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Prof K - Stage 2 Boss 2 beetle mechanic and some other questions

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  • Prof K - Stage 2 Boss 2 beetle mechanic and some other questions

    Ok, I cannot, for the life of me, survive the destroy the 2 beetles mechanic on the Stage 2 boss of the Prof K Nest.
    I somehow always got sucked by the boss while he tries to summon a mass of beetles and this is after I successfully destroyed the nearby beetle.
    Because of that, I could not get to the other side to destroy the other beetle. I mean, seriously, why insta-kill if the fails?
    They should've deal, I dunno, maybe just 60% of health damage instead of a wipe out just for missing the other beetle.
    Any trick that I am missing here or I just need to power run through it to the other side just to kill that other beetle?

    Also the Minotaur boss in Serpentra Nest, can I just run around and have the boss just destroy the tentacles, without worrying too much on the crystal shards?
    I also die way too much on this mechanic because I am kinda forced to go to the crystal shards just to drop the rage bar.

    EDIT: I'm playing on my sub Barbie who is currently weak, sitting on Medea T1 equips, and running on Lab 4.
    I can understand the Serpentra Nest, because "lore-wise" it should be difficult, but Prof K? A simple nest with a rather difficult wipe-out mechanic? At stage 2?
    I think I'm really missing something on that part.
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    the mech was made for atleast a party of 2.. as for me (avalanche) when i solo or do svc.. i just reserve my burst for that insect summon mech..

    it just s*ck for barb cause of their slow pacing

    as for the minataur part.. have to destroyt xtal.. ull lack time if u dont.. it was also made for atleast a party of 2 lol.. dont have any prob on lancea cause of mobility ^^
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    • k3yb0ard
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      I guess reserving burst skills will help too as I have a habit of mindlessly spamming my skills.
      I know that I am spamming but I just could not control it, lol.

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    Dragon Nest is a team-based game, so the mechanics are designed for teams. Prof K beetle mech is for a party, not for solo. If you going to solo, better if you have enough ability to either KOS that boss, or burst enough to kill off that 2 small bug. Minotaur stage wise, just run around in circle and hit those crystals, as the crystals are spawining at the circumference.

    Also, stop whining about those mechs. Mechanics are there for reasons, nests arent just-DPS dungeon, so dont ask to not wipe you off when you fail to complete it. If you are weak, find a party maybe and stop solo-ing?
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    • k3yb0ard
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      Yeah finding a party was an option too, I just thought there would be a trick to beating 2 beetle mechanic solo.

    • BananaCredits
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      Other than burst them out or KOS the boss before the explosion, there is no trick to beat that mechanics. Like you mentioned, you tend to mindlessly spam all the skills, so I guess you need to plan your skill rotation and reservation for optimum output and also for mechanics bursting purposes.

      Being good in DN isnt just about dealing best DPS, it is also about how you plan your DMG output and surviving those mechs.

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    I thought people were a lot more smarter these days when playing games, and i think wrong, its the other way around.


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      Fun fact: that mech when fails deals massive damage, but not instant kill if you have enough HP
      Also you should lure him to near 1 of the bettle first if you predict the mech is going to happen


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        yea lure the boss to the edge to avoid the suction effect
        then when you see the message run to the other side to kill the first scarab then run back to kill the second scarab

        the minotaur is kinda hard for solo though since the crystals respawns too far at each other
        the trick is to destroy the crystals to prevent it from using the aoe skill which delays its attack on the tentacles


        • k3yb0ard
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          Yes, I'm thinking about that strategy too. I guess I have to fight the beetle on the edge until the 2 beetle mech.
          Yeah the minotaur is really a pain in the ass, especially on Fission Maze. On the regular nest however, one strategy that I can think off is to turn ON the cinematics for Serpentra nest, as I think the first time I encountered the Minotaur boss is that the crystal is spawned at a circular pattern. If my memory serves me right tho.

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        Although they seemed to be insta-kill it really isn't. Not all boss mechanic skills wipes out everyone instantly although that seemed to be the case for most of the time because of their insane damage.

        Nevertheless, I believe the main point for this is to make people have something to "worry" about or get "excited" while clearing the dungeon regardless of the floor you're at.
        Clearing floors with guarantee of no deaths would definitely bore people out...

        Also, if you really think you can't clear them without dying or you just really value your resurrect scrolls that much, you always have the option to lower the floor level to guarantee that you won't die.

        TIPS when going solo:
        Will of Power is a must specially if your class is a Barbarian as this class is really slow when attacking.
        Manage your burst skill CD wisely for mech skills.
        Reserve your Iron Skin buff for when the mech skill is about to start, this could really help you with mech skills like the beetle in Prok K nest you mentioned.
        The most important part is that to learn/feel how the boss move/reacts everytime you run the nest. This could give you an edge when you battle them again. In time as you battle them, you won't feel them as much of a threat to you anymore when you learn how they move.
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        • k3yb0ard
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          I also realized that my main problem was that I lacked crit to do any significant damage.
          I was sitting at 52% crit rate during that time and now sitting on 75% so I'm kinda managing the boss at the moment.
          And yes planning ahead, especially Iron Skin, is really encouraged.

          Of all the bosses, this two just gives me the headache lol XD