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Mr.Shovel's Short Guide on: Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears!

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  • Mr.Shovel's Short Guide on: Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears!

    Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears!
    Introduction to the new content of Board Quests
    on Mission Bulletin Board


    The new update patch from February 12th of 2019 features the return of the Bulletin board quests from the late level 70 cap which has been removed long ago which purpose is to earn extra exp while getting pouches that contains low grade jewels that can be sold for silver to gold, or even sold off the pouch for 1 gold each.

    The new Bulletin Board Quest features the new era of attaining the Hero's Blood , Sweat and Tears Points or BST points for short, and these points can be used to exchange for numerous cash shop items that players can now obtain through the will of effort on completing tasks from the easiest difficulty to the toughest ones which can be achieved through hard work of each players with enough team work, its possible.
    Board Quests

    The Mission Bulletin Board Quest is where you will find quests that will most likely range from killing a boss in a dungeon, completing a wonderful theme park (adventure) event, or killing the boss on a particular fission nest (not in fission maze) and most of the quests has BST points as rewards, these rewards then can be exchanged for certain cash shop items such as Job Change Scroll, Heraldry Page Expansion Coupon and Skill Tree Expansion Ticket, which functions as another set of page where you can have a different skill build to use everytime you wish to change from having a PVE skill build or a PVP skill build, as well as another expansion page for Heraldry, which you can set another Heraldry setup for another purpose, and the Job Change scroll for changing into another class of the same character in the same tier.
    Location of the Mission Bulletin Board Quest and Adventurer's Guild Member David, which is the NPC store
    Click image for larger version  Name:	quest item.JPG Views:	1 Size:	91.7 KB ID:	157206

    Here is an example of what it would look like when checking the Mission Bulletin Board for Board Quests
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2019-02-20 12-48-31 Wed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	146.5 KB ID:	157207

    Here is a list of the usual board quests you can do that ranges from killing the boss of a dungeon, or killing a boss of a fission nest to doing raid nests such as Green Dragon Nest or Forest Dragon Nest and also Rune Dragon Nest:

    Defeat the boss of the dungeon to complete the Board Quest
    Dungeon Reward
    Black Lake 1,250 BST Points
    Vulcanus Swamp 1,250 BST Points
    Red Waste 1,250 BST Points
    Chiron Beach 1,250 BST Points
    Abandoned Wharf 1,250 BST Points
    Phantom Forest Core 1,250 BST Points
    Ancient Chiron City 1,250 BST Points
    Secret Seabed Cave 1,250 BST Points

    Defeat the Main boss of the Fission Nest listed to complete the Board Quest (not in Fission Maze or Maze Core)
    Nest Location Reward
    Volcano Nest Saint Haven -> Anu Arendel (East Gate Portal) 2,250 BST Points
    Guardian Nest Saint Haven -> Anu Arendel (East Gate Portal) 2,250 BST Points
    Mist Nest Saint Haven -> Anu Arendel (East Gate Portal) 2,250 BST Points
    Professor K Nest Saint Haven -> Riverwhort River (South Gate Portal) 2,250 BST Points
    Serpentra Nest Saint Haven -> Hermalte Port (South Gate Portal) 2,250 BST Points
    Granom Nest Saint Haven -> Rhadames (Boundary Gate) 2,250 BST Points
    Typhoon Kim Nest Calderock Village -> Gray Ruins (South Portal) 2,250 BST Points
    Chiron Nest Saint Haven -> Merca's Heart -> Merca's Port (Boundary Gate, Talk to the NPC located before the stone arc leading to Chiron Island dungeons) 2,250 BST Points
    Trial Nest (Chiron) Saint Haven -> Merca's Heart -> Merca's Port (Boundary Gate, Talk to the NPC located before the stone arc leading to Chiron Island dungeons) 4,500 BST Points
    Trial Nest (Granom) Saint Haven -> Rhadames (Boundary Gate) 4,500 BST Points

    Complete Wonderful Theme Park Stages to earn Points
    Wonderful Theme Park (Adventure) Event Rewards
    Secret Room 1,250 BST Points
    Thorny Path 1,250 BST Points
    Reckless Umrak 1,250 BST Points
    Hot-Tempered Bacchus 1,250 BST Points

    Special Stage
    (Heroes Battlefield, Slayer Nest are located at Templar Knight's Training Ground)
    Special Stage Rewards
    Heroes Battlefield (Normal) 2,250 BST Points
    Heroes Battlefield (Hardcore) 2,250 BST Points
    Deep Abyss Nightmare (Any Difficulty) 2,250 BST Points
    Slayer Nest (Any Stage, Any Difficulty, Any Boss) 2,250 BST Points

    Raid Nest
    Raid Nests Rewards
    Green Dragon Nest Time Attack Problem Solver's Treasure Box (Unique)
    Forest Dragon Nest Great Problem Solver's Treasure Box (Legend)
    Rune Dragon Nest 4,500 BST Points
    Rune Dragon Nest (Hardcore) 4,500 BST Points
    There are times that the board quest that shows up requires you to do another round of completing a type of stage which has a weekly run limit, and since any quest can pop up regardless if its a special stage or a wonderful theme park stage or WTP there are times that you are already out of weekly run limits, in order to avoid having these board quests stuck on your list, you can delete the board quest in order to get one, but there will be a timer before a new board quest pops up after you have deleted one, and the duration will depend on what type of board quest you have deleted.
    • Dungeons and Special stages - 1~2 hours
    • Fission Nests - 2 hours
      • Serpentra Nest takes about 3 hours for the timer
    • Raid Nests
      • Green Dragon Nest Time Attack Board Quest - 8 Hours
      • Forest Dragon Nest - 10 hours
      • Rune Dragon Nest - 4 Hours
    You can Instantly gain another Board Quest by clicking Instant gain and using the required Crystal points in order to skip the timer, the amount depends on the hours left, usually 1 to 2 hours of waiting time will only require 1,000 Crystal points to 1,400 Crystal points, while for 10 to 8 hours of waiting time it will require 3,000 crystal points to 4,000 crystal points depending on the duration left.

    The Problem Solver's Treasure Box contains special gear that is called "Problem Solver's Equipment" which is a type of equipment that will have a better stat when enhanced further from +1 to +20, has less enhancement fee and material requirement but is prone to breaking beyond +10 due to the inability of using Jelly, same as for Forest Dragon main weapon and Skila as of the current patch update.
    Not only that it contains free gear for some who can use as a temporary alternative for calypse gear which is far expensive enhancing from t1 to t3, the treasure box also contains various items such as crystal points.
    Adventurer's Guild Member David (NPC Store)

    The NPC store for BST points offers a good chance for players to get several cash items without spending money to top-up and only requires the effort and the will to keep on earning points, hence the "blood, sweat and tears" title for the point.

    The best part of this new content is that it offers the chance for players to acquire mid-tier costumes to boost their stats, the only difference from this costume is that they don't have an appearance, same as for conversion costume which is a catalyst to have a stylish costume with the best available stat boost to offer, which requires a different costume to combine with the conversion costume to have the appearance of the costume used but with the stat boost of the conversion costume, in this case the Mysterious problem solver costume does not have the ability to act like the conversion costume, so the only use for the costume is to boost your stats, and nothing else.

    Each Costume costs 102,500 BST Points
    Click image for larger version  Name:	problem solver costume.jpg Views:	1 Size:	160.2 KB ID:	157208

    At some point, they are on par with epic costumes, but epic costumes are still superior to mysterious problem solver's costume in terms of stat boost (percent values) and looks, but this costume is the best for people who are in a tight budget on gold to use it for something else, as well as for newbies who just started playing the game.

    Next is the accessories, here are the list of accessories you can buy from the BST Point store
    Click image for larger version  Name:	accessories.jpg Views:	1 Size:	118.3 KB ID:	157209

    Here is a list of cash shop items you can also buy on the General Tab section of the BST Point Store:
    • Messenger Blue bird - used for world chat, costs 4750 BST Points (1pc)
    • Resurrection Scroll - adds 1 red life stone, costs 3150 BST Poiints (1pc)
    • Potential Heraldry 3 Slots (30 days) - temporarily unlocks 3 of the heraldry slot that you can use to equip any type of heraldry for the duration (30 days) costs 38,750 BST Points
    • Heraldry Page Expansion Coupon (Permanent) - adds another page to use as an alternative Heraldry page for a different Heraldry Setup, costs 115,750 BST Points (can only switch between heraldry page on town)
    • Skill Tree Expansion Ticket (Permanent) - adds another page for another skill build to use for different purposes, can only switch pages in town, costs 115,750 BST Points
    • Origin of Pandora (Physical/Magical) - an Origin that can be used to increase either Physical or Magical affinities (Physical origin increases patk, STR and AGI) (Magical origin increases matk, INT and AGI) costs 37,500 BST Points (Tradable)
    • Job Change Scroll (Non-Tradable) - used to change job of the same character on the same tier of specialization, Costs 115,750 BST Points (Permanent) (Cannot be put on server storage)

    There are also 2 Titles you can purchase (permanent) in the General Tab section of the BST Point Store which can be bought for 33,750 BST Points
    Click image for larger version  Name:	titles.jpg Views:	1 Size:	67.3 KB ID:	157210

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    • You can use your BST Points to purchase the Origins of Pandora and sell it through TH, in this way you can make profit out of your BST Points
    • Approximately 15,000 to 30,000 BST Points can be earned each day when you spend your FTG wisely and conserve most of it for the Board Quest which requires you to slay the boss of a dungeon or a particular boss of any Fission Nest, not to mention you can have Board Quests that requires you to do slayer nest, which doesn't require FTG but do need slayer tickets to enter, as well as for Hero's Battlefield Hardcore (10 entry max weekly using keys) and other special stages that has weekly limits.
    • You can buy the Skill tree expansion ticket to give you access to another skill tree page for you to use if you are both playing in PVE and PVP so that you can utilize the skill builds you have in mind, since in order to be a lot more effective in PVE, you will need to focus all your SP on your respective skill tree for your specialization, when you unlock your alternate skill tree page, you can have different sets of skill builds for you to use at any moment you wish to change from one skill build to another.
    • The Heraldry page expansion Coupon is used for most players who want to utilize different builds of heraldry at their disposal, but if you're a player that will stick with your current heraldry setup, it is recommended that you do not get this as this will only waste a huge amount of BST Points if you're not someone that has several heraldry setups that you want to use at different situations for PVE or PVP.
    • In order to maximize the FTG you can conserve for Board Quests that requires you to kill a boss in a dungeon or Fission nest, you can skip DQ anytime, or rather do it progressively when a board quest with the right dungeon shows up on your list, you can do both your DQ and Board Quest at the same time, so do not hesitate to conserve your FTG for Board Quests since BST Points is more important rather than spending 750 FTG doing DQ while you can do both at the same time.
    • You can do your Board Quest with other people, such as asking them if they have the same Board Quest as you do, you can all form a party and do Fission Nest together if you have the same type of Fission Nest to do, in this way, you make full use of your FTG and earning as much points, fission crystals and other items as much as possible while doing Board Quest at the same time, this is to assume that you are not geared enough to do beyond lab20 or so, having a guild with nice people in it is also a great advantage, you can ask them to carry you if they have the same board quest as you do, thus you don't have to keep focusing your FTG to do Fission Maze or Maze Core, instead you can just do Board Quest with other people.
    • There are times a Board Quest that requires you to do Green Dragon Nest shows up on your list, if you're a player who does filler svc for other people or for your guildmates or avails of solo GDN svc, you can reserve it for the time when you are gonna go GDN either as filler or as client, in this way you can get the Problem Solver's Treasure box which contains useful items for you to use or for you to sell, such as the problem solver gear which can be sealed and put on TH, prices differ but currently it ranges from 5,000 gold to 140,000 gold since there is still not base price for the item on TH, it is fairly new.
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      Reserved just in case i needed more space


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        1st here!, i'll starting to read it, thanks
        Yung Venuz bless you


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          • Fission Nests - 2 hours

            The reset on Serpentra nest (and only Serpentra nest) is 3 hours.


          • Mr.Shovels
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            thanks for the info

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          Quick question, is this Mission Bulletin Board permanent feature of the game or seasonal like the dark banquet. If seasonal need to plan ahead what item to stock. or to remove the heraldry from expansion to avoid the trap heraldries. don't know if they fixed it already.


          • Arkhaez
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            How is it still a bug when the game is already telling that it's not? I don't know how to attach images on replies or if that is even possible, but if you hover at the clock icon at the upper left part of each potential heraldry slot, it says "To equip or remove heraldry, the slot has to be activated."

          • atom100
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            Arkhaez if it is intended they should put that description on the item itself so that those unaware of unremovable heraldries and talisman, can removed their items before expiration. it's like heraldry and talisman napping or extortion. need to pay cash to have your own heraldry or talisman.

            to add not all players have capability to top up at will. so it could be huge loss for some for their valuable talisman like ancient talisman or FD plate trapped forever in expired expansion slots.
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          • Mr.Shovels
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            I don't think its never been a bug actually since they want players that forgot about their about to expire potential heraldry slot 3 and didn't able to remove their heraldry in time and that because of the system of unable to remove the heraldry if the slots are not active they are forced to buy the 3 potential heraldry yet again.

            Depending on the demand, i don't think they will remove it anytime soon or any other of the useful cash shop items especially the 1 time purchase heraldry and skill tree expansion pages

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          i got unique problem solver box from GDN mission and RNG Jesus gave me flower of hope


          • Mr.Shovels
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            My 1st unique problem solver box i got a problem solver's book which i sold off for 5,000 Gold at TH, a lot of people have been selling theirs for a price of more than a hundred thousand gold yet they are really just an alternative solution for getting good gear, since i think they aren't as powerful as any tier 3 or tier 4 legend gear even when enhanced to +10

          • atom100
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            +20 tier2 more powerful than +10 problem solver, at least for the weapon,you can compare it from growth guide. +10 problem solver is in between +16 and +17 tier2. beyond +10 I doubt you will venture there because of high chance of broken gear.

          • Mr.Shovels
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            The Problem solver gear isn't a good idea from ED, considering a calypse t1 to t2 is a lot more easier to enhance and cheaper than the problem solver gear they have introduced, they should have instead made a gear rental system to help newbies do stuff like higher levels in the labyrinth at the cost of gold or points, enough to last a week or so and the cost aren't that high but also not low enough that players can abuse it and take advantage of the gear rental system.

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          why is it deep abyss nightmare in weekly task, didn't clear, when it has same task with mission board? is this bug with weekly task? saving entry count with mission board. too bad for weekly task it wont cleared. happens 2 weeks already.


          • Mr.Shovels
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            I think this might be a bugged, hope they fix it.

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          Thanks for this!


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            Is there time limit for Great Problem Solver & Royal Problem Solver title or is it permanent?


            • BananaCredits
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              As far as we know, its permanent.