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    So I'm just gonna point out that Kali's thread became inactive. No activity for a whole month so I assume the experts in this class are busy, inactive, died or changed.

    With that said, I would like to post my own summary and on how I play Soul Eater, hoping to find experts. I have only been maining SE for 2 months or so. I need experts to improve, which I can't find anywhere.

    I'll tackle 3 parts in this post to get started. Gears, Skills and Rotation. These are all from how I see SE after all the lecturing and comments I read/hear/overhear/stalk. Again this is not a guide, this is a post containing all knowledge I have on SE regarding PVE for the past 2 months. PVP is totally different.


    I had to consult with NostrumX on my gears often since I have no idea what I'm heading into. But his summary for SE gears turned something like this:

    For Medea set: Int/Vit equipments

    For Accessories: Imprint with INT (Neck) / Crystal Flame Dark Attack (highest step you can) (Earring) / Faraway INT or White Eye (mostly CDmg) adjust based on your need (Rings)

    For Epic/Unique Jades: Int/Vit Defense and Dark/Int Attack

    For LJades: Int/Vit for Defense and Elem/Int or Int/Matk or with FD for Attack Jades (adjust on your needs)

    Talismans: Ancient/Guardian/Intellect/Magic/Iron/Ultimate are almost staples for high bonus. 2nd stats for all are either INT or Matk based on what you need.

    Heraldries: Extra stats are either FD/Matk/Crit/CDmg/PDef based on what you need. Staples are Ultimate/Int/Magic/Fatal/Limit/Lebria/Chaos. Others are up to you. Expansion has been recommended.

    What to aim for town stats (in order of priority): 89% Crit - 300% Crit Dmg - Highest Ele% you can reach (from gears/jades to costume and ancient talisman and title) ideally 100%- Highest FD you can reach ideally 100% - For special cases, close to 60% PDef - Highest MATK you can reach. You can sacrifice some stats like crit/cdmg since in pve buffs will help you like Genie. Go to BTG for experiments. These numbers are ideal but it is worth noting that FD should not be stacked with poor numbers on crit/cdmg/ele% as it will not be beneficial for your overall DPS (Credits to Mr.Shovels for this).

    FD is for rich players. Don't force FD if you are just starting.
    Heraldries' extra stats will adjust for your needs rather than your talismans and jades.


    I will only tackle notable skills.

    I had to work with my limited knowledge here so bear with me on this one. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Soul Wind - Dump SP here if you have no idea where to put SP on. Use this before Soul Scream to minimize animation. Decent Dmg for a Kali skill.

    Spirit Guard - Your main defensive buff. This beats Liberation since it lasts 20s and it actually sticks around on you for a while. Use when unsure of boss/mechs

    Genie - Party Buff. Nobody hates genie. 10% Str/Agi/Int/Vit. Your crit and cdmg will definitely go up because of this.

    Ghost Kick - Trust me on this, put a point here and you will not be disappointed. Good mobility in case you are caught vulnerable on air. Helps reposition or helps you get more air time by hitting enemies with it. Can stay on air indefinitely provided you keep hitting enemies with it. Fun Fact: my record here was 1min on air with this skill lol.

    Spirit Paper EX - one of your core skills as a debuffer. Each hit provides a curse stack on an enemy (2% each stack up to 3 stacks or 6% currently). Curse boosts element power on top of other debuffs. Try turning on the debuff info for the boss so you know if your curse is about to end. As much as possible keep the curse up to 6% all the time. Max this skill. Can use dmg heraldry too.

    Stigma of Curse - No this is not the curse that all players love. This is the ticket for the SE alone to deal more dmg. This amplifies your skills on that target. Whenever you use this, the stigma debuff on the current target disappears so you better not miss this when you use it or else you suffer some damage output. Put only at levels 1, 6 or 11. lv6 lets you left click for an extra stigma and lv11 for 2 extra stigmas. (Note: The debuff disappears per cast so your debuff remains if the first stigma hits and the next 2 misses). Choose how many stigmas you like to throw. Note that 2nd and 3rd stigmas deal less damage than the first.

    Cling Snake EX - This is your CD refresher skill. Best used point blank (melee) since all 4 snakes spawn right below you spreading outwards in front of you. When this hits an enemy, Spirit paper, Gate, Beast and Beast INS will get -7s on their CD. Note that using this most likely implies your Spirit Paper is usable after. Max this.

    Soul Gate EX - Amazing skill for being lazy. Just leave this and you'll be surprised how much dmg this can deal. While it is uncontrollable, this will deal more than your spirit papers or cling snake. Try to keep this up as often as you can. Cling Snake helps bring the CD back up before it expires. Animation for summoning this is pretty long so after pressing this skill, use Chain Claw ~0.3s after to minimize. Max this.

    Beast Spirit EX - This is tricky but apparently spammable too. Use this with some distance for optimal damage since the skill tends to jump too far ahead. Plate this for CD or damage. I personally prefer CD for skill spamming since this also lowers the INS CD. Does not share CD with INS. Max this.

    Chain Claw - This is one of your best spammables with decent damage. Use this to get out of skill animations like Gate, Liberation, Dragon and more. Not only that but you get to enjoy the nice damage it brings with. Totem and Puppet can also have their animation time lowered but be careful on the timing as it might cancel the skill completely if not done right.

    Dragon Soul - Your ultimate is gonna be an instant skill too when used after Soul Scream, and it will deal 30% more damage. It's just a hefty AOE damage with nice damage output. I see others plating this but up to you.

    Puppet - This is your DMG Received debuff. Casting for this is close to 2s which is a lot. It leaves you vulnerable and immobile too. Use with caution. Ask party if you need to spam this. This usually is used only at the start since in the middle of the fight you wouldn't like to use this unless party lacks this debuff. Releases a debuff for 2s every 2s (like relic). CD is 15s so there's a down time here.

    Soul Eater
    Specter of Pain EX - Your highest DPS. Maximize damage by throwing this on an enemy with all your debuffs. Puppet is not a priority but preferred if all debuffs complete. This only has 7CD and you can throw 2 specters (3rd is automatic on the branded enemy). This is the reason you SHOULDN'T miss your stigma. Every 3rd specter on the target explodes dealing more damage. First Specter deals full dmg and the left click specter deals half of it. Must plate DMG. Must max this.

    Soul Scream - Your crit resist debuff. The damage is probably one of the worst considering the CD of it too. But it's redeeming point is the debuff it gives. Not only does it reduce their crit resistance but it also INCREASES your crit chance on that enemy. You can trade some of your Crit stats in town since you have this. Not recommended but it's an option for economic players. Any plate is good here since the difference is not too big. I prefer CD since I spam this all the time. Curse is still your priority debuff though.

    Soul Liberation - This is the highest burst damage you can deal. Yes, higher than Specters, assuming you hit everything (30 hits). This is also your main tanking skill as it makes you immobile with 70% dmg reduction from physical and magic damage. Combine this with Spirit Guard and you are a tank for 5 seconds. Super Armor is not godly remember. CD is not low too so use with precise timing.

    Totem - Your main amplifying skill and auto curse giver. Some mechs like Chiron boss, will separate your party. To prepare for this, summon your totem near the boss as it pulses like a relic and gives curse to all (1 stack per pulse). Additionally, this boosts your EX Skills' damage output, not including Specter though, while present (you will see a buff on you too). There's a down time for this skill so use in DPS windows or after debuffing.


    My rotation changes depending on the necessity of the debuff needed in the party.

    Summary: Spam Spirit Paper whenever you can. This keeps the curse permanent. Prioritize the debuffs (less priority on puppet unless lacking in party). Specter of Pain is the TOP DPS for SE. Liberation best burst despite cast animation and this beats Specter damage (only loses to Specter DPS per CD). Can also use this for tanking since it grants lots of Super Armor and 70% dmg reduction on you at the cost of mobility. Soul Gate should always be up. Cling Snake best used at point blank for max hits and reduces CD of Spirit Paper, Beast and Beast INS, and Soul Gate by 7 seconds. Avoid using Liberation when you are low on health since you have little HP Regen per second if you have 30 souls.

    Preemptive Puppet - Gate - Totem

    Rotation: Stigma (til it marks the boss) - Beast Spirit INS - Spirit Paper (before beast if only 1 stigma needed) - Beast - Soul Wind - Soul Scream - Specter - Tumble forward + Ghost Scream - Cling Snake - Spirit Paper - Stigma (dont miss cuz u'll lose the mark or branded) - Beast INS - Beast - Gate + Chain Claw (to cancel animation of Gate) - Specter - and so on.

    SE has very short skill CD so there's really no breathing and running out of skills. I put all the essentials in the summary.

    For the experts:
    Is there an updated data on Soul Eater regarding DPS, Rotation, Plates, and Gears? I would really love to hear your thoughts since I am now dedicated to master SE. Some tips and tricks would be really nice too. Leave a feedback on my rotation.

    For NostrumX:
    Thank you so much! You don't need to guess who wrote this since you might have an idea who I am. I hope to help others like how you helped me.
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    In many cases on raid party, you don't exactly need to max out your Cdmg and Crit (base stat or when you're in town) buffs applied by party members will surely increase any of your stats especially your party buff that increases overall attributes to +10% (STR,AGI,INT,VIT?) just leave space like having a crit value of 80~82% depending on how much is your agility and if you can test it out when you cast your buff and see the results would be much better to determine the amount of crit you need for the extra stats on heraldry, as for your Cdmg it will drastically increase proportional to your INT since SE has a high INT value being it her main attribute, additionally boosting it with your own party buff and any other self buff if there are any, would boost up your Cdmg that you would only need a few Cdmg from your Heraldry setup.

    Final Damage
    • You need as much FD as possible to deal the maximum dps as possible, in your case since you asked NostrumX you do need to reach as high as possible on your FD stat and preferably 100% FD, The Law of Diminishing Return won't affect your DPS if you have all the other stats balanced out as much as possible, so if you want to reach 100% FD you will have to get your elemental attack and matk as high as possible that is sync with your 100% FD, i don't do that much math about TLDR but that's how i sum it up after reading a guide regarding TLDR
    Critical Chance
    • Crit Chance is what most INT based class lacks the most, considering Cdmg is INT's conversion value and is the highest since it is your main stat, you will naturally have a high enough Cdmg value even if you don't focus on it that much.
    • Picking a Heraldry and figuring out the extra stat option is the tricky part for most newbies or people who just returned to the game since before FD was popular and cheap enough to get, now its impossible to get that much without spending a lot of gold or a lot of time crafting all the plates available on TH or from loots on chests.
    • Crit as an extra stat on Heraldry has a really high value, more beneficial than picking out any other attributes such as STR, AGI or INT, so if you lack crit, be sure to pick atleast 2 or 3 heraldry that has Crit on it as extra stat and see if your crit value is as high enough that your party buff can just max out your Crit.
    • You don't lack that much Cdmg in the beginning since SE's main attribute is INT, and INT converts into Cdmg following a conversion table, i don't know the exact values but its most likely 75% of INT into Matk and 50% of INT into Cdmg as i have recalled when i searched for the conversion value of the main attribute for my crusader, keep in mind that STR does increase Cdmg as well even if its just a relatively small value it still contributes enough Cdmg to pool in with your INT's high conversion of Cdmg.
    • If you have any end-tier accessories that increases your Cdmg you won't have to worry selecting Heraldry as its extra stat, and if both your Crit and Cdmg are already of high enough value, you can focus on getting Matk as your extra stat option on your selection of Heraldry as your setup.

    That's all i could suggest at this point, it might be already covered when you asked NostrumX but i still wanted to make sure.


    • Raifisetto
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      How about the Crystal of Flame for earrings? I'm quite satisfied with it considering anyone can get it by chance. Is it worth more than Genesis Earring?

    • MehNaMeh
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      Mr.Shovels 15% will be added based from the FD base count. the higher the base FD count, the higher it gives additional FD count.
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    • Mr.Shovels
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      i see so it does increase exactly the FD you have rather than boosting your FD the exact percent, since there are some skills that increases FD exactly what the number suggests on the tool tip such as for the power boost of Dark Avenger, i picked FD instead of fire atk since its easily achievable and having way too much fire attack and less other offensive stat affects my dps base on TLDR

      Thanks menhamenhame