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  • Collector's Request

    Cannot get quest of Collector's request?

    Kindly check with pictures

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    Had you completed the chapter 16 main quest, and the delivery quests?
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      look at your minimap in the pic you posted, do that quest


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        Collector's request on the World Daily Task is a Daily Task from Jamihwa which can only be accessed once you have completed parts of Chapter 16 of the Main Quest, after completing some of the Main Quest chapters on Chapter 16 Jamihwa will ask for your help on collecting several quest items that you need to collect 10 of each on 4 dungeons located on the Streets of Red Lotus Palace, after completing those, you will be considered a "VIP" member from Jamihwa's faction and you will have access to the Daily Quests on several NPCs located on Red Lotus Palace and on the Streets of Red Lotus Palace.

        There is a video on Youtube that explains how to do this, it is better to watch that video rather than asking here in the forums because it is difficult to explain it here without visual illustrations of the methods.