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Question for which accessories, jades and stats should i focus for my Crusader?

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  • Question for which accessories, jades and stats should i focus for my Crusader?


    I've been having a hard time figuring out whether if i should go a balanced patk and matk or should i focus just either of them? I already have plans for my crusader, but i need to pick just 1 and stick with it, but i wanted to determine if i am right on my assumptions.

    My questions are the following:
    1. Should i equip my crusader accessories that increases a solid value of Patk and Matk or either? should i balance them out? Does equipping Accessories that increases my STR and INT a much better choice like the Genesis Accessories?
      My choices are either a full GDN legend accessory setup or 2 Genesis Rings
    2. Should i split up the stats for my defence jades? such as having 4 STR, 3 INT respectively with 1 attack jade having an INT stat? what about my Attack Dragon Jades? should i pick an attack jade that increases my attack power more with light attack or i pick a jade that increases my stat attribute either STR or INT? i need more elemental attack since Crusaders only have their elemental aura to increase their light attack to +10%
    3. My Heraldry setup are mostly 3 Heraldry with +Crit highest possible value, as well as 3 Heraldry with +Cdmg highest possible value, then other 2 with +STR and +INT, should i stick with it or do i need to switch to another additional attribute?
    4. I know what to do with my talismans, i will pick either STR or INT which depends on people's suggestion on my post.

    That's all my questions but if you have any other suggestions please do consider telling it to me here, i really need any advice from someone experienced with this kind of thing

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    1. I am not a pro crusader or even a crusader user, but if I was I would focus on 1 stat so that I can maximize my damage than trying to balance both patk-matk and str-int. I would also go with matk-int because int increases critical damage.
    2. LGDN set has better stats than 2 LGDN and 2 genesis. That's just my opinion but if you want to get more FD then go for the latter.
    3. Don't use INT/STR as 3rd stats heraldy because it gives lesser matk/patk than the matk/patk 3rd stats.
    4. If you will take my 1st suggestion then focus on the talisman that has your choice of main stat as 3rd stats.
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      I've seen a couple of people who balanced out their patk and matk, as well as their STR and INT are both well balanced with just a few thousand difference.

      I was thinking of getting genesis for the +5% increase in both patk and matk, as well as a +5% on STR,AGI,INT since i was thinking of utilizing my judge's power buff more and depend on it for my dps, but i think it won't cut out and it's only useful for the +20% FD buff rather than the increased synergy of patk and matk base on the crusader's STR and INT attributes.

      A lot has suggested when i asked on world chat to go INT because it not only increases Cdmg same as STR, but it also increases Mdef which defense is needed in so many factors when going on Nests, but i am skeptical if bosses do even deal magical damage anyways or they are just plain physical defense.

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    Crusader is the most Gear Efficient class in the game, Crusader's benefit from both Patk and Matk , as well as from STR, INT and AGI, Crusader is not that picky when it comes to which stat fits best the character, but Priority is the main attribute of the Crusader which is STR/INT.

    I will suggest you pick INT because it will increase your Mdef in the process, make INT and Matk your primary stat, STR and Patk secondary.

    For accessories and jades, it depends on what you prefer:

    Fission Nest Accessories
    • With the Ring of the Outlaws, choose Matk as its offensive stat, with a higher step of the ring, the better, it will also increase your CDMG by 11%
    • Solid values are much better than having to pick over the Ring of the New moon that only increases either of your offensive stat by a percentage, but the accessory's primary focus is to enhance your defensive capabilities, which you do not need since your role as a DPS is to further increase your attack power, let the support roles do their job to heal when you get accidentally hit by the boss in a nest.
    • Memory of Mist necklace and Crystal Flame earrings aren't on par with the stats given by Green Dragon Accessories, even at Step 5, but do consider stick with these accessories if you do not have the budget to avail of a service run to Green Dragon Nest to get these accessories

    Green Dragon Nest Accessories
    • Green Dragon accessories are the most flexible accessory you could imagine that has a better stat boost that is affordable and has a set bonus effect which further gives you a better stat boost than any other accessories out there, but ofc there are some that far exceeds that of particular types of accessories such as the Refined Genesis Earrings which increases Cdmg, CritH, Max HP and Vit as well as other solid values such as patk and matk, crit, hp, FD, and cdmg, from which most players would suggest you to get Refined Genesis Earrings if you have a really low Crit and Cdmg value or either of them.
    • It only costs 20,000 Gold to achieve atleast a single legend grade accessory, which is really cheap considering than from before the Rune Dragon's accessory where it cost 20,000 gold or more per each item to be purchased.
    • The Best accessory your money can buy, and as a Crusader which makes full use of both patk and matk on most equipment that provides both, you fully utilize the use of these accessories as a crusader, so this is your best pick.
    Genesis Accessory
    • The Genesis accessory provides more stat boost overall from offensive stats, attributes such as STR AGI and INT, cdmg, crit, vit, max hp etc. these accessory proved to be the best when it was still 93 cap and everyone was going crazy over it, even at this moment these accessories are still useful in most cases than most of the accessories available out there since it has become cheaper as other items are introduced into the game such as the Forest Dragon Accessories and Green Dragon Accessories, cheap but not relatively dirt cheap, it still is a bit costly from a price point of the genesis ring becoming 12k~18kg and doubling that when it is refined.
    • The Genesis accessory are far more expensive than getting solo SVC for Green Dragon Nest to get the legendary accessory, and in most cases, the Genesis Earring is the most worthy and notable accessory to get in combination with an Imprint Hourglass necklace (L GDN accessory) and 2 other GDN accessory of your choice, preferably legend grade.

    As for Jades

    Attack Dragon Jade
    • Your Priority for this type of dragon jade is to pick a dragon jade that doubles the solid value of both Patk and Matk and have a light atk on it with either critical or Cdmg, or which is that you are lacking, but i suggest you pick crit
    • Focus getting more attack power, but make all your attack jades an elemental type which increases your light attack, since crusader lacks the ability to increase their light attack above 20% unlike any other class.
    • If you have any other highly valued costume accessory and costume armor and weapon that increases your light attack drastically, you can basically switch out 2 attack jades from being elemental to offensive that increases your matk by a percentage, but still focus to aim for a higher solid atk value (for champion dragon jades, in this case it should be the one with 17k increase in atk for both patk and matk)
    Defence Dragon Jade
    • There are 2 options you can pick when choosing the right type of defensive dragon jade:
      • Offensive : go full offensive and pick out defensive dragon jades that either increase your crit or cdmg, or purely increases your offensive atk for both patk and matk, this is considered a "glass" build or a glass cannon build which is preferred by most svc runners when doing GDN svc runs since they are confident with their ability to dodge. having to choose jades that increases crit and cdmg are only optional if you consider boosting either of the stat that you lack the most, but if you have plenty already, lets say it is already above 290% cdmg and 80% crit then it is fine to go glass cannon build
      • Defensive : go full defensive by picking a type of dragon jade that increases your survival stats like VIT, and max hp, VIT increases your HP and Pdef at the same time while Max HP provides a better HP value, since HP is valuable when doing Nests, but do not think for your role being a semi-tank, since most boss attacks will kill you in a few hits, so block will come in handy in this case as well as iron will, you are still a DPS role for your team and should focus on doing DPS at the boss, let the tank roles do their job, but if you are in a guild without a tank, then i suggest you pick this type of build instead.
        Survival is crucial on nests, a dead DPS is no DPS at all, so always keep in mind that you need to still avoid any dangers rather than rushing and gambling on your abilities to keep you safe such as block and iron since in most cases it will not be that much of an effective strategy especially block, since whenever a boss tries to hit you and you block, in some cases the abilities you were going to use gets cancelled such as hammer hand, which has a 3 second animation (0.42 sec for instant, 2.35 with conviction aura) and every few 0.30 melee second counts for every attempt of a boss to swing around you and tries to kill you, be sure to always consider positioning yourself before using any of the skills since crusader takes its time to do their skill animation unlike most of the class that has a faster skill animation.


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      Thanks, this is really a detailed short guide and this will really help me with my crusader.

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    1. As Sader , focus on getting raw atk instead of raw stats since sader conversion stat rate is bad. In your case , go full GDNL
    2. Focusing in 1 stat is better than being a hybrid , so choose either int or str . As for attack jade , balance it out , try to get 80+% elem first
    3.As for Heraldry , pick the herald with 3rd stats crit or cdmg.
    4. For Talisman , same as heraldy , choose talis with cdmg or crit or maybe with attack ,