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Short Guide for: Sniper (PvE)

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  • Short Guide for: Sniper (PvE)

    This is a short introduction of the Sniper Class, i do not have a definite skill build but i can guide you towards having a perfect skill management on your Sniper class by informing you of the pros and cons of certain abilities if they are required to be invested with enough SP to attain the full potential of the ability.

    Here's another guide from Fox Says Meow~ just in case my guide isn't enough to answer some of your questions.
    A Deadly Gust of Wind: The Introduction of the Sniper Class

    The Sniper class is the 2nd Specialization of the archer class that came from the root class of the Bow Master
    The Sniper class is the top ranking DPS in the game to which she can be ranked at around 3rd from the top 5 DPS ingame (that is, in my opinion on all non-elemental class)

    A Sniper's role in the party is to be the Damage Dealing Class, DPS is just a short term for Damage Per Second which actually isn't fitted to be called for her because she hits enemies in a single burst of damage, which we should classify her as a Burst Damage Class, she mainly uses her skills from afar, she specializes in long range combat, so she mainly stays behind the lines and attack from behind her allies.
    Skill Explanation and Skill Management

    in this section we will discuss the pros and cons of certain skills, in which you will learn what are the abilities to invest your precious SP, short term for Skill Points.
    (all the explanatory from the abilities came from me, this is my own way of explaining the skills, there is a link down below to further learn their effects and description.)

    Offensive Skills

    Here we discuss all the Offensive abilities that the Sniper has (not including all the unnecessary abilities of the archer class that is not viable for the Sniper Class)
    • Charged Shot :
      This ability is your Bread and Butter, this is the main damage dealing ability you have and hits hard on enemies including Bosses in Nests
      EX UPGRADE: improves charging speed, increases damage and area, allows the use of Wind Shaft which will deal 90% of charged shot's base damage, it hits a couple of times too so its hard
    • Aerial Chain Shot :
      This ability consist of giving you mid-air advantage, in which whenever you are knocked down in air and used aerial evasion, you can quickly use this as a counter in both PvE and PvP but on PvE this ability deals little damage as the arrows spread too far to even hit all the arrows in a small monster, but on boss it will definitely hit most of the arrows only if you are near the boss.
      EX UPGRADE: debuffs enemies that will decrease their critical resistance by 20% for 10 seconds, the cooldown of the ACS is 12 seconds, so make sure you spam this as it is very useful at all times, but not necessary to improve and invest SP on it, leave it at lvl1
    • Siege Stance
      This ability consist of making your character go in a shooting stance, which every click of the mouse hits enemies with her fast shooting arrows that deals damage per arrow for the duration of the stance, for 15 seconds, a must to invest your SP with, this is also the core of your class so be sure to actually have it maxed
      EX UPGRADE: improves cooldown to 3 seconds, increase attack power by 20% , action speed when shooting is also improved and lets you use your right click to shoot a spread of arrows for 15% of siege stance's base power, i don't advise you to use that kind of attack as it will not deal enough damage and has a slower shooting speed than using your left click.
    • Arrow Shower
      One of the most renowned skill of the Bow Master, arrow shower deals decent amount of damage if all the arrow hits the enemy, it has a shooting arc of 2m and the distance it will land all the arrows is around 4m so be sure to use this skill in a distance.
      EX UPGRADE: improves the arrow shot, and lets you follow up an additional burst of wave of arrows for 160% of the base attack power of the arrow shower
    • Arrow Barrage
      The ultimate skill of your sniper, deals a huge amount of damage in a short amount of time, this is a DPS skill for the sniper, unfortunately the arrows hit doesn't pierce through the enemies so using it on a boss that there are mobs to be hit infront is not advisable, be sure to use it when all obstacles are cleared and you have clear sight of the boss in nests, aim it carefully because each arrows that hit the enemy count
      CLASS MASTERY 1 UPGRADE: This ability will have +50% more FD when you use it
    • Piercing Shot
      This is one of the Archer's skills, your starting skill that is needed for the Awakening and Class Mastery 3 of your sniper class, be sure to max this as it deals a large amount of damage in just 1 arrow and as the name suggests it pierces through enemies, so its a good advantage for using it when most of your abilities are on cooldown (well i doubt you will use it most of the time, hehe)
    • Sliding Shot
      this ability is one of your sniper's awakening active skill, it will let your character slide while shooting arrows in a slanting position on a 45 degree angle in the direction your aim is positioned, this ability is mostly used when using charged shot normal as it will launch enemies into the air and you can combo it with sliding shot.
      this ability does not help that much at all, it helps at certain situations but not a good addition to the sniper class as it is only useful in melee combat, maybe they should swap it out for another skill that will help in long range combat

    Utility Skills
    • Wise of the Owl
      good buff, increases your critical damage by 20%, not bad right?
    • Rage of the Owl
      your party buff, a must learn ability
    • Physical Mastery
      Get it, increases your survival by improving your HP
    • Mental Mastery - Mind Conquer
      This ability is not really needed for PvE in my opinion as it will only eat up Important SPs you have to invest on other abilities that you need in order to further improve your capabilities in battle, each stage in nests always regenerates your HP and MP by 100% so its not an issue to use and you have an independent mana regeneration as well, so its for you to decide if you want this ability
    • Spiritual Excel
      Improves both your INT and AGI by 50% of its value for 180 seconds, not a bad buff
    • Sylph's Aid
      This ability is amazing, it improves your action speed, movement speed and attack power by 25% for 22 seconds, and it only has a cooldown of 44 seconds so whenever you use it, the buff duration eats up half of the cooldown so it acts like it has a cooldown of only 22 seconds as well, be sure to spam this buff always whenever you can.
    • Bull's Eye
      Debuff ability which will increase the enemy's damage taken from phyiscal and magical attack by 20% for 60 seconds, it only has a 10 second cooldown, further investing of SP on this ability is not necessary as it only increases the damage dealt by a small amount, this should only be left at level 1
    • Cheating Point
      This ability increases your Final Damage by 50%, acts as a lure and explodes after 10 seconds of summoning it, so its one of the best ability to max out because each level increased will improve the duration and also improve the cooldown, be sure to max this ability.
    • Camoflauge
      This ability gives you a buff that will make you go stealth mode, and improves the action speed when charging for Wind Shaft by 2 times for 10 seconds, the stealth only affects mobs and certain mini-boss so the only use of this ability mostly in nests is to improve the casting time of windshaft, it usually takes around 5 seconds to cast wind shaft, but with camoflauge it will reduce it to 2.5 seconds.
    • Fake Shot
      This ability is required for class mastery 2, so whether you like it or not you have to get it. its also one of your evasive skills that will launch you backward for a short distance to avoid any incoming danger infront, further investing SP will reduce the cooldown, this is useful when you are spamming your arrow shower Instant, which is part of your Class Master 2
    • Triangle Shot
      while using dash or tumble, when you use your right click your character will jump straight in mid air and avoid any danger from below, it lasts for 2 seconds so its a useful skill to avoid any spam-jump issues on certain mechanics of nests, also a good combo to use with aerial chain shot, further investment of SP also reduces the cooldown, its for you to decide if you want to improve the cooldown of this ability if you have enough SP and sacrificed most skills to learn in order to get this.

    Here is a skill build that i made just now
    Gear Management

    Sniper's Main Attribute is Agility, she benefits on AGI more than STR, but STR increases both her physical attack power and critical damage, so having an add-on stats for sniper i suggest pick STR if possible.

    Level 95 CAP - Neris and Medea Gears
    if you have the gold, go for Medea Gears (Unique)
    Hero Medea Gears are Converted from Rune Dragon Gears, which all embedded Stats that are in the Rune Dragon will be transferred to your Hero's Medea Gear, always pick STR/AGI for the AGI, and the STR to further increase her Attack power, and critical damage, or pick AGI/VIT for the AGI and for the VIT, for more survival chances in Nests.

    How to Craft Hero's Medea Gear?
    You need the Converter, which you will find at a blacksmith; click the damn blacksmit > Craft Items > Common Goods tab > Search it down below
    Weapon Hero's Medea Converter:
    You will need 20 High Grade Garnet, 20 Speras, 30 Weapon Enhancement Powerstones and the crafting fee costs 100 gold
    Armour Hero's Medea Converter:
    You will need 20 High Grade Garnet, 20 Speras, 30 Armor Enhancement Powerstones and the crafting fee costs 100 gold

    Note: All Converters can only be used once, you will have to craft multiple converters in order to have a full set of Hero's Medea Gear

    When Converting, you will need your Rune Dragon Gears, all the Stats embedded, and the enhancement level would be transferred to the Hero's Medea Gear when conversion is complete, its much more efficient than actually trying to enhance a +0 medea gear because it will require Mid-grade powerstones which is tough to acquire at this current update.

    Neris gears can be acquired via abyss dungeons on chiron island, the latest dungeon when doing DQ at abyss difficulty, but you can also purchase this from a blacksmith, but the stats given will be at random, so you will have to spend a few golds and a hint of luck to actually get the desired stats you wanted for the gear, enhancing neris gears are cheap, they only require low-grade powerstones which can be obtained through disassembling neris gears, and doing certain tasks and quests, and also from the adventurer's treasure box.

    neris gears are expendables, but not worth the shot of keep enhancing the gear if it does not reach +20.

    Tier Upgrades will come soon to the Server
    Dragon Jade Management

    For Dragon jades, i suggest go for Wind Enhancement Dragon jades to get all the agility stats you needed, but the issue lies beyond whether to choose the jades with Critical and critical damage increase, or the HP and Vit increase, on this current limit cap increase on critical and critical damage, i suggest WInd jades with VIT instead, it is not worth the risk of increasing a minimal amount of Crit for your survivability in nests.

    ECJ? Should i go Elemental? YES
    Elemental converting jades are crazy these days, they increase your attack power by how much elemental attack you have particularly what type of jade you have.
    many accessories increase elemental attack, but without enough damage, it won't budge, so when picking accessories i suggest having to choose the 2nd to the best accessories we have ingame, the Greedy Rune Dragon accessories, if you cannot afford it, stick with the regular ones for a while.

    Do not upgrade any offensive jades that improves elemental attack, only improve the defensive jades like the Wind enhancement Dragon jades, its worth its cost, but not for the offensive jades equipped on weapons and ring accessory.
    Heraldry and Talisman Management

    The Heraldry you need are:
    Wind/Destruction Life Vitality/Health
    Fatal/Ultimate*or*Limitation Ironwall*or*Tent/Bear

    Bear heraldry increases STR, you need it if you chose the STR/AGI stat combination on your Hero's Medea Gear, but i suggest go for both Ironwall and Tent instead if you have Neris, Limitation heraldry increase critical damage by a solid 10% if you have the epic one, its very rare to have that much critical damage, it weighs more than the ultimate because Sniper class has cheating point which increases your final damage by 50% already.
    Life Vitality/Health is for survival, Fatal to increase your critical, the critical chance limit cap has increased, so you need as much critical right now, you can swap it out after level 95 jades are released.

    For Talismans, your Priority by rank is:
    Wind/Destruction 200%/200%
    Fatal/Limitation*or*Bear 150%/150%
    Life Vitality/Health 125%/125%
    Ironwall/Tent 100%/100%

    ironwall and tent gives solid amount of defense at 100%, life Vitality and Health gives more than enough you needed to support the effects of the Heraldry you equipped, you need Wind/Destruction talismans at the first column to maximize its potential, Fatal and bear are substitutes for Limitation/Ultimate Talismans if you can afford them.

    All Add-ons or additional stats should always be AGI as much as possible, not FD because the FD wouldn't be useful for you without that much damage, you already have your Cheating Point as proxy for that much FD you needed, it will only be a liability because FD stats as add-on stats are expensive, AGI add-ons will further increase your damage output , as it will be increased when you use your spiritual excel
    Skill Enhancement Heraldry

    The main Skill Enhancement Heraldry you will need is:
    • Charged Shot
      you can either choose the action speed increase or damage increase heraldry, having a faster action speed will make you more agile and removes your immobility while using wind shaft, but the camoflauge ability removes that risk and is enough, so if you are capable of your skills in dodging, i suggest picking the 20% Damage increase heraldry for the skill, but if you want a fast paced Wind Shaft spam, choose the 50% action speed increase
    • Cheating Point
      This is your main buffer that increases your FD for 50%, and acts a lure and good damage burst, pick the CD reduction of 20% for the skill to have better cooldown times, it will make you spam it more than before.
    • Arrow Shower - Arrow Barrage
      Pick between these 2, Arrow Shower is your main spammed skill and has a wide AoE to hit enemies, Arrow Barrage is one of your DPS and is your ultimate, if you pick the Arrow Shower, always spam this as much as possible, Arrow Barrage has a higher cooldown and is your ultimate, but increasing its damage will net you more damage, not much powerful than your wind shaft but its still a good choice
    • Critical Break
      you can choose to either having 12.50% more chance of triggering this passive ability or having 25% more damage dealt to enemies when triggered.
      i suggest picking the heraldry that increases its damage, consider having 50% chance of triggering this is more than enough, you will have more damage dealt to an enemy if it triggers, having more chance doesn't weigh the chances of having more damage than having more chances of dealing less damage.

    Additional Tips for Skill Usage
    • Charged Shot has a low cooldown, with the awakening enhancement passive of Siege Stance, you can reduce its cooldown by 2 seconds each time your siege stance arrow shot at the enemy hits, each hits will stack to the reduction of the cooldown (e.g 2 enemies hit by 1 shot of the arrow, 4 seconds is reduced to the cooldown)
    • ACS or Aerial Chain Shot with its EX upgrade will reduce the critical resistance of all enemies hit, it is a useful debuff also a good dodging ability on certain mechanics, and a combo for aerial evasion if you are launched or knocked down in mid-air, can also be used right after triangle shot ( Dash/Tumble > Right Click for Triangle Shot > press ACS independently (can't trigger ACS with attacking in mid-air if you use Triangle Shot)
    • Sylph's Aid is a very useful buff, with a buff duration of 22 seconds and 44 seconds cooldown, its gonna eat up the cooldown while the buff is still active, so you could say it only has a 22 second cooldown, so be sure to spam it in the beginning of the fight
    • Bull's Eye is your main debuff as a bow-master, it will reduce the physical and magical damage taken of your enemies for 20% of a 60 second duration, it only has a 10 second cooldown so make it count before using all your dps skills against an enemy
    • Wise of the Owl has a long cooldown of 90 seconds and a duration of 15 seconds, use it only if necessary and only if you have enough wind arrows to use Wind Shaft to deal full damage against an enemy, having more critical damage will increase the damage output of the Wind Shaft, so use it before using any of your deadly skills, BE SURE TO CAST ACS FIRST AND Sylph's AID BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!
    • Camoflauge only works great when using your Wind Shaft, only use it the right time you know you are safe, the boss will be idle for a moment, you have enough Wind Arrows to use Wind Shaft, cast this ability when you have all the requirements in a certain situation as i said, cast this last after your buffs have been used and are active on your status bar
    • Siege Stance is your Bread and Butter! 2 seconds cooldown with the awakening passive enhancement, be sure to keep spamming this while your arrow shower and charged shot are on cooldown
    • Only use Twin Charged Shot (when using the ability on siege stance form) when dealing with a single enemy or a boss in a nest, spam it as much as possible while collecting wind arrow, do not hesitate to use it even if you have 20 wind arrows to cast your wind shaft, because certain mechanics will delay or disrupt your casting of wind shaft
    • Arrow Shower in siege stance form is much more advisable than using the arrow shower independently, it deals more damage and accurately hits your enemies in a small arc down below the ground to hit the enemies near you (has a 15 degree angle of shot, be sure to be still in a distance when trying to use this ability and aim down below)
    • Cheating Point is your best buff skill, it acts as a lure and explodes after 10 seconds, aim this near a spot where you predict a particular boss or mobs will go, this also lures certain boss, its a good addition when you need to lure a boss, it acts like a provoke but the provoke only lasts for a few seconds each proc interval from the flower it summons, spam this as much as possible.
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    May i know how did you manage to come to the conclusion where sniper is the best 3 dps in lvl 95 cap? Any personal experience or... hearsay? Just curious .
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    • CLYMAX
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      Xenocho I haven't used artillery for a long time, i actually changed job my previous artillery into a sniper, as currently what i am using right now.

      i liked the artillery because its a lot more agile than the Sniper once, but still each class has its own charm, and sniper just fits my criteria because i like how she can be one of the best long range DPS in the game, i just don't like the fact that they added a sliding shot to which only shoots arrows upwards, to which is a type of skill that would a melee or mid-range class would use in order to combo with his/her other skills that related to launching enemies into the air (i know charged shot > sliding shot is good at close range, but its not really useful when fighting a boss in a nest unless you try to actually dodge instead of dealing damage and aiming sliding shot to the enemy)

    • Chelly
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      Ahh i see, thanks for the reply

    • Xenocho
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      Arti is easier to play than Sniper atm. Arti will become stronger than Sniper with the boost. This is mainly because Sniper's no-CD system (technically), which creates difficulty in knowin which skill to cast over another, and proper and most efficient rotations.

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    Is this the complete guide?

    I'd recommend you share rotations on using skills for sniper, since they rely on Siege > Arrow Shower/Charged Shot etc., as well as a CD reduction mechanism and the emphasis on Wind Shot in general. Also when to use Camouflage to make use of reduced cast time of Wind Shot.
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    • Xenocho
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      Sticky can only be done by forum moderators, usually when they feel your guide is of high quality.

      Unfortunately, this is one of the first forums to have such low character limit/post. Therefore, you may need to break up the entire guide to several posts.

      There's no need to apologise, it's good that people are willing to contribute quality content in the forum. Feel free to ask me anything if you wish.

      A few suggestions:

      - Plan out your guide fully before posting it. This way it will come out as complete immediately than a work-in-progress over a few days
      - Reserve MANY MANY posts just in case you want to add things in later. Usually 5-6 posts depending on your content.
      - Do not use MS word to format, because MS word's formatting is usually not directly transferable to the forums. However, there is 'copy from MS word' in this forum tho, maybe it works.
      - A few things ppl like to ask are Gear and Skill Build. Like you, I made a "justification" for each skill previously for Engineers but people still prefer to see the final skill build product.

    • nvLite
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      I used google docs when writing mine. It was copy paste friendly, including images were copied.

      tho i still fixed some formating.

    • CLYMAX
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      nvLite noted, will do advance preparations in the future whenever i try to post a topic on certain guides. Xenocho thank you for giving to me your opinion, i appreciate it

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    i am sorry about this incomplete guide, i actually have typed a full guide about this including gear management, heraldry, dragon jade, talisman and attribute focus on this class but unfortunately when i tried to post it, i exceeded the limits of letter allowed to post, so i tried to copy the other half and post it and stick it on this thread, but after i posted it, i did not see it shown on the forum, it was just blank, so i left it behind assured that my topic was not posted, and here i saw this just now

    im sorry, ill try to do my full guide of this right away


    • Xenocho
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      Don't have to apologise. Every steps is a learning journey.

    • CLYMAX
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      just finished editing, looks like it fits, this is just a small scaled guide for the entire guide for the sniper class i will make in the future, i just dont have enough time to make one yet, not until i learn all the specifics of the forums

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    Anyone who'd like to know and watch proper DPS rotations for a sniper fear not. Found this a while back and it helped me alot. Enjoy!


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      thanks for this

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    Did they increase the CDs of Fake Shot and Triangle Shot in PVP now? (after the Slayer Mode patch)


    • LoliZeth
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      Is it me or the said 2 skills has 10 seconds cd before. But now it's 18 and the one, I forgot.

      Yes. Those skills must be level 1 only. Lol

    • CLYMAX
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      in pve, they get a reduced cd whenever you increase their skill level, 1 second each SP you use, my fake shot is needed to be max for spamming my instant arrow shower whenever possible, it's very useful in dodging as well, your tumble isn't always enough to escape danger zones in certain mechanics in nests, after using tumble, using fakeshot is a good way to counter enemies as well, after dodging you can use your instant arrow shower

    • LoliZeth
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      On behalf of pve sniper players, thank you. Anyway, I'm a pure pvp gamer.

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    do you guys think that sniper needs a boost?
    people say she's on the bottom of the pack (again)


    • CLYMAX
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      sliding shot... thats the awakening skill im wanting to be replaced with something, she really doesn't need that in PVE especially in nests most of the time, she already has an enhanced tumble that could compensate with the IFrame of the sliding shot *sigh

    • iphie
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      well yah the 2 awakening skills are more of a utility. while sister artillery haz like damage skills

    • CLYMAX
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      yeah, artillery got their boost just now from the previous patch, but i still doubt the population of artillery jobs out there won't increase, its rare that Archers are chosen as a class to be a player's main character to focus their income and gear it up, rarely people choose warrior, assassin, and academic's as a player's main class played overall.

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    Originally posted by iphie View Post
    do you guys think that sniper needs a boost?
    people say she's on the bottom of the pack (again)
    I wouldnt say that, Sniper its pretty fine right now, the only cons at least compared to the other archers its that she needs more buffs. What i mean with this? Speed buffs like Willpower and Harmonize, with those buffs i really believe that Sniper can beat at least all other Archers, without mention of course her own speed buffs like Sylh Aid and Camouflage for Wind Shot.

    The faster that Sniper can get bubbles the faster that can get the 10 required for Wind Shot the faster that can cast this one, Artis, Tempests, WWs, SHs can get benefits as well but wont make a so notable difference on their gameplays compared to Sniper BUT, unfortunately Sniper's wind shot best-basically-the-only-skill DPS is lag's nemesis, without good MS you wont be able to explode the potential of a Sniper (150ms+ if im not wrong) because your wind shot will just pass trough boss without recognizing them cause of our friend Delay-kun. Truly heartbreaker but true.

    Heres a video from a Sniper beating all her pt at RUDN HC
    IGN: Adhelaida, KasumiDesu.

    How To Defensio PVE Guide Cap 95


    • Adhelaida
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      Because she said it in a comment of this video

    • CLYMAX
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      sniper does have the highest DPS output among all other characters with her wind shaft, if you could spam 2 of those in just a short amount of time, you could deal 500million damage (if you have an attack power of atleast 500k and have dealt critical hits proc with critical break, and debuffing your enemy) i have done this many times in NM and in Nests, almost a billion damage and i just had mediocre gear

    • CLYMAX
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      compare all the other characters using all of their ability, while the sniper could deal that much amount with just 2 wind shaft to which will only take 20 seconds to charge and cast, for now i think i am fine with her on this current level cap, but in the future updates, she will be left behind by the other class, atm she is the main dps of the archer class, she overpowers artillery and the other 2 class that mostly specializes in fast paced action in pvp that they are more suited there than pve, artillery and sniper requires time for their abilities to be cast and deal damage to their enemies, certain class are not really suited for pvp, some are not very comfortable to play in pve, but overall they are fun to play and depends on the player's gameplay.

      still i proclaim that sniper is still 3rd in ranking of DPS characters in the game, spin-offs are different league on their own, so they don't belong to the ranking instead they have their own rankings.

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    Originally posted by Nogarde View Post
    Anyone who'd like to know and watch proper DPS rotations for a sniper fear not. Found this a while back and it helped me alot. Enjoy!
    very important guide. a must know for all snipers


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      im honored to know my video is mentioned in here ~!

      i do have a full sniper guide available in na forum section:

      i also post sniper gameplay videos in na archer section semi-regularly, come take a look!


      • CLYMAX
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        nice, ill feature it on my post