CRIT on this type)
    • Multiple Attribute Focus (has STR/AGI/INT and VIT | Could have HP as well)
    • Ultimate ( FD stat is given, not really worth it on my opinion)
    • Critical/CRT DMG (Critical/Critical Damage | can include HP, or any type of attribute such as STR/AGI/INT)
    • Rare Heraldry (Has all the stats needed by a physical/magical type class)
      (Patk/STR/AGI/Crit/CritDMG) (Matk/STR/INT/Crit/CritDMG) (Matk/AGI/INT/Crit/CritDMG)
    These Heraldry can also be sold for a good amount of gold:
    • Low-Average Grade - 10 Gold
    • Above-Average Grade - 25 Gold
    • Highest Grade - 50 Gold


    Treasure Stage is a type of dungeon or stage inside wonderful theme park, unlike other dungeons or stages you can enter inside the wonderful theme park, these stages can only be entered and completed once every week, 1 run per week!

    This stage requires a [Memory Fragment] , so what is a Memory Fragment? these are like tickets to enter a special stage, the fragments can be obtained through level 93 Distorted Zones on the Rhadames stage, at the end of each stage on these dungeons, you will be rewarded with a chest, most of the time 2 chests are given to players who completes the dungeon in time before a stipulated time limit, or a time limit to achieve the bonus chest reward.
    Opening the chests gives you a chance of earning a memory fragment, the memory fragments are not tradable, but they can be server storaged.
    Here's an image of what a [Memory Fragment] Looks like and its Description:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 08-42-05 Thu.jpg Views:	2 Size:	233.7 KB ID:	133432

    Even if it says that it can be obtained through Cash Shop and its a Cash Shop item, you can obtain these by completing abyss runs on the "Distorted Zone" inside the Rhadames stage.

    Location of the Distorted Zone inside Rhadames Stage:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 08-48-40 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	90.8 KB ID:	133433

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 08-48-44 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	136.7 KB ID:	133434

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 08-48-59 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	106.4 KB ID:	133435

    Even if the Memory Fragment isn't show as the available rewards, it is still there to be given by chance when opening a chest.

    Not only the [Memory Fragment] are available in the chests, you can also obtain [Desirious] Gears, Gift Badges, lvl93 Dragon Jades and Garnets.

    My suggestion for the [Desirious Theano] Gears is that you disassemble them, doing that, you will get 500 Nest Points on each part you disassemble any type would do, but you will not receive Nest points if the [Desirious Theano] Gear you're trying to disassemble isn't +0, it must not have any enhancement level in order to get 500 Nest points when disassembling.

    Treasure Stages has 3 dungeons:
    1. Maze of Gray Regrets
    2. Hall of Cold Memories
    3. Marching Route of Despair
    Completing any of these dungeons will reward you with a [Treasure Stage Box] that contains... durational cash shop items, you wouldn't even wanna know...
    but, you can also get Item Protection Magic Jelly by a small probability, its just probably possible.

    The Rewards when defeating the boss are:
    • Darkness Cube
    • Gold Pouch
    • Gifts
    • Gold
    • Premium Magical Seal Stamps (Non-Cash Shop item)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 09-03-52 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	184.0 KB ID:	133436

    There is a trick in order to be able to spam this dungeon incase you are in need of Darkness cube, ofc it would be efficient to do this on the time of a day where a Drop rate increase event is currently going on, or its wednesday, and the Hotspring buff for 50% drop rate can be applied to your character, the loot from the boss is affected by the drop rate, so there is chances that it will drop 2x the regular loot it should have dropped.

    • Keep doing the stage, kill all the mobs
    • When entering the final area where the boss is (Currently, Marching Route of Despair is the treasure stage for this method) you will see the Ogre
    • You will see the Ogre Boss and dark elves, Kill the Ogre Boss, the white huge monster, leave the elves unharmed
    • Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 09-11-36 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	157.0 KB ID:	133438
    • This way, if you kill the boss, you get the loot you needed (Dark Cubes) and without killing the elves, you will be able to leave the treasure stage without using your weekly run limit, and you can enter again using more memory fragment tickets.
    • Again, Kill only the boss, leave the elves unharmed
    • If you notice that you keep repairing your gear, try removing your armors and only leave the main weapon your class use to attack and use skills, for me, its a longbow, and to avoid repairing, i could use a different longbow, like a trash gear i can get on any low level dungeon or i can buy one at the blacksmith.
    • This way, you get all the gold, without needing to repair, but ofc the damage you deal won't be affected by what type of weapon or how strong the weapon is, the stats inside the treasure stage are balanced.
    • This also applies to other treasure stages which has mobs, such as goblins, skeletons, shamans, etc. but it won't work on a treasure stage where the only enemy is the final boss.
    UPDATE: Since Genesis Accessories have been accessible through purchase via TH, and as well as they are now very cheap (Ring is cheap) the Hunt for Dark Cubes might not be a good idea as of now, but they are still viable for crafting your very own genesis accessory where all the materials you've obtained came from purely farming each of the cubes, but there might be an update for the genesis accessory, so stick with your routine for now and get as much dark cubes and light cubes you can as possible.
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      For Memory Fragments, isnt that they are directly dropped from the Boss itself, not from the chest?

    • Mr.Shovels
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      i need to confirm that first before i post any updates on the guide.
      i really am busy this week, its gonna get worst later on, so i hope they can wait for the full completion of the guide

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      I am confirm that MF is dropped from the boss itself, because I had been farming genesis since it was released back then.
      Oh well unless they ninja-patched it.

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    Alliance Guild

    There are 3 Alliances or Factions in the game, which consists of many npcs.
    • Golden Goose Guild
    • Free Adventurer's Guild
    • Cassius Palace
    Each Faction has their own type of Points named after them, these alliance points can be used to purchase certain items on the alliance point store.
    Location of the store:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 09-48-31 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	120.5 KB ID:	133445

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 09-48-03 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	100.4 KB ID:	133446

    Click image for larger version  Name:	alliance store.jpg Views:	1 Size:	207.5 KB ID:	133447

    The highlighted items on the above image is the only items you can benefit more, rather than wasting it on other items that doesn't really needed by your character.
    These VIP Membership benefits are worth their points to be purchased, especially the Golden Goose Guild VIP MEMBERSHIP that is a must whenever you're enhancing your gear, selling items, or you want to buy something for a reduced price point.

    The Free Adenturer's Guild VIP MEMBERSHIP is solely for farmers in the game, literally farmers, plants crops, harvests, cooks, and fishes.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 10-01-07 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	133.2 KB ID:	133448

    The Items sold here are utter garbage!!! do you even need a level 80 Dragon Jade or a level 80 Talisman? where you can even get higher grade ones from the Nest Point Store! so don't bother looking at this tab when visiting the alliance store.

    If you want to use your Cassius Palace Points somewhere that is worth it, please refer to this Guide, click [HERE] to redirect you to this thread.
    The Guide i linked to you redirects you to another of my guideline regarding Crystal Points, and Beggar's Boxes, and it also includes the proper usage of Gifts to be gifted to npcs for Alliance points.


    It used to be a garden of dreams, a beautiful land now tainted black from the Goddess’s nightmare. The darkness now calls to evil, turning this once sacred place into a garden of nightmares.

    - DN Wikipedia
    The Deep abyss or usually is called Nightmare, or NM by many whenever searching for a party, is a dungeon that is created by the Goddess' nightmares by the black dragon. The dungeon consists of 2 stages when entering the dungeon, and has 3 difficulties: Normal for babies, Hard for bigboys, Abyss for Men.
    Normal Mode will only give you a minimum of atleast 2,000 Nightmare points from killing all the Boss from stage 1 and stage 2, additional nightmare points can be earned by killing off the mobs to fill the nightmare gauge and the additional boss that appears after every nightmare gauge fills in, and also from events.


    It is located at Saint Haven > Boundary Gates > Deep Abyss (Nightmare)

    There are 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard, Abyss
    Difference from the 3 is that Entering the nightmare stage in normal difficulty would result in enemies to be easily beaten out, except for the boss which is still tough, but under-geared players can still survive with atleast neris gears. Hard mode usually stands between in normal and abyss, and then Abyss mode is the toughest difficulty of the nightmare stage, each mob and boss are 3x more tougher than when you fight them on normal mode, but ofc the harder it is, the more rewards are given, abyss mode will give more points than hard and normal difficulty, bear in mind that you will need someone to carry you in order to finish the nightmare in abyss mode, unless you have an eager party members who would finish it even if it takes a lot of revives, and time to complete 1 run, minimum would be 20 minutes, the guardian part is the tough one to beat, but they are the ones that gives you the nightmare points.

    Nightmare Dungeon has 3 run limit each week, after you've entered the portal, 1 run is already consumed after you've left the dungeon, either you've got disconnected, forcefully or accidentally, you will still waste 1 run after you are disconnected, and you can no longer reconnect.

    Nightmare Gauge - The meter that is displayed on your screen whenever entering the dungeon
    Filling this Gauge ends the stage, and atleast 1 boss will appear, or an event will trigger (Find the Treasure Chests!)
    The only method to fill the gauge is that you kill every monsters that spawns in 4 areas in a diamond, see details below for the layout of the map.

    Treasure Chests Event?
    yes, if this event triggers, you will have to find and search all the real treasure chests while avoiding the mimics that appear when you try to open a treasure chests.
    Each treasure chest rewards 100 nightmare points each of them you open, killing off mimics will give you +2 nightmare points, there's a lot of mimics so you could say you can earn atleast 100 nightmare points when you kill all of them.
    Finding all the real treasure chests will reward you with 2,000 nightmare points in abyss mode, 1,500 in hard mode, 1,000 in normal mode.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	NM.jpg
Views:	2516
Size:	104.9 KB
ID:	133771
    Nightmare Guardians - These guardians or boss of the nightmare stage, are enemies that appear everytime the gauge fills up to max, there are a chance of 2 guardians appearing in both stages of the nightmare, if you're lucky, you could earn atleast 15,000 nightmare points in 1 run. Each boss you kill will reward you with 2,000 nightmare points, excluding the bonus reward after you have killed the boss.

    Abyss mode:
    • 2,000 Nightmare Points rewarded upon killing a Guardian
    • 2,000 Nightmare Points rewarded after the stage
    Hard mode:
    • 1,500 Nightmare Points rewarded upon killing a Guardian
    • 1,500 Nightmare Points rewarded after the stage
    Normal mode:
    • 1,000 Nightmare Points rewarded upon killing a Guardian
    • 1,000 Nightmare Points rewarded after the stage

    Each Stage has the same rewarded points when you end it.


    1st stage of nightmare:
    Treasure Stage - yep, i've already given you pointers what this is

    Curse - 2 Random Areas will be shrouded in curse, these areas will be a hell hole once they appear on the ground and shrouds the whole area in darkness, even high-end geared players will die here, make sure to avoid the place you're killing the mobs just incase.

    Blessing - 2 Random Areas will be shrouded in a glowing aura, this will give you a buff that increases all your stats, attack power, defense, action speed, movement speed, and reduced skill cooldown, it lasts 5 minutes so make use of it while it lasts.

    2nd stage of nightmare:
    Special Guardian - a special guardian that appears only in the 2nd stage of the nightmare dungeon, it can give you extra nightmare points in killing it, the faster you kill it, the better "Rank" will be given and more nightmare points could be earned.

    Lights - This event will trigger a collecting mechanic, there will be light like fireworks sprouting from the ground, each lights you collect or fragments gives you 1 nightmare points, there's a total of 50 light fragments scattered around the whole stage, collecting them will give you nightmare points.


    here you go, credits to people who uploaded it on google.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	nightmare stage 2.jpg
Views:	2504
Size:	87.4 KB
ID:	133772

    Heres a crappy layout of my map, but atleast i've put effort into it, its not like you can take a picture of the whole map ingame.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	NM.jpg
Views:	2520
Size:	81.5 KB
ID:	133773

    Estimated nightmare points you could earn after finishing 3 runs in abyss mode, would be 20,000 nightmare points. there are other ways to earn nightmare points, and that is from certain events, like the boardgame event. Currently it is available as of now and will end at May 15 2018.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2018-04-28 16-22-15 Sat.jpg
Views:	2531
Size:	110.9 KB
ID:	133774
    Here's the details about the items:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	storeNM.jpg
Views:	2488
Size:	125.1 KB
ID:	133775
    Here's a Tip: Never buy the hero pouch! the hero pouch will only fool you of telling that you could get a chance of getting epic or even unique heroes on it, there is only 1 in a hundred thousand chance of getting a unique hero, and 1 in a ten thousand chance of getting an epic hero, this is just a nightmare point sink if you are all set to achieving getting unique heroes that you don't want to buy on TH.

    Darkness Cubes - These are important crafting materials for Genesis accessory, i will discuss about these later on to the guide.

    High Grade Cube Pouch - another important item you can buy using nightmare points, these pouches will give you a chance of getting fusion cubes, that are needed to craft the Genesis Necklace accessory.

    Talisman Tab

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2018-04-28 16-21-53 Sat.jpg
Views:	2490
Size:	111.4 KB
ID:	133776
    Click image for larger version

Name:	NM STORE.jpg
Views:	2475
Size:	120.9 KB
ID:	133777
    Sealed Champion Talisman - These items are like pouches, you open them up and receive an item, but this time, you will only receive talismans, each Sealed Champion Talisman Costs 1,000 Nightmare Points (There is a Remote quest on the npc Priestess of Darkness that will give you free 1,000 Nightmare points so you can buy it on the store, check it out)

    Low-grade Luminous Talisman Fragment - these are the fragments of a powerful talisman, you can earn them by disassembling lvl95 Champion Talismans (Green) Costs 800 Nightmare Points Each.

    Low-grade Luminous Talisman Essence - the core material to craft a powerful talisman, these core materials are hard to earn and requires extensive farming, or buy them at TH, Costs 17,000 Nightmare Points.

    If you want to earn gold using your nightmare points, then i have a few tips for you incase you wanna know:
    • You want to earn Talisman Essence Efficiently? Buy lots of Sealed Champion Talisman worth 17,000 nightmare points, same as the price of the Talisman Essence, try your luck by disassembling all the talismans you can obtain through the sealed talisman, compare the results of when buying the talisman essence worth 17,000 nightmare points towards disassembling talismans you bought worth 17,000 nightmare points, if you got more than 1 talisman essence, you're lucky, but if you got none, good luck next time, this is a gamble ofc, but if the results where good, you're probably better off risking it, than playing it safe.
    • You can also farm nightmare points by creating multiple characters, this way, you can earn more talisman essence, and focus on the main character you're trying to power up by gearing your main class, remember that focusing on 1 character could give you a fortune, since you got a powerful class, you can do difficult nests that gives a lot of goodies, like for now, the reboot of GDN (lvl95 8man)
    • High Grade Cube Pouches are in it for you when you are trying to hunt for cubes, ofcourse it will take a lot of time and luck to actually get the rare genesis cubes needed to craft a genesis accessory (Fusion Cube, Harmony Cube, Time Cube)
    • Selling the talismans you got from sealed champion talismans isn't a good idea, you don't have to use seal stamps but its very cheap in TH, just try your luck getting a talisman essence by disassembling it.
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      Nest is what makes the game fun, it is where you gather up your friends, or strangers and go on a party with the Dragons! well not all NESTS have dragons.

      As of now, Nests are only limited to 4-man and 8-man Raid party, considering they have split the ones into "Division" Nests, where you can repeatedly do runs while you have FTG, Division Nests is a portal to choose 4 different Nests which comprises all the Daily Task and Weekly Task activities, and this is also the place where you can acquire Lebrium Points, and Nest Points, as well as other valuable crafting items, and a chance for a Unique Grade accessory that is only available on Division Nests.

      Nest Staged is located here:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-26 10-13-53 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	122.0 KB ID:	133457


      Division Nest is a new feature to the game, it is divided into 4 Nests that was once were Regular 4-man Nests that requires a party of 2 or more in order to complete it faster in a much more tougher difficulty.
      It is now a Labrynth of Floors that players can access once they have completed the lower levels of that said Division Nest.

      Players can do the Floors solo, or with a party, with increasing difficulty once a player sets foot onto a higher floor level, the Division Nest is a challenging Feat to conquer even for high-end geared players, i've only known some that has reached floor 35, but no one has ever tried to shout out anyone on a bluebird searching for a party to do floor 50th of the labrynth.

      Division Nest is consist of 4 different Nests:
      • Heatwave Volcano Nest
      • Grievous Guardian Nest
      • Dark Mist Nest
      • Chiron Nest

      Division Nests rewards its players with valuable points and crafting materials once they have completed the Nest run, each Floor has increasing rewards, the higher the floor, the more rewards to loot, the things you will get to loot here are:
      • Lebrium Points
      • Nest Points
      • Fissioned Crystals
      • High Grade Garnets
      • Crafting Materials for Dragon Jades
      • Lapis
      There are also chances that unique grade accessories may drop from the Division Nest, and each of these accessories may be dropped from any floor of the labrynth.

      The Accessories has 5 levels, which is defined by a parenthesized tool tip "1st Step" till "5th Step" which the more levels or steps there is, the better the stats of the said accessories will be.

      Images below is only an example of what would the Labyrinth accessories stats would be like.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2018071202051234991.jpg
Views:	2427
Size:	171.2 KB
ID:	150067

      The Accessories varies from different types of stats, so there might be instances that you get a 5th step accessory as a drop reward from the chest, but the result isn't the same as you would want it to be, sometimes it won't be the stat required for your character.


      Here is where you will find valuable items to help you progress in the game, such as skill heraldry, Spera, Dragon Jades, etc.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2018-04-25 22-50-46 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	229.9 KB ID:	133460

      General Stock Tab

      This is the tab where the general items can be found, Light Cubes costs 500 Nest points and you can only purchase 8 per week, be sure to always purchase a set amount of light cubes on both the Nest Point Store and the Stage Point Store.

      The Legend Main Weapon Converter - can be used on Calypse Weapons, it costs 6000 Nest Points and 2,000 Gold, this converter can only convert weapons from all class besides machina and lancea class (because they only have 1 type of main weapon) this is only for those who have the opportunity to change job, and they need that type of weapon for that class.

      Engraing Extractor - extracts the engraving stats on a costume and converts it into an engraving scroll, retrieving it, and can be usable again to another costume you may want to use it with... this is required for players who have used their Unique Engraving scroll (which is a rare engraving scroll to obtain) and wanted to switch out on another type of costume.
      Spera is also available for purchase at a reasonable price of 500 nest points, can be purchased without limits.
      Monster Card pouches rewards you with monster cards, you can use to enter the Fortress of Erosion or the monster stage.

      Accessories Tab

      The Accessories available for purchase has varying stats depending on the required ones your character should get, each part costs 2,000 Nest Points, it is advisable that new players and returning players should spend enough Nest points in order to get these Accessories

      TIP: If you are a Returned Hero, there is a new reward for RH players exclusively to get when you have registered a character above level 80 as an RH, you will receive a BOX that will give you a full set of Rune Dragon Accessories for you to equip, the BOX will give you the set of accessories with the right stats once you have opened it, these accessories are permanent and can also be traded, but you will have to seal it before you can sell or trade it, or put it in any public storage or server storage for other players or characters to use.

      Skill Heraldry Tab

      This tab provides you an access of an array of skill heraldry, each skill heraldry costs 1,000 Nest points.

      Engraving Tab

      Engraving scrolls are used on Costumes to engrave them with unique varying stats that further improves your character's strength, each Scroll has types that can only be used on a specific costume ware, overall, parts, and weapon, 3 types of Engraving Scrolls for 3 types of costumes, any grade of costume can be engraved with any grade of scrolls.

      there are 3 types of engraving scrolls you can obtain:
      • Rare
      • Epic
      • Unique
      The Most powerful Engraving you can get is the Unique Weapon Engraving Scrolls, which is needed to engrave a good amount of stats on your weapon costumes, any grade of weapon costumes can be engraved with any grade of scrolls.

      Here is a list of how much and how many you can purchase per week
      • Overall (one piece) - 6,000 Nest Points| Limit of 2x purchase per week (or 40 Engraving Scroll fragments, 5 gold, unlimited purchase)
      • Parts (Helm,Top,Bottom,Gloves,Boots) 2,000 Nest Points | Limit of 2x purchase per week (or 10 Engraving Scroll fragments, 5 gold, unlimited purchase)
      • The Same goes for the weapon, overall and weapon engraving pouches are the same costs and weekly purchase limit.
      Dragon Jades

      Dragon Jades are important factors of adding strength to your gear, in order to get dragon jades, you must first purchase them at the Nest point store using your Nest points, or purchase the items using gold on the Trading House.

      The sealed dragon jades once opened gives you a jade with random stats varying from strength, agi, and intelligence, both STR and AGI will increase your physical stats, while Intelligence will increase your Magical stats, ofc all jades will have both Physical and Magical Attack, but the percent attack boost varies from physical or magical only, thus if you don't get what you want from opening a sealed dragon jade, you must either buy another sealed dragon jade or purchase the dragon jade from the Trading House.

      You can buy the Sealed Dragon Jades each costs 1,000 Nest Points.

      Dragon jade crafting materials are also available for purchase
      Low-grade Luminous Dragon Jade Fragment - 800 Nest Points
      Low-grade Luminous Dragon Jade Heart - 17,000 Nest Points

      There is also a Modifier item that modifies stats from your crafted dragon jades (Unique and Legend) its a bit expensive considering you will need 4,000 Nest points to purchase it, and then 2 methods of purchase using the crafting materials:

      Mid-grade Dragon Jade Stat Modifier
      • 4,000 Nest Points and 200 Low Grade Jade Fragments
      • 4,000 Nest Points and 5 Low Grade Jade Heart
      Legend Dragon Jade Stat Modifier
      • 10,000 Nest Points and 50 Mid-grade Jade Fragments
      • 10,000 Nest Points and 2 Mid-grade Jade Heart
      You can also disassemble the Dragon Jades you will not use to get Low-grade dragon jade fragments, there is also a chance that you might get a dragon jade heart from a dragon jade you are disassembling, the dragon jade heart is a core crafting material needed to craft a Unique Dragon Jade.

      NOTE: Sealed Dragon Jades, either epic, unique or legend rarity/grade when used will give you a random stat of the said dragon jade grade, so there will be a chance that your unique grade sealed dragon jade that you are going to craft might give you a random type of dragon jade that won't be a good match for your character, so most of the time players just sell the dragon jade.

      TIP: if you're crafting dragon jades and you can't get the stat you like, best to acquire all the dragon jade hearts you can, and instead of crafting is you just sell it on TH in order to acquire enough gold to actually just purchase the said dragon jade with the stat you prefer.

      Community Points

      What is Community Points?
      Community Points or CP are points earned whenever you join a party with a minimum of 2 members present in a party, these community points can then be used to purchase valuable items such as Spera, High Grade Garnets, Low-grade Luminous Dragon Jade Hearts and Low-grade Luminous Talisman Essences, both dragon jade heart and talisman essences are core crafting materials to craft mid-tier dragon jades and talismans, which are important items to strengthen your character.

      There is a "Party Reward" Tab once you access your party window by pressing "O" on your keyboard, once on the tab, there will be a Gauge there and descriptions stating on how you will get community points and how you will earn the points yourself, the Gauge resets everyweek at 9 am in the morning GMT+

      Community Points is also earned on various events and Daily Task/Weekly Tasks.

      Community Points is usually spent on purchasing the Low-grade Luminous Dragon Jade heart and Low-grade Luminous Talisman Essence available for purchase on the Community Point store.
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        Drop Rate boost event doesnt affect chest drop, but only boss drops. Since all loots from nests are dropped from chests, therefore Drop Rate event doesnt have any effect on nests.

      • Mr.Shovels
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        wait, really? i see... thanks for the update, ill try to update it as soon as i have the time

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      Slayer Mode is a special Stage that comprises of 3 Different Nests in 4 stages with different bosses in 4 Difficulties.
      This is where you can earn up Slayer points to exchange these points for valuable slayer gear, or enhancement Hammers.

      You can find Slayer Mode at the Gates of Time and Space.

      Slayer Tickets - can be obtained through these methods:
      • Purchased at the SLAYER STORE located near the portal to Gates of Time and Space
        • Slayer ticket - (purchased via Slayer Shards) 10 slayer shard each (Tradable and Untradable) and 5gold
        • Slayer Points - Costs 500 Slayer Points
      • Acquiring Slayer tickets via Growth Guide (to achieve this, buy atleast 1 slayer ticket or any items available in slayer store) Can be obtained via events/attendance event (special attendance, see calendar on main site for details)
      • Can also be obtained by completing a Specific Weekly Task

      The store has Slayer gears available for purchase, these Slayer gears are Legend grade equipment that is equivalent to that of a Legend Calypse Gear tier 1 +20, currently this is the 2nd to the best armor parts there is available in the game, and by definition of being "conservative" and a "cheapskate" this fits your description.

      Slayer Gear - Hector parts

      Slayer gear were only once "Slayer" and not with a Hector prefix on its gear title, since they have upgraded the slayer gear from before, a tier 1 +0 Legend armors into a tier 1 +20, they needed to added in a change in name.

      NOTE: There have been rumors of these so called "Slayer Skills" that is only available for the Slayer gear to have, for the compensation of being 2nd to the best armor available in the game, these Slayer Skills changes some of its skills, making it more powerful.


      Slayer skills are only available when wearing slayer gears, these slayer skills increases a particular type of skill a part of slayer gear has it, for example, let's say Sniper Hector Helm increases the effectiveness of Camouflage, the player could choose between Skill Slayer A and B, these 2 options will determine the changes of the skill designated for that type of slayer skill the gear has when you equip it.

      SLAYER BOX (Helm/Top/Bottom/Gloves/Shoes)

      These are boxes that costs 2,000 Slayer Points, each boxes has a chance for you to get a part that your class can equip, your chance is 1:39 because there are 39 class total in DN, the risks aren't worth it, better off saving your Slayer Points to purchase 1 whole part.

      • These are slayer gears you can equip your character with the right type of slayer gear, each class has different sets of slayer gear and can only equip a type of slayer gear specified for your class.
        Currently there are 39 Classes available, so there are a total of 39 sets of slayer gear that can only be equipped on each class present at the moment.
      • Slayer Gears are updated as soon as a Tier upgrade for the strongest type of gear is updated in the game (ex. Calypse Tier 2 is currently the highest possible tier for the gear, Slayer Gear can be compared to a Calypse Tier 1 +20 in terms of stats) Slayer Gears are always 1 Tier lower than the highest possible Tier of a gear updated onto that version of the game
      • Slayer Gear Can be Obtained through Slayer Mode, but do try to push your luck on getting a slayer gear inside Slayer mode, higher difficulty slayer mode has a better chance of dropping Slayer Gear, but be warned that the slayer boss is tougher than you think it is
      • Slayer Gear Can be Purchased at the Ladder Store in exchange for Ladder Points
      • Disassembling them can give you 1,000 Slayer Points, and a chance for 10,000 Slayer Points
      • In the slayer store, each slayer gear by part costs 50,000 Slayer Points, that is equivalent of 6~8 months of everyday farming for Slayer Points.

      Here are the Slayer Gear Attainment for Each Class (Bleed Phantom and Oracle Elder not Included)
      Class Helmet Body Legs Gloves Shoes
      Gladiator DAID 3 ABN 4 MANTI 1 MANTI 4 DAID 1
      Moonlord MANTI 1 MANTI 3 ABN 2 ABN 3 DAID 2
      Barbarian ABN 4 ABN 1 MANTI 2 DAID 3 MANTI 4
      Destroyer ABN 3 ABN 2 MANTI 1 DAID 1 DAID 4
      Dark Avenger MANTI 3 ABN 2 DAID 2 MANTI 4 ABN 1
      Sniper MANTI 4 ABN 1 ABN 3 DAID 4 DAID 1
      Artillery MANTI 2 DAID 2 ABN 2 ABN 4 MANTI 4
      Tempest MANTI 3 MANTI 2 DAID 3 DAID 4 DAID 1
      Windwalker ABN 1 ABN 2 DAID 2 MANTI 3 DAID 4
      Silver Hunter ABN 1 ABN 2 DAID 2 MANTI 4 DAID 4
      Salaena DAID 2 ABN 1 ABN 4 MANTI 2 DAID 3
      Elestra ABN 2 MANTI 4 MANTI 1 MANTI 4 DAID 1
      Smasher ABN 1 ABN 3 ABN 2 MANTI 3 DAID 4
      Majesty MANTI 2 ABN 4 DAID 2 DAID 3 MANTI 1
      Black Mara MANTI 2 ABN 2 DAID 3 DAID 1 MANTI 1
      Guardian DAID 3 ABN 4 MANTI 3 MANTI 1 DAID 1
      Crusader MANTI 2 MANTI 4 ABN 3 ABN 1 DAID 3
      Saint DAID 2 DAID 4 ABN 4 ABN 2 MANTI 3
      Inquisitor MANTI 1 MANTI 3 ABN 3 DAID 4 DAID 1
      Arch Heretic DAID 4 ABN 4 MANTI 3 MANTI 2 DAID 1
      Shooting Star MANTI 2 MANTI 4 ABN 1 ABN 4 DAID 2
      Gear Master ABN 2 MANTI 3 DAID 3 DAID 1 ABN 3
      Adept DAID 4 MANTI 1 DAID 1 ABN 3 ABN 2
      Physician MANTI 2 MANTI 4 DAID 4 ABN 1 DAID 2
      Ray Mechanic MANTI 1 MANTI 4 ABN 1 ABN 3 DAID 2
      Dark Summoner MANTI 2 ABN 3 DAID 1 MANTI 1 ABN 2
      Soul Eater ABN 1 ABN 4 DEAD 3 MANTI 4 DAID 1
      Blade Dancer MANTI 2 ABN 1 DAID 2 DAID 4 ABN 4
      Spirit Dancer ABN 3 MANTI 3 MANTI 4 DAID 3 MANTI 1
      Ripper DAID 1 DAID 4 DAID 2 ABN 4 DAID 3
      Raven MANTI 1 MANTI 4 MANTI 3 ABN 3 ABN 2
      Light Fury DAID 2 DAID 3 ABN 4 ABN 2 MANTI 2
      Abyss Walker MANTI 1 MANTI 3 ABN 2 DAID 2 DAID 4
      Flurry ABN 3 DAID 3 MANTI 1 MANTI 4 DAID 1
      Sting Breeze DAID 4 ABN 3 MANTI 2 MANTI 3 ABN 1
      Defensio MANTI 2 DAID 1 DAID 4 ABN 1 ABN 4
      Ruina MANTI 1 MANTI 3 DAID 3 ABN 3 ABN 4
      Enhancement Hammers are also available for purchase besides the Slayer gear, these hammers are useful incase you don't want to spend that much jelly and just wanted to gamble it all on getting the level of your gear enhanced.

      There are 3 rarity of hammers:
      • Epic Enhancement Hammer
        • These Hammers can only Enhance level95 Neris Gear, they are cheap, easily obtained through lvl95 Nests, they can also be bought from Slayer store for 800 Slayer Points, but i don't recommend purchasing it, not worth your points.
      • Unique Enhancement Hammer
        • These Hammers can only Enhance lvl95 Medea Gear, They aren't that cheap and costs a lot more than the epic enhancement hammer, they can also be obtained through lvl95 nests, and can be purchase in the slayer store for 2,400 Slayer Points, i cannot say it's not worth it or worth it to buy, it's your decision.
      • Legend Enhancement Hammer
        • These are Worth your Slayer points, these Legend Enhancement Hammers can enhance any rarity of gear, from neris, medea, and calypse, There are 2 different type of Legend Hammers
          • Weapon - Only usable with weapons, can enhance any type of gear below calypse (lvl95 gears)
            • Costs 4,500 Slayer Points
          • Armor - Only usable with armors, can enhance any type of gear below calypse (lvl95 gears)
            • Costs 3,500 Slayer Points
      TIP: If the costs of enhancing manually via Blacksmith is scaled higher than purchasing a few numbers of enhancement hammers from TH or purchasing the item via Slayer Store, then i suggest you do the latter, considering the massive amount of gold you need in order to enhance it further, now that Tier 3 is available, you will need to spend more, and slayer points are made more efficient to earn than before, so its a better bang for your buck and luck.

      Slayer's Testing Grounds

      This is where you can get Slayer shards that you can exchange for Slayer Mode entry Tickets, The goal here is to eliminate all bosses, you can take your time but when the enemy boss reaches 10% HP, another boss will appear.

      Entry requires FTG, and since it is not part of completing all of your Daily Tasks, and the rewards on Weekly Tasks are solely for getting tickets, then i suggest focus your FTG onto doing Division Nest runs instead.
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        Since the Genesis Accessory have been a cheaper alternative for many players to purchase on TH, hunting for the necessary materials for the Genesis Ring wouldn't be necessary anymore, and i would be deleting the details regarding the Genesis Accessory and add in something else here.

        Genesis Accessory

        These Accessories have been a good alternative besides actually acquiring Green Dragon Accessories, which is available for purchase using materials obtained from the Green Dragon Nest Time Attack event, currently players would be paying a 1,000 gold service fee in order to get the materials.

        The Service run usually starts and ends at stage 1 and stage 2, from which beyond that, the people who are doing the Service (usually 2 service provider ) would leave that said stage, ending the run, providing the players with the materials they needed to purchase and actually upgrade the accessory (for returning players, yes these accessories can be upgraded)

        Genesis Accessory especially the Ring are now very Cheap, and at hands reach of many players nowadays, it is a good alternative while you are planning your way to get yourself a good Unique Grade Green Dragon Nest accessory.

        So for now, the images below you will see are the stats variation of the Genesis Accessory from basic Genesis to Refined Genesis.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Genesis accessory.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.1 KB ID:	137484

        Click image for larger version  Name:	refined genesis.jpg Views:	1 Size:	115.9 KB ID:	137485

        If you are Wondering about the Green Dragon Nest Accessories, please do visit this >>[LINK]<< for more details, courtesy of the DN TEAM, they have actually done a great job detailing the new things coming up on the update patch (not all of them actually)

        Here is another
        >>[LINK]<< for my Daily Routine on playing the game, i've made that thread and detailed out the things i do so that you can get an idea on what you should do in the game if you're new or a returning player that needs to catch up with things to do in the game.
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          i don't think so, enhancement of dragon jade to +15 were easier and using jellies would make the success rate at 100% chance to enhance, only +15 lvl93 Gears seems to give 32 fusion cubes, if you are hunting for fusion cubes i saving those untradable epic enhancement hammers and use them on a level 93 unique gear, i do think even epic gears could give 32 fusion cubes if its +15, i haven't tried it myself and i need confirmation from someone who knows about the details.

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          can you really get harmony cubes at 95 nests? Hardcore/Hell?

        • Mr.Shovels
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          nope, sorry gonna edit it

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        Dont forget the good old genesis farming~
        "Internet is full of trolls and idiots."
        - Albert Einstein

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          Reserved it for last

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        and yet sooner or later you'll find another thread asking how to farm this and that xD


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          "Hey guys im new to DN. How to farm for golds? Thanks for the advices "

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          Hope it gets stickied or pinned

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          huehuehue, it got featured on their monthly community focus instead

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        *stalks Tomiaa
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          Thank you! As a new player who just started the game a week ago, this is very helpful!


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            if you have any friends, you may wanna share my guide to them and actually join in forum discussions

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          UPDATE: Added guideline for Slayer mode / Nightmare dungeon
          • Updated Rewards list for Adventure box from Remote Dungeon
          • Provided link regarding Essence of New Sun Box


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            Hi, do you mind sharing any tips on farming slayer pieces effectively? Based on my past experience, I was unable to farm even one piece of slayer equipment, whether it belongs to my class or not.

            What I did was:

            - Doing daily quest slayer mode(abyss) x 2
            - Run slayer mode(abyss) x 10 when there is drop rate boosting buff or every Wednesday

            - I used to do slayer mode with a partner. But I realize that there is more loot available if I farm on my own, so I no longer farm with partner.

            I think it was either that my farming method was ineffective or my luck was really bad.


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              check my link regarding to Essence of New Sun, this way, you might learn that you could easily earn slayer gear with just doing hardwork, rest assured this is effective than getting lucky on slayer mode

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              Thanks for the replies.

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              only 5 more days before the event ends, i am sure that you might not be able to get enough points for atleast 1 part if you skip out on all the possible runs you could do on each nest that gives out essences, and also slayer mode currently is the most effective way of farming essence, spend all or most of your FTG there, the essence drop is 1~2 per boss, if an extra boss shows up thats an extra essence for you.

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            Great guide, thank you for your efforts
            Class Mastery 3 guide with some details
            Edited as of 28/11/2017


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              i don't think i deserve your appreciation since my guide isn't complete yet, its a bit jumbled now because i rushed it... been busy this past few weeks, maybe i will try to fix and add more updates soon

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            Thank you for making this guide man. Couldn't wait to get it finished but I will be starting to do the methods that was put in the guide to farm Gold once I've reached max level, really appreciate it.


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              going to try and update it tomorrow as soon as i wake up... a lot of changes must be done on my guide since the update patch on may 15th

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            UPDATE as of May 18th 2018 (Patch Version from May 15th 2018): Added Details Regarding Abyss Dungeon Revamp of Gold Earnings and Adventure Key Drops from Chests found inside the lvl95 dungeons

            UPDATE as of May 18th 2018 (Patch Version from May 15th 2018): Added Details Regarding the Revamp of Daily and Weekly Tasks about the rewards "Hero's Gold Coin"