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  • Sally or Maj

    Which sorc is better?
    What are each class' pros and cons.

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    • Flashy Skills
    • Inferno's critical resistance reduction debuff
    • Spammable Meteor, Flame Burst, Fireball, which all of her core skills to deal dps (Fire ball being a 3x cast if you got the skill combo right, decent dps on each cast, a good dps overall if used 3 times in a row and in consecutive hits)
    • Ranked 2nd to the lowest in DPS among her sisters, even Elestra has a better role than Salaena even if she has better dps than her sister
    • Skill animation looks sluggish and a bit slow, both Inferno, Rolling Lava needs time to deal up the best possible DPS and this will lead to her vulnerability for a few seconds
    • Doesn't have any other Buff to support her DPS capabilities, other than her passive buff for when she uses her fire abilities against her enemies (Awakening Passive)


    • Skills are cool, more on the Gothic side, also fits her characteristics since she's a sorceress
    • 2nd to the best DPS rank among her sisters
    • Has her own buff to improve her Dark atk which is great
    • Beyond Time skill, reduces skill cooldown by 80% while buff is active, skill itself is not affected by the effect.
    • Teleport skill that helps her travel time and dodging more efficient and less time consuming, also an addition to the skill she can use to dodge or avoid attacks and danger
    • Gravity Rush is a good alternative to travel along a path, great as an escape mechanism, acts like an alternative for Dash but will pop up any gravity spheres that are inactive in the area
    • Skill Animation requires time to be used or to deal its full dps
    • Consecutive DPS, meaning she depends on her mobility and the ability to spam her skills to keep on landing a hit on an enemy. Black Hole, Dark Ascension and Gravity trap (awakening with Gravity spheres) are all stationary DPS zones that an enemy needs to be in range for these skills to deal its full dps, but for any skills like Summon Comet and Meteor Storm, as well as Triple Orb and Triple Orb (instant) and much much more, all of it are basically burst type skills which deals its full dps base on its skill damage description in a matter of few hits or just 1 big explosion.
    • Not an effective class against moving targets, but with proper skill management and skill rotation, she can be quite capable on her own.

    Yes, there are more positive traits the Majesty has than the Salaena, but this is not something that should get you discourage on using a class which isn't good with doing DPS, but rather remember the important part of playing the game is to have fun, grow and get to experience the full potential of the game with your friends that only lasts for a couple of days and it all comes down to having the best gear possible, how ironic isn't it?

    To me i don't like the Sorceress class but i have played them for a good amount of time, and the most that i liked is salaena and majesty.


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      I once turned off 'skill effect invisibility' (set to 0) while playing with a Smasher in nests. THE LASERS ARE FCKIN' COOL BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL. Very decent dps.
      But I heard him complain about laser bug all the time.

      If I were you, I would go Salaena first, and upon reaching lv95, change job to Majesty using the free job change scroll from the level95 box. Or the other way around which is Majesty first then change job to Salaena.


      • Mr.Shovels
        Mr.Shovels commented
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        No, No, No, this is such a premature way of using the benefits of the contents of the Level up achievement box, not to mention the discount coupon, from which Storage slots and inventory slots are most important when you're someone gathering up important items on your adventures through out Lagendia.

        You have an alternative way but also a long and unconventional method of changing job, that is to earn up BST points in order to exchange enough for a change job scroll available on Adventurer david's NPC just beside the mission bulletin board located on the far west side of Saint Haven.

      • Faraway
        Faraway commented
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        yea I agree to you, the trading house ticket should be used to full extent. And the discount coupon should not be opened from the box until players have enough resources to buy them at a great discount (if it's a main character).

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      Saleana has simple play style.
      Casting time: Fast.
      Buff: [Party-Active] Cooldown -8% Final Damage +8%, [Self-Passive] Additional Damage +50%.
      Debuff: All Attribute resistance -20%, Critical resistance -20%, Burn damage 5% per second.

      Skill highlight:
      • Even though some of the skills require maximum number of total hits so the damage can be high, final explosion could be triggered by right/left click depending on situation (i.e inferno, rolling lava) so it would not be wasted if your target suddenly change position.
      • Revolve mainly on triggering [Fever] Points to be able to spam Summon Meteor and Flame Burst.
      • Close to middle combat range.
      • Middle to wide AOE. Best for clearing mobs crowd.
      • Less i-frame than Majesty.
      • Overall easy play. You explode yourself, you explode your enemy. That's all.

      Majesty has slightly harder play style.
      Casting time: Medium. I personally would say she is the slowest among other Sorcerer classes.
      Buff: [Party-Active] Cooldown -8% Final Damage +8%, [Self-Active] Steal Magic , [Self-Active] Beyond Time.
      Debuff: Damage +20%, Slow, Stop.
      Skill highlight:
      • Player have to be conversant on nest mechanic AND Majesty skill's casting time and animation to optimize her DPS as it requires maximum number of total hits so the damage can be high. This is quite tricky to execute because most of the skills requires perfect timing and positioning, plus final explosion can't be triggered manually. Those balls have to sit there until the very end.
      • Revolve mainly on Beyond Time and Class Mastery II.
      • Middle combat range.
      • Narrow to middle AOE.
      • Has more i-frame due to Meteor Storm.
      • Quite complex to master. You scatter the balls, you position yourself, you blow them before they vanish within few seconds. If you miss, you wait until next burst moment appear.

      On the end of the day, their damage and efficiency rely on nothing but your piloting skill.


      • Mr.Shovels
        Mr.Shovels commented
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        I agree on this, but Salaena hasn't gotten any boost recently other than Majesty getting a rework on her awakening, which did improve her dps by a little.

        Salaena's Inferno and Rolling Lava's explosion when using either left or right click (left click for Inferno, Right click for Rolling Lava) only deals its intended full dps when you explode them instantly, but the casting time where you do not initiate the end casting of the skill (for inferno spreading fire and not exploding it would deal all of its intended damage + the explosion damage)

        Did tried this for both, the DPS has better results when you do let the skill animation for rolling lava and Inferno proceed as normal, but that is different for Rolling Lava, before the ball of lava ends its rotation on the position you aim it, use right click to instantly explode it infront where the enemy will get hit by the explosion, in this case you won't need to actually wait the rolling ball of lava to roll out and explode, that sequence and comparing it to the explosion would deal the same amount of DPS either when you let it roll on its own or using right click and exploding it AFTER you let it rotate for a while casting its skill animation, since it is your EX's ability to maintain its rotation for a while to deal damage before the rolling lava explodes, intentionally or letting it roll on its own until it reaches its destination from which is around 10 meters away from you from its rolling point onward.

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      I will only put Saleana's Pros since I only use Saleana.

      • Saleana is a Sorceress class means she has a Cool Down reduction and Final Damage Buffs.
      • If you find fire element/animation more attractive it Saleana is best for you.
      • Two Different kind of debuffs Inferno EX's Crit Rate Debuff and Phoenix Storm's Elemental Attribute Debuff which are both sustainable meaning to say it is applied at all times if you keep on casting this two skills.
      • In suppport with the previous statement, those two skills are included in Fever Generating Skills in order to get a bubble for Summon Meteor and Flame Burst(so no reason why not to spam Inferno and Phoenix Storm).
      • Aside from Inferno and Phoenix Storm, there is another one Fever generating skills: Awakaned Ignite.
      • Fire Ball is like a Shotgun if your target is near and it is like Rifle when the enemy is too far.
      • I believe Saleana is the best Pre-DPS Job meaning to say she deals damage while casting skills or in other words shes dealing damage already before the enemy gets vulnerable(preparatory skills).
      • Saleana is one of the toughest Job along with Elestra cause they have this Fire Shield and the Fiery Vortex gives 50% Damage Reduction(concealed self buff) while shes casting it about 3-5? sec depending on Action Speed at the moment of casting.
        note: you should be wise when to apply Fiery Vortex's buff coz it has long cool down time.
      • All skills of Saleana has a great Area of Effectivity (AOE). Very handy when it comes to scenarios where you have to put down number of mobs/mechs like the Tombstone Mechanic @ Granom Stage 2 Boss.
      • Top thing I noticed is that all Saleana's skill tree has a great value meaning to say there is no useless one. unlike Elestra's Glacial Wave.
      • Saleana Solo clears lab 45 without single LJade meaning to say you can put up a fight with other class even with under-geared equipment.
      • Primary Skill Flame Worm deals a great damage.
      • with the recent update Sorce has a greater Hang Time the in air now more easy to dodge Stomps.
      • Since she is a Sorceress class she lacks the evading skills like some other class have like Evading Slash of Gladiator, Alchemist's Hypnosis etc.
      • Slow Casting Action speed with almost all the skills. (Will Power Stone/Premium Stone is the remedy)
      • Poor Mobility.
      • Poor Super Armour(easily flinches at many times).
      • Int type means a lot pricey gears.
      • Not welcome in e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ pub party.
      • Underdog amongst the other Sorce.(but I must say it really depends on user)


      • Azukano
        Azukano commented
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        hi Mr.Shovels good day to you sir. for your info sir all classes has a Dodge coming from there originating Skill Tree I will name it all one by one in ea. classes. Warrior: Tumble, Archer: Tumble, Sorceress: Escape, Cleric: Sliding Step, Academic: Dodge, Kali: Turning Step: Assassin: Tumble, Lancea: Tumble, Machina: Tumble , aside from Sorceress' Blink/Escape skill which skill of Saleana has evasive/iframe capability? how about Adept? they have Dodge, Magma Jump and Hypnosis, now look at Gladiator they have Tumble, Evasive Slash(from the name itself evasive), Hacking Stance, Parrying that is 1... 2.. 3. but 4 t! iframe plus excluding the iframe on Aerial Combat skills which can be used to dodge or take away from danger. look at my Saleana it only has 1 or 2 Evasive Skills. lemme ask you sir Shovel do you know what evading means or no?

        regarding with Fireball terminology Shotgun and Rifle, lemme ask you a question first do you know Figure of Speech? if no I won't explain myself anymore for it is futile. but I think I should clarify my statement very well. I meant shotgun because shotgun is a popular term for a short range combative weapon. It can dismember people's body when shot with the right angle. (Don't forget Fireball EX's enhancment makes the Fire Ball into three smaller pieces and deals more damage when all three hits the enemy). I meant fireball as a Rifle because Rifle is known as a long range weapon mainly used for sniping people from a distant location and this will surely hurt because Rifle Bullets are so big that if it hits any of your body parts it will surely penetrate just like a Saleana's Fireball is when it hits the enemy from a distant example from Base A to Base B of Valley of Mist(M) it really feels good seeing the enemy bouncing on the ground.

        reagarding the AOE, do you know what AOE means? can you please search a bit of the context before you comment and criticize a person's post? do you know how Ignite Works? if not lemme explain... Ignite Works when all enemies around you are burning. it will explode when it is activated by Saleana(a quite cute animation move), my point is Inferno... Flame Spark, Flame Worm, Phoenix Storm, Inferno, Fire Ball, Inferno, Flame Road, Fiery Vortex, Rolling Lava, Fire Shield(back then) that all of this skills can effect more than 1 enemy at the time and all are Burn inflicting skills to enemy if all your enemies are affected by them then you can simply use Ignite, and don't forget Ignite has short cool down time. errr...

        my point is that...
        no.1: I am not stupid.
        no.2: I am not your ordinary Saleana.
        no.3: Show some respect to other person's insights and opinions.
        no.4: If you can't comply with the no.3 show some respect at least on me.
        no.5: I am stupid too for staying loyal with Saleana.

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      I think i'm going Sally again. Any jade/heraldry builds? I'm 1 month into the game and I am not geared yet. I already have the CP costume tho.


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        Originally posted by Scarchain View Post
        I think i'm going Sally again. Any jade/heraldry builds? I'm 1 month into the game and I am not geared yet. I already have the CP costume tho.
        For unique jades, use either fire or magic attack jades, it's not much difference or you can use all magic attack jades so that you can share it to majesty if you decide to create 1. for defensive jades use the int/vit. type for survivability.
        for heraldry use the 41k crit. variety until you reach crit max. the rest you can use the 2.7k magic attack type or the 45k crit damage if your cdg not 300% yet.


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          Played all sorcs except eles.

          With regards to sally vs maj,

          if you're soloing more play maj, you have both dmg and ele debuffs easier for you to clear nests on your own.
          Sally if you're gonna duo with someone with dmg debuff.

          As of a the recent changes for majesty, it's a lot easier to play, but still requires certain skill to execute properly. focus gravity (your main skill) is a lot more forgiving now and can travel even halfway across a map if the boss runs away. Not to mention it's pretty fun gauging the angles for your balls (cause they need to collide with the boss to deal dmg)
          Sally is pretty much the same just cast skills off cd, which was pretty boring gameplay to me. in fact sally's might have it tougher since flameroad is their highest damage dealing skill.

          end of the day it's up to your favoured playstyle really. I tend to solo a lot more and enjoy setting up for a big bursts so i picked maj instead of sally or smash.


          • atom100
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            The drawback for majesty is you need bullets before you can cast focus gravity or gravity rush, need to casts triple orb and gravity ball first. and it takes time to accumulate those bullets.