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  • Priest Remake Event

    Why is it not included?
    During the Shooting Star Event everything was fair my Gear Master was able to get Skila Set
    Didn't see something saying the Ray Mechanic is not included.
    It is too late coz i already claimed it before the changes was made.

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    Its not too late bro. The box is server-storagable. So just create new cleric then let it take the box


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      since it's already arch heretic, you must have done MQ in the past you won't be able to open the box. This event is for creating cleric from scratch. You should read the event carefully before doing something. I'm skipping this event no time to level up cleric from scratch to lvl 95 . Just like the Vena Plaga event.


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        Thanks for the Info!


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          Since Arch Heretic is separate from the regular class (He's part of the Spin-off Class) and since this is a priest remake and they cannot change job into something else, and since they have a different Main Chapter storyline they are excluded from the event.

          The "Shooting Star Remake" event is different, it didn't required you to acquire a specific item to open the mission box which can only be acquired by doing the Main chapters, and they've done some serious countermeasures for other players to avoid abusing the event, instead of having to only acquire an item, they specified which type of items to acquire so that you can open the mission box step by step, which is labeling the keys from chapter 1 to 17 and then the extra chapters as well.

          The Mission box for cleric can be put on your normal storage (server) or server storage, as well as the keys you acquire so whoever character you want it to open to get that particular rewards on the level of the box will have no problem and the next level of the box can still be put on server storage once it is opened (i hopeso, haven't opened it yet just to make sure and saving all my keys)

          The skila sets are inside a pouch that can be put on Server storage ( assuming it is still the same as the other skila pouches from before) and the FDN Scales as well (inside a pouch, which should also be server storageable)

          The female cleric avatar transformation costume is the one i do not know if it is a coupon that you can put on server storage.


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            Hello, I saw the Priest remake and I am a returning player after a couple of months of inactivity. I know it might be answered somewhere else but do any of you know where I can get the key to open the Cleric Mission Box ? Sorry if it sounds like a newbie question but I have been gone a long time.


            • atom100
              atom100 commented
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              chap 1 box can be open when you clear chapter 1 main quest, chap 2 box when you clear chap 2 and so on. In short you have to clear all main quest w/o skipping to open those box.

            • Mr.Shovels
              Mr.Shovels commented
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              Each level of box requires a different key, completing chapter 1 will give you the Cleric Key [Ch.1] and so on, you can do every and each one of these on different clerics so long as they have the said chapters of the main quest (if you didn't skip all and any of them) regardless of their level, but there is some advantages over making a newly made character than continuing off to a previous cleric, in comparison there are rewards that only a newly made cleric can acquire as detailed on the webpage event of the website.

              I've seen people in chat think that the keys are the same ones as vena plaga's event, but this time its different, the required keys are per chapter rather than its dynamic which can be used on any level of the mission box (ex. Vena Plaga mission boxes only required a vena plaga coin, players can create several VP and finish enough chapters that can be done quickly, this time for the cleric mission boxes you need to complete each chapter in order to acquire all needed keys to open the mission box for each level from 1 to 25 [CH.1-17 + Extra CH.1-8] )

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            Guys help. I have been doing the quest for the event. I am currently in chapter 5 but the key that I received is for chapter 4. My box is for chapter 3. I did not skip any quest but I didn't have the
            key for chapter 3. I need help guys why didn't I got the key