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Just changed my Crusader to Guardian

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  • Just changed my Crusader to Guardian

    So i just changed my crusader to Guardian, i am satisfied but i do need some guidance lol
    Is there any Mr.Shovels Guide to Guardian, i love your guide man i hope you can make one

    anyway i wanna ask you guys what plates i should pick, i don't really know guardian well so i don't know which one is better than another

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    You could always inspect some of the top Guardians in the ranking and see what plates they use and their skill build. Just press N then click Ranking, sort FDN/Fission maze by Guardians and you'll find the top players. Also I think NostrumX which is the best Guardian I think has rotation videos on his youtube channel. Search DN Trilogy on youtube to find him.


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      I'm not really into Guardian the moment they've lost their touch because of the evolution and lots of changes in the game that made Guardian pretty much a luxury DPS that is tough enough but not strong enough unlike the Destroyer Class.

      NostrumX is the right IGN if you're going to ask him about it, he's the one that told me not to go guardian when i was bored with my crusader (eventually you will get bored once you've played the same character numerous times)

      But since my opinion and NostrumX's is different, i might share you my knowledge about the Guardian class when i was still eager to play my very own Guardian (even before 50 cap the Guardian class was one of my favored character of all time 2nd to that is Salaena)

      I'm not gonna be specific about the skill build for Guardian since whatever skills you need for your guardian is pretty much straight forward, you don't need anything from the Crusader skill tree considering you won't have the right amount of magical damage (Guardian is pretty much STR/VIT focused) to deal the maximum DPS you can deal with electric smite, lightning zap and especially holy relic, not to mention Thor's Hammer which isn't a necessary skill for Guardian since using his Divine Avatar is his priority in order to activate one's self buffs: Cooldown reduction for both the active awakening skills of the guardian class and movement speed increase.

      Guardian's main ability is Stance of Faith, its his utility skill that lets him heal himself, tank and block hits from enemies, but not all hits landed by the boss lets him block using Stance of Faith or Block, Team wipe mechanics such as failing a stage whereas you need to do a specific task, this will lead to a Team Wipe depending on how much HP and Defense your guardian has, Divine Avatar does not stop any team wipe mechanic from killing or dealing lethal damage to you.

      Stance of Faith is one of the main source of your Guardian bubble, which is needed to use certain skills such as Thrust Force and Overwhelm, and Overwhelm is one of your DPS skills that you can continuously use once Divine Avatar's buff is active.

      • Stance of Faith
        • SoF is one of your blocking skills that you can spam use whenever necessary, at the right moment of using it if a block is successful, you are healed by a small portion of your HP and gives you 4 Guardian Bubbles
          • Always make sure you time your SoF and spam your provoke, once the enemy is focused on you, be sure to switch from single blocking to pressing space to keep the blocking stance to prepare for any barrage of hits, if you think that you might need to use space since you won't know when the hit will land, do it to make sure you will block the attack instead of risking it and going YoLo, Guardians should be wary, not some suicidal lunatic that goes kamikaze
      • Divine Vengeance/Ascension
        • both these skills are one of your dps skills, you can keep on using them but by using the EX of Divine Ascension you will need Guardian bubbles, since the update a few years back, Divine Ascension now travels faster on a straight path and lands hits on each enemy, once every enemy it lands on, you can use it by pressing the ability individually or by left clicking right after a successful block. Divine Vengeance is just an additional filler skill in my opinion, it does deal a significant amount of damage but the cooldown is its only drawback, not to mention its range as well, you will need to Proc your Class Mastery III (Shield Blow) to use a more ranged version of the Divine Vengeance, the damage boost however isn't really much giving an effective DPS rating.
      • Armor Break / Shield Charge
        • your debuff and defensive skill, Shield Charge isn't entirely for DPSing, Armor Break on the other hand deals a significant amount of damage and inflicts a damage increasing debuff which is very useful in many situations. Use Shield Charge, then you can follow up with Armor break or any close range skills, or you can use Thrust Force, when close enough use Armor Break, and if you need to reposition use Shield Charge, saves you valuable time. Keep spamming armor break, if you can use Shield Charge for positioning whenever you need to avoid anything while traveling you can still deal a good amount of damage on any nearby enemies or strife any boss on your path.
      • Justice Crash
        • Pretty much obvious, a dps skill, decreases enemy attack by 20% and has a low cooldown, not to mention gives you the ability to avoid any stage mechanic such as jumping and danger zones that requires jumping, i recommend pressing the skill instead of pressing space in mid-air since you lose the additional jump damage when you use it in mid-air, you can also jump, then press the skill on your hotkey to improve airtime considering using the skill after jumping in mid-air further boosts you up by doing another jump in mid-air
      • Thrust Force / Overwhelm
        • your best DPS skill, Overwhelm is pretty much a combo with either shield charge or Thrust Force, but Thrust Force works best since it makes you travel faster than Shield Charge. always keep an eye out on your guardian bubble, you may want to spend 3 additional guardian bubbles to deal another "overwhelming" damage, this basically doubles the damage your overwhelm does, meaning it can be compared to using 2 basic overwhelms. DO NOT USE the 2nd attack on overwhelm if you know the boss is preparing to land another hit on you, be mindful that it requires atleast a second before initiating the 2nd attack of overwhelm since timing is necessary in this game, do it wrong and it might kill you in an instant.
      Since i made this short insight on the Guardian's main skill (not entirely all covered) in the middle of the night, i don't think i can keep up on typing more, maybe if i get the chance i'll add in some more info, but just incase you should talk to NostrumX instead, he has more lifetime experience using Guardian than i am, considering i like playing the Crusader rather than the Guardian (since The tank class is literally phased out in this game, i don't think role matters now except if your class has heals and the other are DPS, Debuffs overlaps so debuffer class isn't a thing anymore (besides other debuff specific class such as lancea and kali)