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What are some good health/fitness tips?

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  • What are some good health/fitness tips?

    I was fourteen years old and I was trying to lose weight for just one month and only two pounds are prohibited and I want to lose a lot of weight before the end of summer (seven weeks)

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    I eat oats no meat seafoods only fruits and vegetable 1 bowl of rice . I can drink 1 can of soda once a month. 8 glasses of water a day. Less to non work out.


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      I am sorry, is this related to DN SEA?
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        It's better to get Vit stats to stay healthy rather than HP since Vit also gives some def. If you find yourself dying, try putting your Health/Vit Talismans on your 200%. For being fit, lose all your Gold and you'll drop weight in no time!

        Kidding aside, exercise and eat right. Also, wrong section XD


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          Not wrong section, it is wrong forum XD

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        Make sure u burn more calories then u you consume. Search some diet program that fit with you, and do exercise. if you want to lose weight, i think weightlifting is the best option. or calisthenics if u dont have any fitness equipment or gym member.

        and maybe u should ask on fitness forum for a better answer. cz literally this is Dragon Nest forum :v


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          exercise? cardio?


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            Rice, bread, pastas and any form of dough made with regular flour only gives you more carbohydrates, and these carbs when not burned by your body turns into body fat

            Glucose that come from many sources is also something that turns into body fat for reserve when the body needs it, in order to lose weight you must avoid excessive eating of any of these food

            Fatty foods doesn't make your body fat, but rather saturated fat does, saturated fat are bad fats that your body can't process well so all the byproduct from these saturated fats turn into body fats because your body can't excrete it, unsaturated fat is good to lower your blood cholesterol, since unsaturated fat comes in liquid form and easily processed by your liver, while saturated fat comes in solid form which is more difficult to be processed by your liver, both of these are still present in most food you eat.

            Avoid excessive eating of junk food, beverages that are high in sugar such as soft drinks, any sweet drinks with preservatives such as packs of powdered tea that you infuse in your cold water to drink.

            Exercise is one thing, but not exerting or going to the limit is what will stuck you on your current body weight, in order to further lose weight you will have to exert more force on doing exercises or work out, feel your body with the stiffness, fight it and you should feel your body is hot and this means that your body fat is being burned in the process.

            Walking is one way of burning fat, but that won't make you lose weight, it will only burn up the fat you've accumulated on that day on what you ate at that moment, running will make you lose more weight, and running alone without having to work out will definitely make you lose weight in just 3 months of doing it everyday or 5 times a week, just be sure to always excel and improve on your running session by improving the duration of how long you're running or choosing longer paths to walk, lets say 5 yards increase each day you achieve of doing that session, if you feel like you can handle more, further increase it, this will also increase confidence from oneself by doing what you're saying, remember that self esteem and courage is key to doing this on public.

            Make sure to be on a diet, if you can't stop eating too much then you won't lose weight, you can easily fix your diet by slowly removing any amount of carbohydrates you eat and replacing them with a healthier alternative such as whole wheat bread, lets say you eat 2 or 3 cups of rice in a 500ml measuring cup you can rather lose that extra 1 cup for this week, and if you feel like you are accustomed to eating just only 2 cups, remove 1 more cup and then entirely remove eating rice from your diet or instead of eating white rice, you can also eat brown rice for instance, has more nutrients and does affect your weight less more


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              One way to lose weight while playing Dragon Nest is to do the push up challenge.

              Whenever something good happens to you in-game, do 20 Push Ups!

              Whenever something bad happens to you in-game, do 10 Push Ups!
              Class Mastery 3 guide with some details
              Edited as of 28/11/2017


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                Or for more hardcore challenge:

                10 push ups for every:
                1. Saw a bird selling GDN svc
                2. Saw a bird promoting gold selling
                3. Saw a bird in tagalog
                4. Saw a bird asking for dragon buff
                5. Saw a bird asking for ROB

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                I actually tried doing squats while my game is loading or whenever i can get off my hands on the keyboard and mouse.

                I also tried playing DN while standing up for some challenge.

                But yeah push ups whenever you can is great, maybe 10 everytime you finish a dungeon or nest, and 2 or 5 while game is loading, not only that will warm you up while playing the game, it will also make your heart beat faster, stimulating your brain to function better, giving you more accurate decision like playing it safe or going yolo at the right time since dying is so easy on nests nowadays... and you don't wanna see 1136 gold fee from whenever the repair option shows up after finishing a dungeon or nest

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                Whoa, this turned from "random outta nowhere post" to promoting good health and well being for players XD

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              Oh god. Why forums come down to this?
              Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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                I think we had went even more down before, if you know who am I talking

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                oh yes my fanboy LMFAO