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Lv95 Future Threads & Preparations

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  • Lv95 Future Threads & Preparations

    UPDATED ON 10/02/2017:

    Greetings adventurers and fellow forumers from CC!

    You can simply call me Blaz or whatever your comfortable with.

    I would like to make an announcement about my future threads.

    I have no plans nor interest in making a Dragon Nest blog or site. I prefer the forums for discussion and collaboration!


    -BEFORE visiting my threads, please be informed that it is lengthy because I present important information you find useful only in that thread.

    -AFTER READING any of my threads, call my attention if there's anything you don't understand the wordings, sentence, or concept

    -And don't complain how my threads are structured because I already tried many ways to make it easier to read and user-friendly BUT this FORUM is making me so sick and its disgusting bugs, the WORST thing ever existed! And as much as I hate to put up external links to present information but I have to do it soon.

    So, if you're new in this FORUM, TAKE NOTE these kinds of GARBAGE. And don't expect to get it fixed soon.

    In your first visit, the forum is NOT USER - FRIENDLY

    A. Default SORT setting of the thread is CREATION DATE and not last update.

    -You can change the setting but you must have patience to manually keep on changing it every visit, but seriously not everyone have time for that!

    Originally posted by ceruulean View Post
    The forums have been set to sort threads by creation date instead of recent activity

    it's pretty obvious that when the forums die the game community dies

    if I pay for this game and it's forums I expect it to work to the players favor and not be the inconvenient disgusting format it is
    B. Pressing a page button in a thread will make everything ALL in ONE page as Default Page if you're logged in as USER.

    -You can also change the setting, but this forum interface sux, sometimes you're unable to locate the specific settings in your profile

    C. There's no SPOILER tags.

    D. Stupid CAPTCHA before post.

    -You don't need to re-CAPTCHA if you're going to edit an existing post but Mr. CAPTCHA is still there to deceive and tempt you.

    E. If you create a thread, you cannot change the title anymore after post. So think carefully.

    F. Sure this forum has some nice functions but IT WON'T always work as intended.

    G. PROVIDING LINKS and unnecessary or lengthy names will make your post unapproved.

    -In order to post it properly you have to make it broken af before post or call the administrator's attention. You can also post random text then edit the existing post and put the link.

    H. POST number always change on many posts in a thread.

    -The specific post is in #52, but when I reload the page, the post is now at #102.

    I. The longer time you have spend to edit your post. Chances are, it won't show up after saving.

    -Copy and paste the finalized output and proper formatting, refresh the page OR make a new thread (If you're going to make a long thread) and re-edit and save.

    J. IF you're one of the unlucky people like me, You might be getting this at any kind of post "ERROR WHILE SAVING CONTENT: SERVER ABORT" always.

    -I haven't found any solution regarding this so I'm suffering whenever I see that error every post. You can try using mobile and check if this error won't pop up.

    K. Posting Media files such as images are limited by 4 only and sometimes it won't show up.

    -You can post unlimited pictures once you edit the existing post.

    Sooner or later someone will make this thread in SEA and get a dissatisfied reply:

    A user have made his own script to view the forums how it should be, you can also check the link at my FAQ thread:

    Here's the contents of my threads.

    1. General Lv95 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Thread is UP! : "LINK"
    • Fellow forumers, If you have visited SorceressHater's or theorgil's FAQ You! and Q & A thread at CC forum under guides section, then it's similar.
    • This thread is mostly a collective information about the latest current contents in SEA.
    • It is a collection of guides, sites, tips, posts and useful links of the notable threads.
    • I rarely do guides unless needed and will leave that to forumers and players who have the sufficient experience and knowledge in making informative guides and threads. They will be presented with their links.

    2. SEA Future Contents Information

    Thread is UP! : "LINK"
    • All server contents are mostly followed under DN Korea updates.
    • DN Korea is the only server advanced in terms of update contents.
    • Closest servers to the latest contents are DN China, Japan, and Taiwan.
    • And the rest of the servers are 3 - 5 months away from the latest contents and one year delay from certain events and cash item releases.

    3. A Massive Compilation of Unreleased Future Cash Items in SEA

    Thread is UP! : "LINK"
    • It's a thread that consists of picture collections of cash items.
    • It contains over 2000+ picture files edited into 1000+ final output uploaded in my DeviantArt
    • In a nutshell, it is a list of all cash items not released in SEA yet and a collection of all costumes released in KR.
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    Good luck with the thread, looking forward to see it!
    I am working on a 95 cap updates compilation when I stop procrastinating due to the image limitation taking quite some time as well.
    Hello Sir! Please free to mention me or send me a private message if you need any assistance! I will try my best to help you to the best that I can!

    -Subscribed to every forum section except Trades-

    Discord: Couplord#5195
    NA IGN: SirCoup


    • BlazingSkies
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      Thank you, will also look forward to your guides soon!

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    I'm looking forward to you guys. Keep it up! hehe
    Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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      looking forward for this Blaze
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        Blaze is here boiz.


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          great !
          are you going to post the similiar page in cc forum or there's gonna be new information in the post?
          Just a Non-Hardworking casual F2P player.


          • BlazingSkies
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            The threads have similar structure, and more new information coming!

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          Nice bro , Keep it up !
          Follow my Page for Latest Info on DN and Datamine info


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            NAISU~! Good thing you decided to continue this thread in ED forums!

            Rooting for this!


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              Do your best


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                Thanks for the sticky!

                Anyway just to make it clear, under future cash items thread, I only present cash items not released in SEA yet.

                If you're looking for releases in SEA, you can visit BabyKuri's all cash item threads(below comment).
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                • BabyKuri
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                  Hello, I repost my thread here already. I made some improvements.
                  This forum has better functionality than CC in terms of editing tools and html support.

                  You can visit my compilation here:


                • BlazingSkies
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                  Ah haha I agree, anyway I thank you for your efforts in making the thread.

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                Thanks for the sticky!

                Anyway just to make it clear, under future cash items thread, I only present cash items not released in SEA yet.

                If you're looking for releases in SEA, you can still visit KurizuMari's all cash item threads at CC forum under guides before it disappears. He posted before at the Notable thread list that he'll prolly repost and update it in this new forum soon.


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                  This King is rooting for you!

                  Never Stab Your Son


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                    You have my support blaze-senpai~


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                      thanks Blaz...looking forward >>>>>


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                        As always, thank you for the hard work.