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    i accidentally forfeited the slayer mode remote quest and idk how get it back

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    What's the point, slayer gears are obsolete anyway.


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      Slayer gear have been long obsolete the moment Tier 3 calypse got released, at some point its rarity as a drop from the boss and the cost of points to purchase one at the slayer point store isn't really worth it, especially the effort you will put into grinding for either the chance for it to drop from a boss or the points earned to buy one.

      I suggest invest your time into grinding nests or dungeons, it is pointless as of now to do slayer mode if not for an event or specific tasks with good enough rewards, enchantment hammers are not even worth the time to invest, the game is being converted into a more top-up oriented system as to where everything you need to gear up your character requires a lot of time and money, and if you're playing for free, you will have to grind for months in order to even achieve to obtain and wear a full gear with the highest possible tier in the game without the company releasing a new tier of gear to keep players from grinding stuff.

      It's a farming simulation game in terms of being in an rpg with an aspect of having to spend money to get what you want fast or kill yourself grinding 24/7 for everything you need to get what you want and still fall flat in the end of the month, its a race on time which players will get the best possible gear there is before others does, that's how i see the game.

      Also a good livelihood for some.