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Elestra PvP Skill Build and Guide?

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  • Elestra PvP Skill Build and Guide?

    Is anyone willing to share your elestra PVP skill build and some tips for her in PVP? I want to play her in PVP but I don't know what skill to prioritize.

    Thank you.
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    Looks like this is your 2nd time posting this same request for a pvp skill build for elestra so i'm going to try and help you out as much as i can...

    I am no PVP player but i can share you some of my knowledge on my previous experiences when i was still playing pvp back in 60 cap.

    First off, here's the skill build that i've managed to build but its a more of a general skill build for PVP and PVE purposes but you can manage, since its pvp, the more skills you can use the better.

    Click image for larger version

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    Take note:
    • Utilities - Skills that are essential on helping you in terms of taking advantage of knockbacks, pushing away enemies to give way for more space to breathe, defensive skills and countermeasures etc.
      • Wheeling Staff - at level 6, you can push away enemies for pvp, as well as push objects further on PVE
      • Poison Missile - at level 6 for an extra poison missile to slab at your enemies, great for making them stick in place temporarily but not effective, only effective when used on an already knocked back opponent on pvp
      • Shockwave - for pushing away any enemies, as well as cancelling their channeling spells.
      • Glacial Wave - no more freezing effect but great for slowing enemies down after using shockwave when more than two enemies are approaching you, only use this to deter them of their movement speed so you can run away for a moment since this is your close range AoE skill (direction key + Shift then Frost wind is not advisable, you will lose your ability to use your dodge, conserve it and rather use glacial wave the moment enemies are really up close on you if your other skills are cooldown)
      • Elemental Shield - reduces damage taken
    • Main Skills - As an Elestra, you can take advantage of your ability to slow down your opponents, as well as taking advantage of your long range skills with some of them having wide AoE
      • Freezing Field - This is a very good early skill to use when enemies are approaching, be sure to use this in advance since it will hit a large area infront of wherever you cast this skill, make sure you don't use it in close range because it might not be able to hit enemies if they get to your sides especially at your back
      • Icy Shards - Be sure to spam this skill when your opponents are slowed down by freezing field or frozen spikes since this skill can flip them over and throw every skills you can throw at your enemy
      • Frozen Spikes - This is your best skill to use early on when enemies are approaching you, don't chase them, let them chase you and take advantage of the element of surprise since they won't know what you will do next since they are aiming to get close to you since you're a long range skill caster and you're vulnerable upclose
      • Chilling Mist - The deadly winter chill, use this whenever you see your opponent is incapacitated or knocked down, you don't wanna use this so up close while your enemy can still run around because it is easily dodged when they go on your side especially at your back when you're casting this skill, make use of this last when enemies are caught up on your poison missile, frozen spikes or frozen when you use your ice sphere
      • Ice Sphere - use whenever an enemy is stuck on your Frozen Spikes or poison missile and that they can't get up, this is your chance to freeze em up and use everything you've got but don't get too close on your target, maintain distance.
      • Glacial Field - your awakening skill, useful when your enemy is incapacitated, use whenever there's a group approaching you
      • Ice Cyclone - use whenever after or before using glacial field to deter enemies of their movement, surely they will have a hard time where to go when ice cyclones are in their way
      • Shatter - use this the moment your enemies are frozen to slow them down further and deal a decent amount of damage
    • Filler Skills - These are your fire skills as an elemental lord, you don't really need to use them often but there are some skills that are useful and will be of good use
      • Firewall - good for flipping enemies that are knocked down, you can use this to waste their aerial evasion
      • Inferno - a good skill to combo with poison missile and frozen spikes or if enemies are knocked down but this is a filler skill, use this last and prioritize your main skills
      • Flame Road - best skill to use to run away, this won't be a good dps skill nor a good skill to slug your enemies and preventing them from running away from you, this will slow them down because they are being pushed back slightly when flames hit them, this is only good to use when enemies are trying to pick on you first on any multiple pvp fights.
    I am not sure about the skill rotation of elestra, but in my opinion whatever you do on PVE will surely work on PVP as well, but in order to stay on the game, and avoid being stuck on the ground or being flipped up in mid-air all the time, preserve your Aerial Evasion at the right moment you can be sure that you can escape or run away and take a moment to give yourself some space.

    Hope this helps


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      Very late comment here but dont leave out your flame spark for PVP. This is a very reliable skill at level 1 with decent dmg at max lvl. Fighting mid-range with flame spark gives you one skill that can stagger an enemy for a potential mid-ranged poison spray (if you can aim well). Against another elestra, the first one to stagger early will get an advantage. Most likely it will go like this: X hits Y with Frost Wind for a staggger > Y is forced to escape and/or attack with Frost Wind for a counter-stagger > X will also escape and throw Flame Spark on Y for another stagger (leaving Y without escapes for poison unless she gets a chance to use Aerial). Without flame spark in this scenario, you just lost 1 skill to turn the table around.