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Should I swap my weapon costumes?

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  • Should I swap my weapon costumes?

    How much of a difference would it make if I switch my cash equips to the ones on the right?

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    Big difference if you won't lose the set bonus even if you remove your rubinart sword and gauntlet, but if you will, i don't see that much reason for you to stick with your old ones.

    I can't tell if you own them but i can guess that you don't own any of them since you're asking here.

    If you will lose the set bonus when removing the sword and gauntlet included on your set (lets say you don't have other parts of the armor ones) then i would say for you to stick with what you currently have for now.

    But if you have enough to retain the set bonus (lets say you got all the necessary set items such as helm,upper,lower,gloves and boots to retain the set bonus till 5) then i would say go and change your gear asap.

    But i'm not sure if the Rubinart Costumes have a relatively similar stat like the regular epic ones but has a lesser value.


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      If you can get the sword and gauntlet, do so, its much stronger than what you have now


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        You should. Old discussions on this matter would unanimously point to having a 4-set Hero Acce bonus + 2 piece Standard Epic Weapons being the best.
        Expect a loss on your Attk Power but gains on other stats (Elem Attk/FD/Crit Dmg)


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          iirc back then in cc forum , you shown full page of epic costume coupons asking what your going to do w/ them. you can use a couple of coupons now and test it yourself w/c is better.


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            Why on Earth is your engraving on your current sword stacking P.dmg if you are a Moonlord?

            Conversely, if you're not a Moonlord, why does the second sword have the Moonlight Splitter as the skill?

            Either way, you are gearing wrong.


            • atom100
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              Perhaps former gladiator, the costume he is wearing is the current epic costume you can get from crystal point shop here in SEA.. that weapon is included from costume set.

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            i think it's better to use the purple king sword, and use 5-set of rubinart, it shows thats the 6-set of the rubinart only gives fd and transformation, hence if u switch to newest epic sword, it will give you 7% matk++

            then again, its only my opinion idk which one is really better


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              What about show us your full rubinart set first before we can really give you our determined answer? since we can't really give you a better answer because we don't know the stats of your rubinart costume


              • atom100
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                You can check the rubinart weapons at Pania npc. the way I see it he will gain 2% atk, 5% elemental, some FD and some critical damage just by changing 2 weapons.

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              If you look very closely, the 6-pc set effect is already gained by the blossom weapon with 200 FD Gain.

              Hence, you will gain 7% AP, +CDMG + a 2.5k AP if you use the blossom weap, this higher than 1~2% FD you gain with the 200FD. (This is true for the sword)

              Just look how much you lose vs to how much you gain.
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