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Artillery skill rotation and gear

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  • Artillery skill rotation and gear

    Hi I'm just new in this class. I just wanna ask for the skill rotation and good ujade for artillery thanks in advance ^^

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    I can't really say much about the skill rotation since i don't use an artillery but i can give you tips which ujades are ideal for artillery, but this is all base on my opinion

    I just want to discuss the different kind of builds that people often setup on their character before i list it down.
    • Glass
      • Glass build are derived from the term "Glass Cannon" meaning in most RPGs, a class or a character with high damage output but has the least or low survival stats or the ability to be tougher and cannot withstand hits from enemies,a glass cannon typically has a naturally high attack power but they most likely have the least hp or defenses, an example of that would be the sorceress class, not enough defensive counter measures, has the least vit and hp base, but ofc can deal massive damage depending on what class you pick, smasher is one of the top ranking sorceress class currently after her revamp. most builds like this are often overlooked by some and wanted to have more HP, but since it is very important to have more survival stats than having the really unnoticeable change on your attack power compared to getting defence jades with more vit and hp, this is also a good alternative for most occasion such as doing service runs on raid nests for other players in exchange for a service fee.
        Glass builds are a good setup if you want more matk for your artillery, the only drawback is you are losing the benefits of HP and VIT, but if you are confident of your team and your skill as the player using an artillery, you can pick this setup, its also a good pick for most players who are just starting and will be stuck with regular ujades at the moment, since some already has atleast legend grade attack jades.
    • Survival
      • The basic jade setup for most players, with more vit and hp, you get more max hp, as well as more pdef because of VIT, more hp and pdef, means more survival chance on certain boss attacks on nests and most importantly, when doing a new type of raid nest where survival is important, a dead character is a dead dps, you can't deal damage if you're already a ghost
    • Fatal
      • Artillery lacks critical chance considering she's an INT base class, but just to be aware, there are 2 types of fatal jades, 1 having a better increase in critical chance, and 2 having a better cdmg or critical damage, whereas how much damage multiplier is applied when you deal critical hits. this is not a really good build considering critical chance is easily achievable and the least stat you need to worry getting for your jades as having critical on your heraldry as their additional stat or "3rd stat" is good enough to boost your critical chance, Genesis Earring is also a good choice of earring accessory to get when you want to boost critical, and cdmg as well as hp and vit when you have other plans for your heraldry setup

    Defence Jades (Glass build)
    • Go for 5 ujades with more attack power for armor parts
    • 2 ujades with Fatal (more critical hit) for an extra boost on crit chance, or go 7 glass ujades if you have enough items to increase your crit chance already
    Defence Jades (Survival build)
    • go pick 5 ujades with hp and vit on armor parts (important to have atleast 2 ujades with more attack power or 2 ujades with fatal stats with more crit chance if you lack any of those)
    • You can also go 2 ujades with hp and vit then go 5 glass ujades, usually you don't have to go all out with the survival ujade setup with 7 of it, if you are confident enough and you want more attack power but you still want a bit more hp on your artillery, go for half, 3 glass ujades, 4 hpvit ujades.

    Attack Jades (Basic)
    • best choice for an attack jade for a non-elemental class is picking elemental jades which increases elemental attack + with either HP or critical chance
    • Do not pick an elemental jade with INT as their added stat with less attack power, this is not a very good pick if you already have a good amount of cdmg, since most class only pick attack jades with stat boost (INT,AGI,STR) because they lack cdmg or crit but wanted to balance out between attack power , crit chance or cdmg, but in your case, more attack power + an elemental atk increase and crit chance would be a better choice.
    This only applies on regular ujades, high grade ujade and legend grade jades are different and has more stats to offer so there's really not much to compare it to this setup.

    You can also try your luck on opening up Mysterious Enhancement Dragon Jade boxes that can be bought using nest points from the nest point store, it often gives you epic grade jades but there are instances where it can randomly give you a legend grade jade, or a high grade one, often it is a regular ujade, these are only good as a temporary alternative when you are still building up your character from ground to top.

    Good luck! hope my guide helps
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      Thank you Mr.Shovels for the tips in ujade build ^^