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  • Darkness Cube Drop Amount

    Will they fixthe amount of darkness cube drop in Hero's Battlefield norm and HC? It still drops 2 in HC and 1 in norm. or they will just ignore it because the price of genesis accessories will drop because of it?

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    I think HBF Darkness Cube drop rate will stay the same until they will implement the reworked HBF.

    Come to think of it, the buffed DC drop rate with the current HBF entry count is plain OP (90 DC/week). The reworked HBF has 2 total entry count (1 HC; 1 Norm) which makes it 30 DC/week and totally reasonable.


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      Just wait ..

      Click image for larger version

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      Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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        looking at the warrior's picture >_>

        it's a trap

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        It's cute.

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        Female-looking Warrior with Lancea voice :3

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      my guess is that they will include the new amount of DC on the reward chest at HBF the time they revamp the GTS (Removed level 90 nests, added Slayer Mode in 1 portal, Removed most old nest, added all latest nests on 1 GTS channel)

      and also, kairon nest? or its chiron (the pronunciation of both is both, same meaning, different spelling) i don't know, text translation error is a norm for ED, i'm not surprised if its the same or its somewhat different from each other, i am expecting the nest to be composed of all the 3 stages from all the boss on the chiron island dungeons.


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        Thanks for the replies! I thought that they will never change it like the way they did on the changes in level achievement rewards.


        • Mr.Shovels
          Mr.Shovels commented
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          i think they have might made a mistake on adding it on the patch update, and since there will be an update on june anyway, they might add it up at the june update patch, and lets hope the mid-grade and veteran powerstones would have gotten their justice of being put on server storage at that time... i've been itching to transfer my rocks onto my subs with medea t1 gears... since i don't really got the funds to make them participate on the event :v