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Surprise Gacha Event Medea Rewards Stats were bugged!!!

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  • Surprise Gacha Event Medea Rewards Stats were bugged!!!

    Hello Admin,

    I would like to seek help, I tried getting my rewards just now and found out the Medea set, I can choose w/c stat I want to apply for my +20 medea but when I wore it, it changed to a different stat... Is there a way to fix this? Because I chose all my stats to INT + VIT but some parts when i wore it turned out STR + AGI or STR + VIT. Please help...................

    Most of my guildmates have this dilemma as well...

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    Third thread and counting.

    Here's the announcement in case you missed it.


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      At this rate,the number of same threads about stats Converter Bug will be the same as those "Thank you Tasha" threads. ED is already well-awared about the issue and solving the problem as we speak according to their Site update.


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        Please, be aware of random-popping-tagging-guy-out-of-nowhere /patron guy/ around. :3
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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          Nimmienaticz , Oh my, sounds suspicious.

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        Oh god here we go again. No wonder Mr.Shovels had to help out to clean the forums.
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          Mr.Shovels will scoop up unnecessary stuffs like /Gosukman's post/ and other repetitive stuffs.

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        SAD, me lucky only withdraw 4 class on the meda T2 +20 set,
        now waittin the fix and contiu othes character


        Dragon Nest SEA


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          Well, what do you EXPECT? It's Eyedentity. It's what they do, and will always do.
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            As a developer, I don't know why I felt sad when I read this line. This breaks my heart </3


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              XD-07 hates relationships a fun trivia from the game.

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              To me it seems like it's some talk and no action. Just like the powerstones announcement for server storageable. Did they make an announcement of it prior to March Patch Notes? Maybe we will be able to transfer Powerstones when there is a new cap and Powerstones itself are god damn obsolete already since we haven't heard a word with them on that? /sarcasm

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              The fact that they responded immediately and figuring out the solution is an ACTION to me.


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            my friend choice canon cos he is playing RM, but after press select then ok , walah , magic things happen , it became kabala, now he was so sad hahha


            • Mr.Shovels
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              that only applies to some players who can convert it into calypse as soon as possible but what about the other players? the stat attribute is important because it plays an important role to boost up the main stat of a class.

            • yoricks
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              that's the reason why people blah blah nlah said that ed are stupid gaving medea t2+20 away , some said it was equally gaving hero calypse away...i was thinking , how many people had convert it into calypse? welp ..i have convert 3parts , now im full set 95L already , that's include accessory...u will see lots of medea t2 +20 in ch1 with chiron accessor.chiron accessory , what a joke.

            • billie
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              happened to me too. im sure 100% that i picked shortbow but after that it became longbow lol

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            *shouts internally in despair

            do not worry guys... ED will fix this... but the multiple report threads... its just such an eyesore, multiple threads won't help out in ED's tech team to fix it


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              It's a little justice in favor to those who whinned about this reward. Although, we, who like the reward, will be free from them after this is fixed.

              To freedom!
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                Actually it happens to me too. I 100% picked shortbow( yes im sure i can read) then it turned into longbow.


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                  Dear Adventurers,

                  For those who have been having trouble with their Medea 2nd Tier +20 Equipment that were received as Surprise Event rewards, we’ve decided to give them an item called ”Hero's Medea Option Converter” that can switch the wrongly-applied stats of their Medea Equipment to whatever stats they wished to have.

                  However, this can be sent after a maintenance and that will be next Tuesday (24th) when we have a scheduled maintenance as usual.

                  Until then, we recommend you to upgrade your Medea Equipment to Calypse 1 Tier by using Weapon/Armor Converters that can be created by BlackSmith Berlin [(Blacksmith Store/Item Repair > Craft Item > Common Goods > Lv.95 Item Converter (Legend) > Weapon/Armour Converter – (Tier 2 Medea – Tier 1 Calypse)].

                  Even though your Medea equipment has wrong stats, the upgrading to Calypse 1 Tier will work properly with the converters without any bugs or errors.

                  However, as we mentioned above, Hero's Medea Option Converter will still be given to all of you who received the rewards for Surprise Event, so you can change the wrong stats to the ones you wanted.

                  PLEASE NOTE THAT this converter only works for the Medea 2nd Tier +20 equipment that we sent out on 17th April. If you have already upgraded your Medea 2nd Tier +20 equipment to Calypse 1 Tier Equipment, you won’t need Hero's Medea Option Converters anymore.

                  Hero's Medea Option Converters that we will send you on 24th April during the scheduled maintenance can be used within 7 days from the date you received it from your Special Storage.

                  And besides that, today at 18:00 GMT+8, we will be giving out High Grade Garnet 50ea, Mid-grade Weapon Powerstone 30ea, and Mid-grade Armor Powerstone 30ea as compensation through Special Storage for the whole Surprise Reward Recipients.

                  Again, we are very sorry about the issue and thank you so much for your understanding!

                  EYEDENTITY GAMES


                  • McYongers
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                    There is corrective action but it is still considered as rewards, but extended for a week

                  • BananaCredits
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                    Oh well maybe they just need time to test the items to have completely 0 bugs? I hope they do this tho.

                  • BabyKuri
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                    I wonder if they even tested this before releasing to main server.
                    If they tested the converters thoroughly in their test servers, we wont get this bug in the first place.

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                  Hope you can use the converter to change my bugged longbow to shortbow