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When do you think is the next level cap increase?

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  • When do you think is the next level cap increase?

    I've been wondering for a year now as to when will be the next level cap increase? i am really curious and excited as to when will we be able to see previews for the other awakening skills we can expect for each and every of our characters.

    And then after that, not sure what's gonna happen next, i'm guessing the level cap would increase from 95 to 97? or level 95 to 98? probably 97 then 99? probably they won't go on level 100 and just stick with 99?

    A lot of questions in mind, but i doubt anyone in the community will have answers for it, since we only get information from when KDN gets a preview for their upcoming update, that's all what we can hope for.

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    Not even sure if they will ever raise the level cap above 95 in any time soon, considering that the KDN had just released Hero heraldies, so most possible the next pseudo level cap would be from Champion to Hero.
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      It's possible it will just stay as lv95, they just introduce more powerful gear and more powerful monster.


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        I just hope that they release the 2 awakening skills that are still marked as a question for us players, and they should also add in an awakening for the spin-offs as well soon or a similar system but different name and skill arrangement, i don't think that the spin-off characters other than BP and RM are having a good time at this moment, there's rarely even an Arch heretic main out there that is geared, i've seen only a few DA geared as well, so there's no telling that those people playing those spin-offs are actually having fun playing their geared spin-off characters.

        But yeah, if i were to be decided upon which is priority, i would just suggest to revise most of the spin-off's skills, fix bugs, and remakes for most classes such as salaena, barbarian, ripper, abyss walker, blade dancer, spirit dancer etc. considering those class that i've mentioned aren't popular for the majority of the population playing the game, i've rarely seen a barbarian or even a ripper in town on every channel, i've seen a few players using blade dancer and spirit dancer, but most of them aren't even geared, i've seen some geared abyss walker on the way but it doubt they are enjoying the bug on their dark conviction skill.

        There's a lot of bugs left unfixed, and even if i were to report these to support, i doubt that they would fix it really soon even with proof of evidence.


        • Knee
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          BM is Black Mara.
          They're still better than most spin off, need very good pilot though.

        • Mr.Shovels
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          oh yeah... demn forgot about BM being black mara, she's not often mentioned and i've haven't seen any black mara's around saint haven before so i got confused.

          I've never have tried blac mara before and RM is pretty much stronger than BM even at pre-transformation, since BM's skill set and rotation are a very complicated.

        • BananaCredits
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          BM was once the most OP and bandwagon class tho.

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        i think its gonna be lvl 100. and it will active 3rd and 4th awakening active skill.