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Cleric Female Costume: Main weapon +1 skill problem.

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  • Cleric Female Costume: Main weapon +1 skill problem.

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    I completed all the requirements needed to open the final box of female cleric box using my crusader, but unfortunately the main weapon +1 skill is not compatible with the class that iam using. I open it with crusader and the reward weapon skill +1 i got is for Heretic class which is Execute definitely not usable for crusader class. Please fix the bug ED.

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    my guess is they use the same rule with academic boy costume... when you open the costume box, the skill in the weapon is a random skill from different variety of academic class.


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      academic free costume in red lotus open and now cleric well no clue about how to change the +1 always random mostly the counterpart of your class will give to you


      • atom100
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        what do you mean by open? academic male costume +1 is random it's so happen that I got the right skill. I wonder if the female costume for cleric, body costume is epic w/ rare grade stats. cp epic costume has better stats, that's what academics got, so it rots in my inventory.

      • clawjack
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        red lotus opening free costume last month

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      I've talk to some clerics in game who also acquired the set and confirmed that once the box is open the skill +1 is random. Well it sucks that i got a Heretic skill +1 on my Crusader and can't even change class..+1 wasted . Anyways thanks for the replies guys.


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        Opened that box on main Saint, and also got Execute +1
        And yeah, it's just for afk purpose in town, or when enter comp on dungeons/ stages (STS, Catastrophe, Dark Banquet) or PVP.
        Since stats compared with New Epic costume stats is around 500k matk/patk different


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          Been waiting for this, can anyone fill me in with the details and if your cleric is wearing the said female cleric costume, will the voice acting change into female once you are in a dungeon or nest? are the gesture voice acting changes as well?


          • Agent3554
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            Yes, and also it probably turns you gayer and now eligible to "virtually marry" a random stranger dude (who's in probably between age 18-40+) that has opposite (in-game) character sex. (I wonder if same sex marriage in-game is possible lol)
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          • whitenoise1
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            Yeah same sex marriage is possible. There are a few voice lines that they forgot to replace (I think two.. for the "Agree" gesture).. but everything else is fine I guess.