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Q: Aiming for L jades

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  • Q: Aiming for L jades

    Hi guys . I will be pretty straightforward here . After enhancing my skila's, completing my heraldry(ofc crit,CD 3rd stat only), accessories, talismans, I want to aim for L jades

    ​​​​​​So my questions are:
    1. I'm planning to finish all my MQ with my 15 subs .how much gold can I accumulate? Is that enough to buy even 1 jade heart?
    2. Or I'll just wait for the time that FDN can be clearable by pub pt?Or I'll just stop to my current gear. Effort wise because I only play 2-3hrs at night with my main doing dq,spam fm30-35.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated .


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    1. Dont have exact value, but minimum 10kg. So yes, you can buy at least 1 jade heart.
    2. FDN Light is here, but I doubt pub party can even clear it anytime soon, the mech involved required too much team coordination. Even so, FDN doesnt 100% drop mid heart, instead it is quite a rare chance, so i dont think this has much effect on your efforts, except for that extra income.

    3. Suggestions? Wait for Red Lotus Patch for the Flawless Victory L jade. So in short, top up, or pay with your efforts (farming), or bet your luck (Victory L jade).
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      1. You can earn more than 15kg each character if you were to finish all the main quest chapters from 1 to 15 and all the extra chapters included, thats around 22 chapters overall
        • This works for level 95 characters, since all level 95 characters earn gold in most low level dungeons on calderock, but when you're in saint haven all the dungeons available and accessible via Saint Haven will have all the same loot as from level 95 dungeons, just without the Dimensional Rabbit's appearance
        • Why more than 15kg you say? There are more than 100 dungeons you will enter, not to mention all the side quests you can accept along the way while doing your main quest, not to mention the Main Quest itself when you reach at around the higher levels of the main chapters you will get to see the gold rewards increase from a measely 10g to around 30g to 50g, not to mention a lot of other good rewards such as the heroes enhancement jelly, a typical item that takes up a slot in your general inventory, it cannot be sold to npcs but will be consumed first if you enhance your gear.
      2. You can pretty much just jump in with a party for FDN Light, not a bad idea to have a weekly clear for it since if rewards included are worth the effort then so be it, and you're at the point where you can join in on a real FDN clear party run, you are just missing out on the Legend Jades, atleast 4 attack jades.
        • You can still do whatever you need to do on your main character, but focus on 1 sub at a time to finish the main quest along with the side quests, and be sure to do atleast a level of the dungeon you're gonna be need to clear with (Saint haven dungeons) for the main quest, at LAB 3, you might encounter an Invasion, which will a large enemy show up on the cracked dimension, and as to what the growth guide said on the ancient grade gear, you can get those from these guys, so its also a good chance for you to kill all the invasions you can encounter, and they are more prominent when doing Main Quest since you're roaming around on different dungeons, this is also weird but in my opinion the RNG changes often from whenever a player goes into different dungeons other than the level 95 ones.
      3. Suggestions are to open up as many Mysterious enhancement box you can open to get a hold of high grade unique or even a legend grade one, but that is pretty much 1 in a 10000 chance, and since getting high grade ones is also a pain, it just goes down to luck, and not to mention patience and a lot of nest points, don't wait for the craftable victory L jades, since these so called craftable Victory L jades aren't gonna be helpful, when you craft one, it is still the same as how you craft a regular jade, its random, not to mention we can't even be sure if that's just one choice to craft or you can have access to attack, defence or ECJ like the options for crafting with legendary, high grade and unique ones. Champion jades are still the best to get, this is economically speaking if you have plans to swap in the jades from each and every of your sub to use, so my suggestion is if you have more than 1 characcter that you really like to use and you've already geared it up, and since more geared characters means more chance to earn up more points, and gold, this will be a good investment for you as well, so be sure to have the same dragon jade type for your main character and your subs that you are going to use, for example if you have a main that focuses on STR, go for subs that uses STR, same goes for AGI and INT, my main is a crusader so i can use both but i focused on STR so that i can use the other characters i really like playing with such as the Destroyer, Barbarian, Ripper and Dark Avenger.


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        Normally 6 L jades is what required to reach that recommended stat, and of course among them 4x must be attack L jade. FDN Light do have lesser difficulties, but that was just in term of boss HP and damage. How about those coordinations on mechs such as S2 night flower, S3 splitting, and S4 mushrooms, spikes and ball person? Yes indeed FDN Light acts as a practice mode for the normal (and incoming HC mode), but it doesnt means that it is that easy to be cleared without actually knowing and practicing the mechs.

      • Mr.Shovels
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        That's why you should have coordination "AFTER" you manage to enter the FDN Light nest, anyone who enters the first time won't have any knowledge of it, except if they did watch a video tutorial or a guide for FDN, but in this case you can probably guess that even with the knowledge they know about, the experience is still missing, and without doing it themselves, they won't know when to do it and what to do when that time comes, that is why it is better to play in it the first time and let everyone feel the difficulty, understand what to do and then the 2nd time around that is where coordination comes along, not everybody's first time would be great even if it is coordinated, without going in blind you won't know the experience of being so careful.

      • Mr.Shovels
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        1st time entering, even with a guide, most players still fail to complete a run, why? because they are too tensed and too serious about completing the stage, the mind works in such a complicated way that even the slightest changes on one's emotion could lead into ruins of the team's momentum, that is why it is better to feel the nest, no need to be so serious about having such "coordination" like someone is talking and everybody is talking again and again and then someone blames the other and then it all goes into chaos, if that is what coordination would mean then it's not good the first try, but if you meant by coordination of the team as a whole, like everybody understands what they should do, someone is in command but that someone only watched a guide for FDN and doesn't really have that much xperience and doesn't have the right feel of when this particular boss will change attack pattern, or when will the mech starts and what to do etc etc. that coordination will put them in stress, it is much better off if they get the feel of the nest first, understand what they should do, it is better to let them feel failure before they can achieve success.